We are sitting down to day with Lily Aronin, a Health an Wellness Coach from the Los Angeles. 

Hi Lily, I am looking forward to this delicious interview… a quick taster to get started, what made you become a Health and Wellness Coach?

I have always loved new challenges. As a young girl, the only thing that I ever felt could hold me back was my weight. Through the art of cooking and healthy food I found that I had everything I needed inside myself to succeed; all I needed was to fuel and love myself the way I deserved. I began to study the impact of food, exercise and self-love on our psychology in college and I have been experimenting and studying the results ever since. How we feel about ourselves has a deep impact on how we eat, but conversely, the foods we choose affect our emotional and hormonal responses as well. Everything I have learned, lived and experienced has proven that balance is all about persistence in making good choices and not the subjective perfection of our diet.

And what made you move to Israel?

It was my husband’s and my dream to raise our family in Israel. From the first time I was here at eighteen, I knew that I felt the most myself and at home here. There is something special and unique about each city here. From Haifa to Netanya to Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, there is a place here for every kind of Jew to be themselves and I love that. I want my children to be free to develop every strength they have in an open environment that respects both their faith and their talents.


On to the main course… can you tell us a little bit about Lily Aronin Health and Wellness?

Lilyaronin.com and my holistic wellness programs are about demystifying healthy living. Each of us is capable of deciding what to eat for ourselves, to indulge in our unhealthy favorites in moderation and to raise our children to make good choices for their best health. All we need is a little bit of guidance and a reference point for understanding all of the constantly changing information we are exposed to everyday. We need to see the difference between facts and philosophy, healthy living and health as a religion.

Every workshop and event that I do is designed to inspire and educate each individual to make the best decisions that fit their lifestyle and unique needs. Whether we are learning to cook healthy, simple meals or preparing a month’s worth of freezer food, the focus is on fun, energizing steps that create joyful, lasting change. You can sign up for a workshop or host one for your friends by contacting me at www.lilyaronin.com. Sign up for our weekly newsletter and get easy recipes and VIP tips on the best places to eat, play, and enjoy life in Israel.

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Have you got any tips for Olim looking to set up businesses in Israel?

My biggest tip for Olim who want to start their own business, is to join a networking group. You will find your biggest resource is other Olim who have made the mistakes already and learned from them. These people can really help you avoid the pitfalls of starting a business in a new country and recommend the best accountants, marketers and designers who have experience and an understanding of the Oleh entrepreneur.

And now to dessert and the sweetest part of the interview, what are your favourite Secret places in Tel Aviv?

My favorite Tel Aviv secret is the neighborhood of Neve Tzedek. Cafe Birnbaum is my favorite lunch spot after I pick up groceries at the Carmel Shuk. My favorite Friday activity is a run near the namal and fresh challot from the organic Friday market. The best simple treat is a 15 minute bike ride on the green bikes along the beach. It always reminds me of the best part of growing up in Los Angeles. No matter how busy I am, if I have a break in the area I always try to jump on one.


Thanks Lily! Lily will be exhibiting at the Secret Tel Aviv Olim Expo on 27th and 28th November at the Dizengoff Centre, and will be holding a class on making a great salad! We can’t wait!

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