Last updated June 30th 2022

There are three nights a year in Tel Aviv when you can party all night and the police can’t do anything… Purim, Yom Haatzmaut, and Laila Lavan (or White Night). This year Laila Lavan falls on Thursday June 30th, and there are already starting to be loads of parties…


SPACE AND TIME – Teder 𝘹 MUSA ༄ Journey Through Space and Time @ Eretz Israel Museum 🚀

Eretz Israel Museum, near the University | 6pm | 42 NIS

The Teder gang leaves Beit Romano for one evening and takes over the Eretz Israel Museum on the white night of 30.6 for a cultural journey and a journey through time and space through exhibitions, performances, screenings and hallucinations. Read more.

RUPAUL – Dragapalooza @ Heichal Hatarbut Tel Aviv 🌈

Heichal Hatarbut Tel Aviv, Habima | 9pm | 200 NIS

The spectacular blockbuster Dragapalooza is here in Tel Aviv. Dragapalooza is a live concert starring some of the biggest Drag Queens in the world! Prepare to see on stage the best of international drag royalty, straight from the EMMY winning show “RuPaul’s Drag Race” that has become a world sensation! Read more.

MIDBURN – Mid-Bar in Space Fundraising Event @ Duplex 🧑‍🚀

Duplex Club, HaShah Street 10, South Tel Aviv | 10pm | 120 NIS

Midburn’s favorite bar, Mid-Bar, is celebrating the galaxy and all its wonders at the Duplex Club. All through the night, some of Tel Aviv’s biggest DJs will be rocking two floors, sending good vibrations and lots of basses through all party-goers. All profits will be going towards our gift to the burn, giving back to the community we love the most.. Read More

GINJAH VIBES – The Burning Castle Mystic Adventures @ Collabo 🍄

Collabo, Ben Tzvi 47, Jaffa | 9.30pm | 155 NIS

Ginjah and Myco in a collaboration that looks like no other, the burning castle in the improved version # 5 prepares you for an immersive theater experience. We took over an entire building with three floors, a huge roof, a club in the basement, a sexy courtyard and the cherries in the whipped cream – a variety of different studio rooms of artists transformed into parallel worlds – each room and its story with interactive theater actors that will take you into the parallel reality. So excited to bring the most enchanted vibration to you… Read More

MIDBURN – Pony Extravaganza @ HaOman 17 🐴

HaOman 17,  South Tel Aviv | 11pm | 135 NIS

What a line-up the Pony Riders have in store for this Midburn warm up extravaganza Read More


NEFESH BNEFESH – Hanoch Piven Portrait Workshop @ Nefesh B’Nefesh Hub TLV 🎨

Nefesh B’Nefesh Hub, Rothschild 76 | 7.30pm | 25 NIS

Piven is an award-winning illustrator, educator and seasoned creative instigator. In this workshop you will engage in a revelatory experience by using Piven’s method to explore and visualize your understanding of values, vision, emotions and abstract concepts. Come challenge your creativity, have a drink and meet new Olim & Sabras. Read more.

COMEDY IN ENGLISH – Uncancellable Comedy @ Kerem House 🤣

Kerem House, Hayarkon 70, Tel Aviv | 8.30pm | 60 NIS


Live English stand up comedy at the Kerem House! Mike Kroll is back after 3 long years with “Uncancellable!” Mike Kroll! Chaya Lev! and more! Read more.

BIKE RIDE – Critical Mass TLV Ride @ Habima 🚴‍♀️

Habima | 8pm | FREE

Another refreshing Thursday night on a bike is coming, with Tel Aviv wind in your hair and good people in your lane… Come party-ride with Critical Mass, as usual on the last Thursday of every month during the summer! We’ll ride the road with uplifting music, lights and excellent vibes, celebrating everyone who gets around the city without all that traffic jam pollution nonsense — and we’ll finish off with a drink of your choice. Read more.

