Looking for cool things to do in Tel Aviv and Israel during Sukkot? Here are some of our favourites…

Sukkot starts this year on Sunday evening October 9th. In Israel it is a seven day holiday, with loads of great events, parties and festivals happening throughout the week.


SUKKOT MARKET – Four Species Market @ Kikar Giv’on

Kikar Giv’on, Tel Aviv | 7-9th October | FREE

The beautiful holiday of Sukkot starts on Sunday evening. This year’s Tel Aviv Four Species Market takes place at Kikar Giv’on as Kikar Rabin is under construction, starting tomorrow morning. It’s a great place to buy your lulav and etrog, and also a sukkah and sukkah decoration. Read more.


    COMMUNAL DINNER – TLV Gourmet Community Dinner @ Tel Aviv International Synagogue

    Tel Aviv International Synagogue, Frishman 23, Tel Aviv | 6.30pm | 160 NIS

    Join us for a delicious, gourmet Sukkot Dinner in the gorgeous Shomron Garden Sukkah of The Tel Aviv International Synagogue on the First Night of Sukkot! Festive Services begin Sunday, October 9 at 6:30pm followed by Dinner in the Sukkah. Read more.

    COMMUNAL DINNER – Sukkot Dinner Under the Stars with Chabad on the Coast @ Kevron Street 16

    Kevron Street 16, Tel Aviv| 6pm | 150 NIS

    Join us for a festive meal under the stars in the Sukkah! Let’s shake it up, enjoy a delicious dinner, fine wine and the best company! Read more.


    PARTY IN THE PARK – DGTL Festival @ Park Hayarkon

    Ganei Yahoshua, Tel Aviv | 4pm | 360 NIS (GET A DISCOUNT USING COUPON CODE 40401)

    DGTL is finally returning to Israel for a huge event on Monday at Park Hayarkon! Three stages with amazing DJs from Israel and around the world including Adam Beyer, Giolì & Assia, Red Axes and 20+ top international artists. DGTL is a multi-sensory experience with crazy art, music, lighting and scenery! The event starts at 4pm and continues late into the night. We’ve got a special discount, use our code 40401. For more info in English check out our website – buy tickets here.


    TOP ISRAELI LINE-UP – Kicking The Stigma @ Barby

    Barby, Kibbutz Galiyot 52 | 8pm | 120 NIS

    Wings Association mark International Mental Health Day with a night of music dedicated to art and brotherhood. Amazing Line-up! Jimbo Jay, Alon Eder, Teddy Neguse, Sima Nun. Read More.

    ESTONIAN RAP – Gagarin TLV 10th Anniversary – Tommy Cash Live

    Gagarin, Kibbutz Galiyot 13 | 8pm | 120 NIS

    Join the party as Gargarin celebrate 10 years open with a special performance from Estonian rapper Tommy Cash. Read More.


    SCI FI FESTIVAL – Icon Festival 2022 @ Tel Aviv Cinematheque

    Tel Aviv Cinematheque, Ha’arba’a 5 | 11th October to 13th October | FREE

    The Icon Festival for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Role-Playing takes place on October 11-13 at the Cinematheque. This year’s festival theme is “Awakening”, and includes many exciting events, such as lectures, RPG sessions, panel discussions, cosplay contests, comical and musical shows, providing a huge celebration for the science fiction and fantasy lovers and even much broader audiences. Read more.

    COMIC FAIR – The 8th Illustration and Comics Festival @ Nahalat Binyamin

    Nahalat Binyamin, Tel Aviv | 11th to 14th October | FREE

    Pick up some cool gifts at the Nahalat Binyamin Comic and Illustration Fair from Tuesday to Friday next week. With some of Israel’s best comic illustrators and designers, this is a great place to buy some unique and rare comics, fanzines, books, postcards, stickers, prints and more. Read more.


    Inbal Multi Cultural Ethnic Center, Yehieli 6, Tel Aviv and Ennis Auditorium, Pa’amonit St 9, Jaffa | 11th-13th October

    The African Film Festival is back for a fourth edition showcasing the best in African cinema. Read More.


    Expo TLV, Rokach Blvd 101, Tel Aviv | 8.30pm | 375 NIS

    Russian legend Zemfira is here in Tel Aviv. Read More.

    FUNKY – LDRDO @ Kuli Alma

    Kuli Alma, Mikve Yisrael 10, Tel Aviv | 10.30pm | FREE

    Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Tel-Aviv, LDRDO fuses funky grooves and soul music alongside middle eastern guitar riffs and flavors inspired by his childhood upbringing. Read More.

    RAVE – Frequency Sukkot @ Bavel

    Bavel, Mikve Yisrael 8 | 8pm | 30 NIS

    The Frequency crew are back with a special Sukkot Rave. Read More.

    OKTOBERFEST – Beer Festival @ Hatachana

    Hatachana, Kautfman Street, Tel Aviv | 11th-13th October

    For everyone who didn’t get on a flight to Bavaria – we brought the Oktoberfest festivities right to you! Beer Weihenstephan brings the Oktoberfest celebrations to the station park, with a huge tent, indulgent sausages, uplifting performances and chilled beer that doesn’t stop pouring for three days. So until then – as they say – Prost! Read more.

    BEER FEST – Schnitt Beer Fest @ Schnitt Brewing Company

    Schnitt Brewing Company, Haarbaa 12, Tel Aviv | 11th-17th October

    The Schnitt Brewing Company Bar on Haarbaa Street celebrate their opening with a week long beer festival From the first day of Sukkot, Oktoberfest-style beers prepared especially for the festival will be served, along with a menu of specials and a variety of high-quality sausages from the kitchen (also vegan). Read more.

