This year Shavuot falls on Saturday night 8th June, and Sunday day 9th June. Sunday is a day off! The main traditions of this holiday are eating dairy foods and studying all night in the synagogue. Of course, this being Tel Aviv, there’s also loads of parties! Keep scrolling down for the Best Events for Shavuot 2019 in Tel Aviv, or click here for full list of events.

Pre Shavuot Events

Tuesday 4/6 – Wine and Cheesecake Tasting with Nefesh BNefesh @ NBN TLV

Join us for an amazing Pre-Shavuot wine tasting with Covenant Winery! We will be tasting 3 different wines followed by delicious snacks and cheesecake. Read more.

Wednesday 5/6 – A Taste of Shabbat: Dairy Desserts, Wine, and Wisdom (Women Only) @ Chabad on the Coast

You’re invited to join women in Tel Aviv for a unique evening and exclusive event in honor of the holiday of Shavuot. Enjoy fine wine and delve into the deeper meaning of the upcoming holiday of Shavuot with beautiful dairy desserts. PLEASE NOTE: This event is for women only. Read more.

Thursday 6/6 – Shavuot Masa Fest @ Council for Beautiful Israel

Take part in the international festival of night knowledge «SHAVUOT Masa FEST! Read More.

Thursday 6/6 – FAMNISHA FEAST Festival @ Duplex Club

Prepare for the Festival of the Feminine Spring in the best tradition, Shavuot A Roman feast, a sensual and wild celebration !! Read More.

Friday 7/6 –  Judah Caesar &The Emperors @ The Prince

Celebrating the festival of cheeses ~ Hamara Style ~ on the roof of the Prince with a performance of the eastern music darling Yehuda Caesar. Read More.

Saturday 7/6 – e-Boded  Open Air Day Party @ HaOman 17

We are ready to continue to step up the holiday.  Read More.

Religious Events on Erev Shavuot – Saturday 8th June

Lavish Shavuot Dairy and Cheescake Dinner @ Tel Aviv International Synagogue, Frishman 23, Central Tel Aviv

Join us for a festive evening as we kicks off the holiday of Shavuot with a delicious, mouth watering Dairy and Cheesecake Festival meal! Sit back, relax with a glass of wine and enjoy a great Shavuot meal that features Fish, Pastas, Quiches, Personal Pizzas, Fresh Salads and Breads, and of course, Cheesecake, Chocolate Mousse and other delicacies! Cost of the dinner: 110 NIS Members, 130 NIS Non-Members, Lone Soldiers – free!

Then we will have a whole night of learning, with parallel classes in Hebrew, English and French, and plenty of food and drink to keep you awake and noshing the whole way through. Following the learning, we will gather on the beach for a sing-a-long, listen to the comforting words of Megillat Ruth and daven as the dawn breaks over the ocean. Read more.

Sleepless in Tel Aviv & Rooftop Dinner with ILTV @ Shalom Laam Center, Central Tel Aviv

ITV invites Tel Aviv’s Young Professionals 20’s and 30’s to our dairy gourmet rooftop dinner followed by sleepless in Tel Aviv. From 12 am on, there will be friends, fun, cheesecake and a variety of amazing classes to inspire, educate and keep you in the Shavuot state of mind! Those not coming for dinner are all invited to join us through the night! Tickets for dinner 119 shekels. Read more.

Shavuot: The Great Debate with YJP @ 18 Bar Kochva, Central Tel Aviv

You’re invited to join us for Shavuot: The Great Debate! You’re invited to stay up late for a social learning Shavuot experience and to learn the Jewish way! Discussions and debate on fascinating Jewish topics designed to educate, illuminate, challenge and inspire with amazing company, drinks, and delicious dessert bar. When? June 8th, 10:30PM until 1:00AM. Read more.

Friday 7/6 to Sunday 9/6 – Shabbat and Shavuot – 4 Languages, 1 Torah @ Tel Aviv International Synagogue, Frishman 23, Central Tel Aviv

Join us for our 10th Annual Weekend of Torah Learning! Explore new ideas and experience of Shavuot of a Lifetime in Hebrew, English, French and Russian! Friday, June 7 – Sunday, June 9 with Rabbi Ariel Konstantyn and featuring Guest Scholars:

  • Rabbi Simcha Cohen, IDF Rabbi
  • Rav Boaz Genut, Director of the Tzohar Marriage Department
  • Rabbi Yosef Harsonski, Expert in Chabad Thought
  • Rav Yaakov Medan, Rosh Yeshivat Har Etzion
  • David Rot, Lecturer on Jewish Mysticism
  • Moshe Serfaty, Aeronautical Engineer, MBA, Lieutenant Colonel (res.), Israeli Air Force
  • Rabbi Dr. Rafael Shuchat, Jewish Philosophy Lecturer, Bar Ilan University
  • Rachel Verliebter, Author & Fellow for Kabbalah Research, Bar Ilan University
  • Rabbi Netanel, Chief Rabbi of Bavaria, Germany

Following the learning, we will gather on the beach for a sing-a-long, listen to the comforting words of Megillat Ruth and daven as the dawn breaks over the ocean. Complimentary Admission! Refreshments will be served! Read more. 

