Developers Institute is an official sponsor of Secret Tel Aviv. Developers Institute provides a wide range of coding bootcamps. Their Full-Stack Development Javascript or Python Bootcamp focuses on immersive learning and is curated by top industry experts. The program is a right mix between studies and internships into Israeli startups.

From Sales support to Full stack Developer at Check Point! Meet Nikita 🤩Our alumni of Developers Institute, Coding Bootcamp.

“I’m an oleh from Russia and I want to share the story of how I got a job as a programmer at one of Israel’s top hi-tech companies – when I couldn’t even code 6 months ago!

I am Full stack Developer at Check Point now and I want to tell you how @Developers.Institute helped me.

I made my aliyah from Russia in 2019 I had a poor technical background (I was a sales manager in Russia) and I wanted to find a job in the tech industry in Israel. I decided to improve my tech skills and to do a Full Stack course.

I know how difficult it is for Oleh to create your professional network and find your first position. We DO need help.

So, I found Developers Institute.

I started the Full Stack bootcamp with Developers Institute. It was a very friendly and amazing atmosphere. The course covered everything I needed to know to become a developer. At the end of the course we had to create our own personal project. I even continued this project after my graduation and still got the support of my instructors.

One piece of advice I would give to anyone who wishes to enroll at Developers Institute is to stay up to date with new technologies and frameworks that are emerging in the industry, so that you can stay relevant and valuable to your employer.

After my bootcamp, Developers Institute found me an internship where I had the opportunity to gain more technical experience and get my first job afterward.

Two month ago I got an offer for a full stack developer at Check Point :)))

I really recommend Developers Institute – ! ”



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