THEATER – Where Do the Socks Go in The Wash – (almost) Last Show with Lotus Etrog @ Tzavta 🎭

Tzavta, Ibn Gvirol 30 | 8.30pm

Created by the amazingly talented Lotus Etrog. A show I created before the Corona. I archived. And now the courage has returned. “After her father was born he abandoned her and returned to Japan … The sweeping show is based on her life, from the point of view of a woman conducting a female empowerment workshop …” Read more.

HELLO KITTY – Hello Kitty Rock Party @ Wave Club 😻

Wave Club, Shevach 1, near La Guardia | 11pm | 60 NIS

Hello Kitty is going to a rock party 🙂 We invite you to an alternative party on 2 dance floors. There will be kawaii there will be rock ‘n’ roll. It will be pure fun !! Read more.

PRIDE – Soda Special @ Phi Garden 🌈

Phi Garden, Ahad Haam 54 | 9pm | FREE

Soda Special x Phi Garden. White Night Edition. Read more.


FREE CONCERT – Laila Lavan at HaTachana with Teddy Neguse, Yemen Blues, and Tomer Yosef

HaTachana | 9.30pm | FREE

HaTachana hosts a really cool concert tonight as part of Laila Lavan celebrations. Teddy Neguse is one of the top up-and-coming Israeli rappers, Yemen Blues play Yemen Groove, and Tomer Yosef is lead vocalist for Balkan Beat Box! Read more.

FREE CONCERT – Laila Lavan at Gan HaPisga with Nellee Polley, Tzlil Danin, and Coral Bismuth

Gan HaPisga, Jaffa | 9.30pm | FREE

Gan HaPisga hosts an awesome lineup as part of Laila Lavan Celebrations, including Nellee Polley, Tzlil Danin, and the amazing Coral Bismuth! Read more.

STREET PARTY – Laila Lavan in the Hatikva Neighborhood

Hatikva | 8pm | FREE

Laila Lavan in Hatikva celebrates the neighborhood’s glorious cultural and musical heritage through place-dependent video and art works, music performances and a contemporary dance performance, a street party and tours following the neighborhood’s hidden synagogues. Restaurants will be open until night on Etzel Street and will offer a wide variety of neighborhood cuisine. Read more.

NOSTALGIA – White Night of Nostalgia @ Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Tel Aviv Museum of Art,  Sderot Sha’ul HaMelech 27 | 9pm | FREE

Nostalgia – A night of wandering full of content throughout the museum in honor of the 90th anniversary of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art! ★ Main show – Teapacks !!! ★ ★ The comeback of Life: Children Knitting (Idan Alterman and Avi Greinik!) ★ Nostalgic tours of the museum’s collections ★ Bag printing workshop ★ Staple design workshop Food stalls with a taste of yesteryear ★ Drag show ★ Acrobatics show ★ Hardcore nostalgic quiz hosted by Avshalom Kor (!) ★ Embroidery workshop ★ Fitness class ★ Candy making workshop ★ Kobi Farage lecture ★ Public singing ★ Huge board games ★ Macrame workshop ★ Flower arranging Dry ★ Cartoon Artists ★ Making a Necklace on a Rice Grain ★ Photogram Workshop ★ A variety of lectures and more surprises that will send you all the way to the sweet! Read more.

OPEN MIC – Every Talent Needs a Balcony @ The Arik Einstein Center

Arik Einsten Cener, Dov Hoz 16 | 8pm

Every talent needs a balcony! A crazy evening in the center plaza that will begin with an open stage of the neighborhood’s best sea-talented people and for dessert a performance by the coolest artist Ido Bartel. Read more.

KIDS – Laila Lavan in Kikar Basel

Kikar Basel | 6pm | FREE

White night celebrations for children and the whole family in Basel Square. Art workshops for children and a soap bubble complex. And at 18:00 the musical ensemble “Moore’s Brothers” Read more.

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