Last updated March 13th 2016

Continuing our ‘Olim Business of the Week Series’, this week we are with the CEO of the top music production and event promotion company in Tel Aviv… Adar Weinreb from Joy Records!


Welcome Adar! For tonight’s set we are going to start off slowly, before dropping the bass, cranking up the beat, and getting the party really started!

Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m from Randolph, New Jersey. Like a lot of Olim I reached 18 and I didn’t really know what i wanted to do with my life – but I knew I was passionate about Israel. So I moved to Israel and joined the army in the hope that it would give me some kind of direction

I was in Golani for 3 years in combat, but while there I also got the opportunity to manage the “amlachia” which is basically a sweatshop. It was my time in the amlachia where i found my passion for team building and management, which is what I’m still doing today. 


Respect – So much for starting the interview off slowly! How did Joy Records come along?
When I finished the army I started as a promoter at a club, then moved on to build my own PR team, then spent the next year doing big monthly events at clubs. Along the way I met DJ Suiss, we ended up becoming good friends and even moving in together. Suiss at the time was looking to get into the industry as a DJ so I offered to manage him. At one of the gigs I booked him he opened for the renowned Shlomi Levi. Shlomi liked his style and asked to meet his manager. Me and Shlomi clicked right away and a partnership was born. 2 months later Joy Records was born and 3 months after that Levi & Suiss became a duo (scroll to the bottom for an TED talk by DJ Suiss – these guys don’t mess around!).

Shlomi, Adar, and Suiss

I love the name Joy Records…

Thanks man, yeah, here at Joy Records we have put in motion a different way of doing business; our company works in a way that most other businesses have not managed to pull off properly. Our name “Joy Records” reflects our company culture perfectly because we strive to spread as much Joy to the community and to the world as we possibly can.

Firstly, we promote music to the international public; Levi & Suiss are our main artists who are continuously climbing the charts and gaining international recognition. We also plan and organize parties and events at various clubs around the city. Everything we do is purposed to put a smile on peoples’ faces and to spread happiness to everyone we can reach.

Our company motto is: “Joy Records: A Way of Life” which is something we adhere to in every endeavour we take on. We make sure to keep “joy” as our main focus in everything that we do here, because it is the core of all we are trying to accomplish. Our main focus here at Joy Records is not on the profits we make, but on the customers we can give to and the betterment of their lives.


The Joy Records crew

I read something recently about an awesome new initiative you are starting… can you tell me a little bit more?

Our most recent idea is the beginning of something much bigger which we are starting to set in motion. We have begun giving 10% of all profits we make on our events to various charities around the world.

This will eventually lead to a peace tour called “Unified Sound” which will be a charity based tour that takes artists from all different races, religions, and backgrounds to play in one amazing show. We realize that music is a universal language and can greatly aid in our attempt to build bridges between nations and to spread the love throughout the world.

Wow, that sounds awesome, Kol HaKavod! Ok, let’s crank this up a little – lots of people in the group are interesting in setting up their own business… what advice can you give them?

Some advice we would give to anyone who is thinking about starting a business in Israel is to remember that we are in ISRAEL. This is a land of opportunity and growth, and it is not only possible but encouraged to try and make your dreams a reality. The business culture here is much more free-thinking and relaxed, and it gives you lots of room to build your company up the way you want to. Also, it’s very important to do what you love because you love it, not because it will make you money. If you do what you love and you do it with all you’ve got, the money will follow!

Now to the grand finale, do you have any secret favourite places to share with the community? Im super excited about this – if anyone knows good places in the City is it going to be you!

Personally, I love the city of Tel-Aviv with all my heart; there are SO many things to do and see here. I really believe that there is something for every kind of person here. Although I would like to recommend hundreds of places to see, I will give a couple of suggestions of the places I love the most.

Cafe Xoho is a very nice hipster-esque spot with really great breakfasts, it’s located not far from the beach of Gordon.

I always take a monthly trip to the famous Abu-Hassan restaurant in Yafo, it is world-renowned for its incredible hummus.

Aside from all of the amazing food here, there are lots of things to do all over the city. For example, I go at least once a week to Prana Yoga which offers free yoga classes (5 NIS if you don’t bring a mat).

I also love the drum circle that happens every Friday at Drummers Beach which is located where the city’s dolphinarium used to be.

Of course, my Thursday and Saturday nights are spent working at the brand new club that just opened for the winter: Magdalena. It’s a beautiful two-room venue, located on Allenby and Yehuda-Halevi, with a sound system to die for. Never a dull moment at this club, that’s for sure. My job there is to manage a team of international promoters to get the word out about our events, to people from all over the world.


Another place I like to frequent is on Ben Yehuda 140 called Heder 140. It’s a really chill spot that the Joy Records crew meets up at every Monday night. Great drinks, even better atmosphere; the wall artwork alone is something you won’t want to miss

There you have it! Tips for going out by one of Tel Aviv’s top promoters! Thanks Adar, and good luck with the new club (it’s awesome by the way) and with your charity endeavours!

Joy Records Facebook Page

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