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Over the last few years Israel has become a hub for studying sustainability and the environment. Cheered on by the highest per capita vegan population in the world, an active Environmental NGO scene, and leadership in water and renewable energy management, many of the universities have gathered the leading minds in environmental studies to fill their faculties. As well as offering world class programs in Hebrew, there are now many programs available in English…  So if you’re passionate about protecting the environment and want to take an academic degree to learn more and develop practical skills, check out the following courses:

BA Sustainability and Government – Double Major @ IDC

The School of Sustainability at IDC Herzliya is the only school in Israel offering BA Sustainability studies in English! The Sustainability & Government double major program provides graduates with a competitive advantage in a broad range of fields in the public and private sectors that require expertise in sustainability and core issues such as energy, water, city planning and others. Students take a variety of courses which reflect the post COVID-19 global realities in the economy, society and the environment. These courses include Urban Sustainability, Sustainable Energy, Smart Cities and Advanced Urban Analytics, Sustainable Food Production. Introduction to Green Entrepreneurship and courses on government policies and environmental laws. The program places a strong emphasis on practical experience through internships and an entrepreneurial practicum during the third year.

Many of our students and graduates have founded successful start-ups such as “BeeHero” and have created impressive initiatives like our environmental project “TrashTag”. Read more.

IDC: Modelled on distinguished small colleges in the United States, IDC Herzliya is a non-profit corporate entity dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in education and research. Its founders aimed to create an Israeli university for the third millennium – a university where personal achievement goes hand in hand with social responsibility. Students who study at the Raphael Recanati International School at IDC Herzliya come from over 90 different countries and make up 1/3 of the IDC student body. IDC Herzliya has been ranked for the last five years the most successful start-up university in Israel and outside of the United States, ranking 1 in Israel and 21 in the world, and number 1 for student satisfaction.  Read more.

MA Environmental Studies @ Tel Aviv University

Where better to study environmental studies than in the number 1 “Greenest Building” in the Middle East?

The M.A. in Environmental Studies program, at the Porter School, is an international program that aims to train and equip the next generation of environmental leaders.  You’ll cover core courses in the area that include Environmental Policy, Global Warming, Energy and the City, Ecology, Marine Systems in the Mediterranean, and more. You will also have the opportunity to enroll in specialized courses and explore topics as diverse as Water Policy, Sustainability, Environmental Education, and more.

This degree program offers an experiential and hands-on aspect such as therefore local environmentally related field trips, a research seminar, and a professional internship that focuses on environmental advocacy and environmental planning. Read more.

You can also find more info in this cool webinar…

Tel Aviv University: Every year, TAU International attracts thousands of talented students from around the world. A global hub on campus, TAU International offers students with an eye-opening academic experience in English. With over 60 programs to choose from and a range of academic levels, TAU is a place where learning happens everywhere. Our programs are designed to empower our diverse student body with innovation, growth and non-stop discovery. Read more.

MBA with specialization in Sustainability @ University of Haifa

Sustainable business management is at the forefront of Haifa University Faculty of Management’s one-year Global Green MBA program. Israel is both a leader in water and renewable energy management and a leader in developing innovative and sustainable technologies, making Haifa University an ideal place to experience and tap into the dynamic combination of environmentally-focused, successful business culture.

The program excels in its focus on environmental and social sustainability, two issues key to effective and responsible business practice. As such, the MBA’s combination of high academic standards in an international learning environment, its focus on essential tools for business management, and the acquiring of theoretical and practical tools for implementing sustainability make it a very valuable and comprehensive business curriculum. Read more.

University of Haifa: The University of Haifa is the leading university in Israel in the fields of humanities, social sciences, marine research, and education. It is home to 7 faculties, 8 schools and 72 research centers. Read more.


Maya Yaroskwy shares her experience of TAU and how it’s helped her career in sustainability and the environment

“Although I’ve lived in Israel for over a decade, I chose to pursue the TAU International program because I wanted to get to know people from around the world and learn their unique perspectives on the environment and the future of our planet. An experience that stood out was participating in Dr. Vered Blass’s class. She taught corporate social responsibility and sustainability in business, which opened my eyes to the professional career I envisioned for myself when I initially decided on this program. Her lessons fascinated me and Vered helped me land an internship with one of the leading CSR consultants in Israel, which ultimately helped me land my current job.

I currently work for Ernst & Young in their Climate Change and Sustainability Services Division. We provide sustainability and environmental consultation to some of the largest industrial and consumer goods companies in the Israeli market… as they relate to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues. This can extend from carbon footprint calculations, writing and editing sustainability reports, assisting in addressing investor requests, and aligning with ESG ranking agencies (i.e. MSCI, ISS, etc.), conducting supply chain due diligence in preparation for audits, or working with management to set sustainability strategies and KPIs. My degree from TAU is precisely why I was able to gain visibility with a global company like EY.”

Read more.

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