Feeling adventurous? Take a dive down into the depths of the beautiful Mediterranean sea! There are a few amazing spots in our country for this fun-filled, aquatic expedition! Some cater to the more experience, while others are beginner-friendly! Check out our favourite spots below!


Take an underwater tour through history, as you view Herod’s sunken old port! Grab hold of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and explore the portions of Caesarea that were swallowed by the sea. There is even preserved ancient treasure! This is one of the only diving locations in the entire world that allows for such a rich, and authentic experience.

Gordon Caverns

A really cool dive for both pros and beginners. It is located smack in the centre of Tel Aviv, so it’s one of the most accessible in the country. After a short swim offshore, you will be thrust into a beautiful network of underwater caves. There are tons of underwater critters to swim with; be prepared for an unforgettable aquatic experience!

The Great Rock of Bat Yam

This quiet suburb of Tel Aviv is renowned for it’s beautiful beaches, but there is one that stands out above the rest: HaSela Beach, aka The Great Rock Beach. Aside form being beautifully illuminated, on the initiative of the municipality, it is also a great place for a short underwater adventure! Encounter all sorts of marine life as you make your way towards the Great Rock! Once you get there, you get to jump off! It’s a really awesome experience.

Sea Wolf Shipwreck

Recommended for the more advanced divers out there, this spot allows people to see the perfectly preserved remains of the Sea Wolf, which was sunk by the Israeli diving federation in the 90s. Located 100 feet below the surface, divers can explore the eerie remains of a ship that was once used to train marine officers! This is one of the coolest dives in the country.