Purim is over and its time to wash off that makeup and hangover and go on with our normal life for another 360 days, but not before we go through this year’s highlights!

This year we had some outstanding Purim costumes shared in the group, check out which ones made Secret Tel Aviv’s Top Ten by number of likes! Click on the images to like and comment! (Keep scrolling down for some other awesome videos of costumes from community members!)

Top Ten Costumes

10.This Indian gang

9. Binary Options Company Owner in 2017

8. Perfected Irish costume

7. Captain America and Iron Woman

6. Lady Viking on the bus

5. This couple that took it to the next level

4. This amazing Up costume 

3. Mr. and Mrs. Panda

2. This bird running away from the police

1. And for the winner of 2017… Our beloved Dizengoff Fountain! 

Also, check out this cool videos!

The best Titanic costume ever!

The most beautiful bride!

Best organized costume!

Most elaborate costume!

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