Religious Events on Shavuot – Sunday 9th June

Celebrate Shavuot with Chabad @ Chabad on the Coast 

Join in for a great Shavuot! We will be having meaningful services, a kids ice cream party, and a light Kiddush. Read More.

Parties on Yom Shavuot – Sunday 9th June

MIDBURN – Sunrise Kingdom and Hashmaliko Shavuot Street Party @ Borsa Ramat Gan

Usually, at this time of year, we fill up with dust and go down to the desert for a celebration of freedom, love, giving and music … in the desert. For us it all started 4 years ago. This week, together, Sunrise Kingdas and Chmashlko brought a hot air balloon to the desert air in the realization of a most exciting dream! The love story continues this year, because everyone tickles the cornea’s tail, and in our warm country we have to keep a cause for celebration. Admission – Free. Read more.

RUBI CREW – Rubi’s 7th Anniversary @ Hangar 23

Somewhere in 2012 our baby was born. So how do you take such an event a step further? An atmosphere of romantic sunset combined with darbukas and broken plates on stage. A performance by Avihu Pinhasov’s rhythm club! So we have the most crazy performance in the city .. The most special location in Tel Aviv, and of course – the happiest bar in the world! Dress Code: White! Read more.


Shavuot pool party at Gan Meir. Read More.

ROOFTOP-  Stassi X Moran_Atias Rooftop Party @ Secret Roof

We are too excited to invite you to what will probably be one of the most meaningful and moving events of your life. Read More.

WINE/CHEESE – Shavuot in the Courtyard @ Emesh

Our “Shavuot in the Courtyard” Party (Livneh) in cooperation with the Golan Heights Winery. Wine, cheese and dancing. Read More.

LIVE MUSIC – Sidartha Siliceo & Ania Sosinska – Dark & Tender @ Sputnik Bar

In honor of the coming holiday, a unique performance was formed, leading to a particularly colorful evening. Read More.

LIVE MUSIC – Jane Bordeaux with Iogi @ Barby

How much we love to perform at Barbie! A festive performance (because Shavuot) with a festive and exciting guest! Read more.

BEACH PARTY – Shavuot Wicked Beach Edition @ Just Outside Tel Aviv

Shavuot Beach Party! It is not called “the holiday of water” for nothing… Secret beach right outside Tel Aviv with this perfect lineup: Locked Groove, Magit Cacoon, Jenia Tarsol, Uriah Klapter and Kadosh! Prepare your hottest bathing suits. Read more.

SING – Disney Karaoke – Shavuot Special @ Stardust Karaoke

A whole new world of karaoke, so be prepared!!! Read More.

STUDENTS – Reggae Corner @ Lighthouse, Ben Yehuda 1

We are happy to invite you all to celebrate shavuot with us, Ben Gurion University style!! On an amazing rooftop in TLV, fabulous people and good karma!! All of the event’s profits will be donated to the non-profit organization “sunrise-kats” who run a day camps for children dealing with cancer. The party is for bgu graduates & their friends. Mainstream & reggaeton
D.j Dudu Pariz. Read more.

REGGAE – Reggae Dancehall @ Alik’s Farm, Hadera

After the huge magic that swept us all at the beginning of the season – we return to another round of Shavuot with a special festive line-up that will take you on a musical journey from Rottes, Dub, Earley Dancehall, Rab A Dove, Dancehall, , Afro-bit and what moves us. The party will take place In the depths of trawls, beyond the dunes and the eucalyptus trees, on one farm that has not stopped hugging us all for years. Read more.


3/6 to 9/6 – Back to the Roots @ Habonim Beach

This is not really an event or festival, but a load of cool people setting up camp on a beach. Back to the roots. Everyone is welcome to return to the starting point. Bring all the created. To do production without production. So that the only law is the ten principles. Bring what you want to be what is convenient for you. The main thing is you’ll come. Read more.

7/6 to 9/6 – Doof Festival @ Hamat Gader, Tiberias

Doof Festival the 16th edition, celebrates the freedom to be happy, and our mutual love for music, nature and blasting. The ultimate experience that triggers all your senses. We open the summer in 3 days of non-stop Music on 2 dancefloors. Sun. Dust. springs, market, workshops and costumes. As true Doofers that dance with us for the past 16 years, you already know in every cell of your body, that nomatter when or where it is happening, DOOF is always a celebration. Always a party. Read more.

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