    Wednesday October 12th

    STANDUP IN ENGLISH – Comedy for Koby – Elon Gold live in Tel Aviv @ Beit HaHachayal

    Beit Hachayal, Weitzmann 60, Tel Aviv | 8pm | from 130 NIS

    One of America’s favorite stand-up comedians and comedic actors, Elon Gold, is coming to Israel! Gold made regular appearances on the last season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, had a feature role in the show Stacked alongside Pamela Anderson, as well as his own Netflix comedy special Chosen and Taken. Known for his sharp humor that combines celebrity impressions with his hilarious take on daily life and in particular Jewish and Israeli stereotypes, Gold will appear in Herzliya, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem on October 11,12, 13th and 15th. Read more. Buy tickets!

    SUKKOT PARTY – Tribe Tel Aviv Sukkah Party Under the Stars @ Ben Yehuda 86

    Ben Yehuda 86, Tel Aviv | 7pm | 50 NIS

    Join us in the Sukkah in the Center of Tel Aviv to celebrate the holiday together with open wine bar, beer on tap, refreshments and live music. Read more.

    ART – ZUMU @ Jaffa Dalet

    Jaffa Dalet | 12th-15th October

    ZUMU is a community based mobile museum, which moves throughout Israel showcasing changing exhibits that are created and curated together with the local communities. At ZUMU (a portmanteau combining the Hebrew words for “move” and “museum”) we believe that art plays a key role in creating a more open and accepting community and builds bridges between all different sections of Israeli society. We set out on this groundbreaking journey in order to overcome geographical distances, to bridge cultural divides, to circumvent physical barriers, to overcome conceptual hurdles and to get rid of the conventional divisions between the artists & audiences, art & communities and creativity & reality. Read more.

    Check out this awesome map from Mapme.

    Thursday October 13th

    DESIGNER MARKET – TMarket Sukkot @ Dubnov Gallery

    Dubnov Gallery, Dubnov 8, Tel Aviv | 13th-15th October | 10 NIS

    T:Market is back! With a market full of style, clothes, vintage, accessories, beers and of course music out of this world! Read More.

    TOP CONCERT – Infected Mushroom @ Barby

    Barby, Kibbutz Galiyot 52, Tel Aviv | 8.30pm | 259 NIS

    Electronic music megastars Infected Mushroom are back at the Barby next week for a performance of critically acclaimed album Converting Vegetarians. Converting Vegetarians was released in 2004 and is considered one of the milestones in electronic music of all time and was a turning point in the band’s career. Read more.

    RAVE – Frenkel’s Ushpizin @ Gagarin

    Gagarin, Kibbutz Galiyot 13, Tel Aviv | 11pm | 130 NIS

    Experience a Sukkot holiday like never before with 3 floors dripping with festive psychedelia. Read More

    JAZZ FESTIVAL – YafoJazz Festival – When Jazz Meets Rock @ ZOA House

    Zoa House, Daniel Frisch Street 1, Tel Aviv | 13th-15th October

    70 jazz players from around the world come together for the 7th annual YafoJazz Festival. Read More.

    JAZZ FESTIVAL – Festival Super Jazz 2022 @ Jaffa Port

    Jaffa Port | 13th-15th October

    The Super Jazz International Festival is here this Sukkot. Read More.

    Friday October 14th

    COMMUNITY DINNER – Sukkot Shabbat Dinner with TAIS & the Kerem House @ Tel Aviv International Synagogue

    Tel Aviv International Synagogue, Frishman 23 | 7pm | 140 NIS

    The weekend is finally here and it is time to celebrate Shabbat with style! Join your Tel Aviv peers for a Kosher Shabbat meal with bountiful food and drink, beautiful song and melodies and great people! Read more.

    HUGE EVENT – Cycle Tel Aviv (Sovev Tel Aviv) 2022

    6am | Starts at Park Hayarkon | 130 NIS

    Get on your bike next Friday for the biggest cycling event in the Tel Aviv calendar – Sovev Tel Aviv! There’s still time to register for one of the five races – 8km, 21km, 40km, 60km, and a 21km rollerblade race. The route starts in Park Hayarkon, goes south down Ayalon to Jaffa, and then up the tayelet back to the park. Read more.

    AFRODUB PARTY – ATESIB Festival Closing Party @ Jaffa Well

    Jaffa Well, Shalma Rd 6, Tel Aviv | 10am | FREE

    Don’t miss the AFRODUB closing party as part of the African Film Festival. Read More.

    JAZZ – Sukkot Blues Festival @ Shablul

    Shablul, Carlebach 23, Tel Aviv | 14th-17th October

    Get ready for four days of amazing blues concerts!  Read More.

    Saturday 15th October

    SHOPPING – Hoodna Bazaar

    Hoodna Bar, Abarbanel St 13, Tel Aviv | 1pm | FREE

    The Hoodna Bazar is back full of second hand clothes, art, jewelry, records, music and lots of beer!! Read More.

    OUTDOOR OPERA – Teder Open Air Orchestra @ Teder

    Teder, Derech Jaffa 9, Tel Aviv | 5pm | FREE

    The Israeli Chamber Orchestra collaborate with some of Tel Aviv’s hottest indie acts for an unmissable night of music under the stars. Read More.

    Sunday October 16th

    SIMCHAT TORAH – Kerem House Simchat Torah Shul Hop

    Location TBC | 6pm | FREE

    Join us for our annual Shul hopping in Tel Aviv! We will move from synagogue to synagogue moving from those which are packed to those which are empty and bringing joy to all! Read more.

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