We have loads of exciting new projects awaiting your feedback…

The Secret Tel Aviv Business Directory


One innocuous post this week led to over 250 comments and a new project called the Secret Tel Aviv Business Directory. We have already collected and categorised over 200 businesses – if you know more businesses that should be included or have any feedback on how to improve this tool, please add to the comments.

The Secret Tel Aviv Magazine


We are super excited to be relaunching the Secret Tel Aviv Magazine – your Tel Aviv news aggregator. We have split content into six new categories… Food, Hi-Tech, Entertainment, People, Fashion, and News, and added a really cool search feature – give it a try, type in the name of your favourite restaurant. We have also launched a new Facebook Page called The Secret Tel Aviv Magazine so you can get updates on Facebook.

The Secret Tel Aviv Internship Programme


We are looking for 2 or 3 amazing interns to join the team. Get some great experience for your cv, learn some cool new skills, do some awesome networking, get your finger on the Tel Aviv pulse… and most importantly, help thousands of Internationals settle better in Israel! For more info click here

Secret Tel Aviv Search

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 12.21.53 PM

A little used secret within the Secret Tel Aviv Facebook group is the search button… tucked away discretely near the top right of the page. We love questions in the group, however sometimes you can find the information by using this tool. An even bigger secret… if you use “speech marks” you can search exact terms… for example if you are looking for links to stream ‘The Interview’ online, if you simply enter The Interview you get a load of unrelated posts, but if you use “The Interview” you can find the link very quickly (thanks Ella, we used your link yesterday, the film was awesome!).

More exciting projects to be released to Labs soon…