Last updated November 18th 2020

The purpose of Secret Tel Aviv is to provide a fun, safe forum for people to ask questions, make friends, and swap ideas, recommendations and funny anecdotes about Tel Aviv. Every day over 200 people post in the group – and there are over 1,000 friendly replies.

The Three Goals of Secret Tel Aviv:

  1. Help Internationals settle in Israel.
  2. Help Businesses set up by Internationals in Israel.
  3. Help native Israelis and Internationals integrate better – we believe this is the only way to ensure Internationals make Israel their long-term home.

In order to make sure the group works as best as possible and remains positive, we have created a set of guidelines.

We operate a 2 strikes and your out policy (except for bullying, racism and homophobia – offenders will be removed automatically).

The Secret Tel Aviv Guidelines

Interacting amongst fellow members – please let’s be nice to each other – that’s when Secret Tel Aviv works best!

  1. No bullying.
  2. No arguing.
  3. No trolling.
  4. No racism or homophobia.
  5. No creeping – if we receive complaints creeps will be removed.
  6. No fake profiles – this is a group of people, not businesses.
  7. Guys, we all know about Google – sometimes it’s just nicer to ask people in Secret Tel Aviv.
  8. Don’t just be a taker! If you have a positive experience in the group (someone answers your question, you sell some things etc) and pay if forward – answer other peoples’ questions if you know the answer.

Please keep your posts relevant to Tel Aviv

  1. No politics – this leads to arguments in the group, and we want to keep a positive atmosphere in the group.
  2. No hasbara – spreading the positive word about Israel is important, but this is not the right forum for it. This is a group to help internationals settle in Israel. There are lots of other groups and pages for hasbara.
  3. No public shaming – this is a positive group (and we don’t want to receive more threats for liable action).
  4. No spamming – businesses, please do not post or comment more than once every two weeks, individuals please do not post the same thing more than once a week. This is a community of individuals, not businesses.
  5. Don’t keep on commenting on your post to bring it to the top – or get your friends to.
  6. If you are selling something, always include the price in your post – and please, life in Tel Aviv is expensive enough already, don’t try and sell things to make a profit.
  7. If you are selling lots of things please do not create an album in the group. This is because each time someone comments on a photo it creates a new post. Instead please create the album on YOUR profile, change the settings to public, and then share it in the group. 
  8. No commercial real estate – this includes rentals and vacation rentals. Individuals going away for a couple of weeks, you are fine to post.
  9. No posting jobs for forex, binary options, gambling, money lending, visas, etc.
  10. No recruitment agencies – we have built the very successful Secret Tel Aviv Jobs Board to cut out the middle man. All applications go directly to the employer.
  11. No posting other communities.
  12. No selling illegal items – this includes cigarettes (selling duty free cigarettes is illegal), counterfeit bags and watches, and prostitution.

Animal adoption shelters

  1. We love animals, but we can’t take the incessant spamming by adoption centres in the group. We have created a blog post on our website for animal adoption shelters – we welcome any feedback on how to make it better.
  2. Given how many amazing animal adoption shelters there are in Tel Aviv, we do not allow the sale of animals in the group.

If you do not comply with the guidelines, we will have to remove your post, and in some cases you will also be removed from the group.

Happy Posting!