Last updated April 19th 2023

We are really grateful to have amazing sponsors of Secret Tel Aviv – without your support we would not be able to keep the Group going!

Pumba Parking App

If you have a car in Tel Aviv, you’ve got to download this app!

We’re really excited to be partnering with Pumba. Pumba lets you know where available on-street parking spots are hiding! Using Pumba sensors that are deployed on balconies, Pumba provides real time (!!) status of thousands of parking spots around your house. Install a sensor for free and get a free subscription, and when searching for parking and a spot turns available in front of your house only you will be notified.

Order a Pumba parking sensor

Download Pumba and find on-street Parking

Check out the Pumba Parking website

Developers Institute provides a wide range of coding bootcamps. Their Full-Stack Development Javascript or Python Bootcamp focuses on immersive learning and is curated by top industry experts. The program is a right mix between studies and internships into Israeli startups.
You will Receive help with your web development job search, get placed into an internship and Pay ONLY when you get hired

Start your hi-tech career! Learn to code with Developers Institute

Tel Aviv University Lowy International School

Study in Israel in English! Tel Aviv University is one of Israel’s best universities, and its International School offers over 60 programs taught in English. We’ve worked together informally for many years – Tel Aviv University has attended every single one of our Jobs and Education Fairs – and it is a really natural fit to promote this amazing university to our community. On a personal level, many of my friends have studied at Tel Aviv University in both English and Hebrew and have gone on to achieve great success in their careers.

Beyond the popular study abroad and gap programs, TAU offers a wealth of both undergraduate and graduate degrees for English speakers in Israel, including research and post-docs. With nine faculties on campus, here is just a glimpse of what you can study: Archaeology, Conflict Resolution, Liberal Arts, Business and Entrepreneurship, Climate Change, and the flagship Global Sofaer MBA program are just a small selection of the programming. There’s also a selection of 4-8 week short-term Summer Courses (May to September).

Study in English in Israel! Learn more about Tel Aviv University Lowy International School Programs.