Israel’s music industry has become quite developed over the last few years. With Israeli artists & producers achieving more success globally, Israeli musicians being involved in more international projects and events that will obviously go down in history (like Netta winning Eurovision 2018), musicians are a growing demand in the Holy Land. 

In this article, we’ll tell you about some of the top career opportunities in the Israeli music industry.

What are the most popular jobs in music today?

It goes without saying that music has a lot of directions each one can take. Music is a very diverse form of art, that within you can find both the hairy Rockstar, the Hip-Hop Producer, the Soundtrack Composer and the Mixing Engineer.

Each one of these career opportunities is mostly easier to pursue in the 21st century, thanks to the digital revolution that made the music-making process much more approachable, lead by the rise of DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations), that are very popularly used by musicians of all forms to create, edit and record Audio.

The Music Maker

The obvious route to take when you think about music is making it. The Israeli music scene has gotten quite the attention in the last few years, with local artists growing bigger internationally.

In case you’re a singer-songwriter, there are lots of bars and venues that hold Open Mic events, communities that discuss and help young artists navigate through the industry and artists that are always on the look for a good session-player.

Depending on your talent, making a name for yourself as an artist in Israel could be a more reachable destination, since Israel is very small compared to most other countries in the world – when something gets attention, it’s much easier for it to “catch fire” and go viral.

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The Music Producer

Unless you’ve met a producer in person, it’s safe to assume you wouldn’t exactly know what a music producer does. If so, that’s probably because music production can mean a lot of things in terms of what you actually get to do “in the field”.

Think about it – there are so many genres of music that sound nothing like each other. That difference derives, among other things, from the way those kinds of music are being made.

To make a clearer definition – a music producer is the person in charge of taking musical ideas and sketches and walk them through the process of becoming a consumable audio product (either directly or indirectly), be it a song, an album, a soundtrack for a film or a video game, or even a live performance.

Being a music producer means learning a lot of different things, depending on what it is you do as a producer. In general, most music producers would benefit from knowing music theory, the art of sound engineering & recording, and inevitably, the business side of making music (contracts, copyrights, etc.).

But even those main tenets of being a music producer aren’t absolute to every single producer. What you need to know will directly be influenced by the type of music you do. But one thing’s for sure, every artist needs a producer to accompany him/her.

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The DJ

Dancefloors are a big part of Israel’s culture. Whether it’s clubs, weddings or street-parties – Israel’s party culture is always present and will always have a DJ to create the right atmosphere for it.

As you probably guessed, DJs can get quite busy here. But you should know, the DJ world can be as much diverse as the world of any other musician.

Israel’s eclectic nature also applies to the music taste of the Israeli crowd, so that means hard-hitting Techno DJs can be just as popular as DJs at weddings that will mostly focus on the chart-toppers.

But the most important trait of a DJ is knowing how to “read the crowd” and steer the energy on the dancefloor in the right direction. Doing that successfully can make DJing quite the profitable job in Israel. 

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Should I study music in Israel?

Israel is a great place to study music. Pursuing education in Israel is much cheaper compared to the US, and there are a lot of institutes that offer professional music studies in all aspects.

BPM College for example, which is conveniently located in Tel-Aviv, offers music studies for all types of musicians we have mentioned above, whether it’s a Singer-Songwriter course, both extended and concise Music Production courses and professional DJ studies.

Courses in BPM are conducted in Hebrew and is led by some of the industry’s best tutors and lecturers in the country. With over 1,000 students per year, BPM’s alumni network is filled with artists that are quite big names in the industry.

Come and meet BPM College in person at the TLV Opportunities Jobs & Education Fair on July 20th at TLV Fashion Mall!

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