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Israel is home to some absolutely gorgeous wineries. Some are older than the country itself, while others began less than two decades ago. But what they all have in common is the excellence of their products. They offer guided tours and tastings; some even feed you! Take in the beautiful mediterranean scenery, all while enjoying authentic Israeli reds and whites!


Kishorit Winery

תמונה 001

Kibbutz Kishorit, located in the Galilee, began their wine making journey in 2007, when they planted the seeds of their first vineyard. As is the standard in Israel, they waited 3 years for their first harvest, and have since been producing a variety of both reds and whites. Special care goes into the maintenance of their vineyard. As a visitor, you will spend a day basking in the endless beauty of the Galilee. You will watch a film about the facility, and you may enjoy a sample of their wine, along with some bread and cheese.

  • Kishor, near Karmiel, Galilee
  • Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday 10am-4pm (Advance reservations required), Friday 10am-2pm

Assaf Winery


With Vineyards growing since 1990, and wine producing since 1997, this Golan winery has developed a proper array of flavors to their product. They provide a tour and a wine tasting, which is accompanied by a cheese plate. They also offer two guest cabins that are perfect for couples. They serve breakfast, as well as coffee and cookies. 

  • Kdemet Tzvi – Golan
  • Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 10.00-17.00 and Friday 10.00-16.00

Pelter Winery


After studying oenology in Western Australia, Tal Pelter returned to Israel and began his winemaking journey. Alongside his brother, his dream took off in 2005, and has since skyrocketed. In 2014, his winery sold 100,000 bottles of fine Israeli product. Pelter’s grapes are harvested in the Golan, northern Galilee, and the hills of Jerusalem; this gives them varying but delicious tastes. Tal’s philosophy is embodied by three guiding principles: vitality, quality, and family. They offer private events, tastings, and sales to guests that reserve in advance. 

  • Ein Zivan – Golan

Kerem Barak


The proprietors of this winery have been making their own product for over 10 years. At first, they toiled simply for the pleasure of drinking homemade wine. But, in 2011, the Rosenbergs decided to turn their passion into a business. With years of experience and deep knowledge of oenology, they have achieved their dream. They invite you to share in the fruits of their success on Fridays, and by appointment during the week. They also host various events, such as bread baking and cheese making workshops!

  • Off of highway 886, near the Golan Heights 
  • Open: Fridays, 10:00 – 2:00, Week, by appointment

Zichron Yaakov

Tishbi Winery


The winery has a truly heartwarming story. It was sponsored by Baron de Rothschild at its inception, and has been run by the same family ever since. The family name “Tishbi” was thought up by Chaim Nachman Bialik in 1925 in honor of the winemaking family’s great hospitality. When the grape industry underwent a crisis in the ’80s, the grandson of the facility’s original proprietors decided to open a new, smaller winery, which has since flourished under the loving care the Tishbi family. They have a tasting room, where visitors may sample the wine, along with some delicious chocolate to compliment the flavor! There is also a restaurant and full tour of the facility.

  • Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday 08:00-17:00 and Friday 09:00-15:00
  • Zichron Yaakov

Carmel Winery


Founded by Baron Edmond de Rothschild in 1882, Carmel winery boasts the two largest wine making facilities in the country. One is located in Rishon Le Zion, and another at Zichron Yaacov. Their vineyards span throughout the land, which gives their grapes a healthy variety. Carmel also owns two smaller scale wineries, which produce higher quality wines at a slower pace. The Center For Wine Culture in Zichron Yaakov provides guided tours. It includes a wine shop, restaurant, two specialist-tasting rooms, a small cinema, and a barrel room in an underground cellar.

  • Sunday to Thursday: 9:30-17:00 and Friday & Holiday eves: 9:00-14:00 
  • Zichron Yaakov



Located in the heart of the Western Carmel region, this winery has been recognized internationally for the high quality of its product. It is located in an area that, in the ancient Byzantine era, was also used for wine production; they are simply continuing the trend in modern times. Amorphae winery combines state-of-the-art technology, as well as skilled winemakers to create their product. The visitor’s center is located in beautiful stone buildings, which gives the establishment an exquisite Mediterranean feel. They have a wine club that gives people access to professional wine tours, but also offer tastings and tours to non-members.

  • Makura Farm
  • Open by appointment 

Central Israel

Villa Wilhelma Winery


Headed by one of Israel’s leading enologists, this winery has won numerous awards for its excellence. Its two founders have expertise in both vine growing, and wine preparation. They harvest their grapes from the Ben Zimra vineyard in the Upper Galilee, and they serve a wide variety of different wines. Only open to the public on Fridays (or by appointment), visitors may attend a special brunch, where they will be served excellent food, and be treated to four different kinds of original wines.

  • Open on Fridays and holiday eves 10:00-16:00. Other days by appointment by phone.
  • Moshav Bnei Atarot (near the airport)

Bravdo Winery


This winery was created a mere 16 years ago by a professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and his former student. Despite being relatively young, the student’s family has been growing grape vines for over a century. The combined knowledge of both teacher and student led to the creation of this vastly successful winery. They pride themselves on the fruity flavor of their product. Visitors may enjoy tastings and tours every Friday from 11am to 2pm.

  • Friday 11am to 2pm
  • Near Rehovot

Flam Winery


Another one of Israel’s family-run wineries, this facility was established in 1998 by the sons and wife of Israel Flam. Each family member contributes their own skills to the production process, which ensures that the product is created with proper love and care. The Flam family has been described as the first wine family of Israel, so you can be sure that their product is of the highest quality. They welcome visitors with open arms to their home, and provide tours and a workshop.

  • Open by appointment
  • Near Beit Shemesh

Vitkin Winery  


This family owned business boasts some of the finest wine in the country, and claims to be a pioneer in the Mediterranean approach to winemaking. They began in 2002, selling more generic brands, which didn’t gain them much publicity. So, they took their product to the next level. Now, they have four different series of wines: Vitkin, Israel Journey, Dessert Wines, and Shorashim. Each one is unique. For example, Vitkin uses grapes that were brought to Israel by Baron Rothschild himself in the 19th century! The tour allows visitors to see the 75 year-old home where it is based, and then provides a wine tasting in what used to be the living room. Call in advance to get a more in-depth tour of the facility. They also have a special wine club that hosts cool events.

  • Kfar Vitkin, Turtle Bridge road, near Alexander stream.
  • Open by appointment

Chillag Winery


Established in 1999 by Orna Chillag, this establishment has multiple series of excellent wines; some of which are aged for nearly 5 years. After completing an apprenticeship at the Antinori winery in Tuscany, Chillag was awarded the Italian knighthood title of Castellana for her contribution to the wine industry and the promotion of humanity. There is a club that you are encouraged to join, which allows you to see the yearly harvest, and attend other cool events.

  • Shabzi 12 Yehud
  • Open by appointment

Tzora Winery

Vineyards02 (1)

This establishment prides itself on its varying terroirs. They have vineyards in the Judean Hills, and in the Shoresh region. Tzora pus great emphasis on the importance of the soil and the climate of the vineyard; it greatly influences the outcome of the final product. The founder of the winery passed away in 2008, but his love for the craft lives on in the excellence of the wine that his establishment produces. Wine tastings and workshops are by appointment only.

  • Kibbutz Tzora 
  • Open: Sunday: 12:00-16:00, Monday – Thursday 10:00-16:00, Friday: 09:00-14:00

Soreq Winery


This establishment is truly unique, not because of their product – which is excellent – but because they also boast a winemaking school, which contributes to the Israel’s contemporary winemaking revolution. Soreq produce both high quality wine, as well as high quality winemakers. It was established in 1994, and has been an integral part of Israel’s wine culture. They hold a fair in May, and have a winery shop that is open from Friday to Saturday.

  • Kibbutz Nachshon
  • Open: Friday 09: 00-13: 00 Saturday 10: 00-14: 00

West Bank

Gush Etzion Winery


The story of this family’s winemaking journey begins with a single blackberry bush. What started off as a small blackberry winemaking operation eventually turned into one of the biggest traditional grape wineries in Israel. With the help of some kibbutzim in the area, the family has gained 600 dunams of vineyards in the Gush Etzion region of the Land. Their visitors’ center includes: a dairy restaurant, an events garden, and a tourist vineyard. They have tours, and tastings.  

  • Gush Etzion, Efrat
  • Bookings by appointment

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