Last updated February 4th 2024

One of the best things about Tel Aviv is its gastronomy, there are loads of amazing restaurants featuring cuisine from around the world. From tiny “hummusiot” (hummus shops) in the middle of the market to the fanciest chef restaurants, keep reading to find out where to go for the best bites in the city.

All the restaurants listed below are certified by Secret Tel Aviv! 

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Best Upscale Restaurants

Looking for an amazing experience? Tel Aviv offers a diverse dining scene, with upscale restaurants serving contemporary and international cuisine. Expect to discover unique dining experiences with exceptional service, high-end ingredients, and innovative dishes. 

1. OCD

Jaffa | Tirtsa 17 | CHEF – Raz Rahav | OPENED – 2016 | NOT KOSHER | Chef Tasting Menu

Dive in a unique menu experience, changing with the seasons, created by Chef Raz Rahav, prodigy of the Israeli cuisine.  During a unique dining experience, 18 other guests and you will embark on an exclusive tasting journey around 16 to 20 plates, blending Israeli and Jewish flavours to haute-cuisine and traditional cooking patterns. Every part of the products is used with zero-waste and sustainability intentions. In front of the open kitchen and the cooks, you can savour the chef’s culinary idea of Chutzpah: challenging, surprising, and creating emotion to the people through food and its original textures and tastes.
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2. Shila 

North Beach | Ben Yehuda 182 | CHEF – Sharon Cohen | OPENED – 2005 | NOT KOSHER


Family-run restaurant Shila has been around for years, and it’s a place for people to come who want to have fun and enjoy food. Located on Ben Yehuda just near the Hilton Hotel, the up-scale restaurant serves delicious locally-sourced meat and seafood. Check out their tasty à la plancha dishes of seafood and vegetables, and if you really want a treat, the lobster is incredible! The waiters are friendly and super-knowledgeable, and there’s an extensive wine and cocktails menu – there’s even a valet parking service!
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3. Pastel

CENTRAL TEL AVIV – Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Sderot Sha’ul HaMelech 27 | CHEF – Gal Ben Moshe | OPENED – 2013 | NOT KOSHER

Pastel, or when art and food make one! If you are looking for a high-end gastronomic experience, you should definitely make your way to this high-class sanctuary, located in the Herta and Paul Amir building of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. You can enjoy an amazing Wine pairing selection while discovering fine Mediterranean cuisine, presented with a true artistic sense. Gal Ben Moshe, an awarded Michelin star chef, designed a lunch and dinner menu embracing Levantine’s cuisine and traditional cooking themes. Savour this sophisticated cuisine in an award-winning design restaurant: the dining room, the terrace and its view on the sculpture garden, and the “cocoon” bar offer an ideal setting for discovery Read more.

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Best Israeli Restaurants

Here are some of our favourite quintessential Tel Aviv restaurants that embody Tel Aviv the most: traditional Israeli flavours with a modern twist, and sometimes a twist so modern that it is close to a breaking point… Welcome to the culinary wonderland of Tel Aviv, where every bite is a journey through the flavours of the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and beyond! 

1. Port Said

Central Tel | Aviv Israeli food | Har Sinai 5

If you are looking for a restaurant that encapsulates Tel Aviv, this is it! With its trendy environment and delicious take on middle-eastern food by top Israeli celebrity-chef Eyal Shani, this is the perfect place to chill and meet friends after a hard day at work or on the beach. The menu changes daily and includes sharing portions of freshly-sourced local food, served with spoonfuls of tehina! We recommend their minute steak, Jericho beans with garlic and lemon and chicken liver! It’s not suitable for all kinds of clients, especially parents – there’s a long wait for a table (no reservations), most of the tables are outside where everyone’s smoking, and the food is for eating with your fingers. A meal for two with drinks starts at 250 NIS.
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2. Night Kitchen

Central Tel Aviv | Mediterranean food | Lilienblum 43

Night Kitchen caters to the city’s night owls with a menu that puts a modern twist on classic Israeli cuisine. Their diverse selection of colourful dishes, perfect for sharing dishes like tapas, include some of ours favourites: tomato carpaccio with za’atar leaves or calamari with fennel and spinach. The crème brûlée dessert is unique, shaped like a lollipop, and filled with tonka-bean puree and fruit syrup, a childhood dream for adults. The stylish and trendy atmosphere is perfect for a cozy night out, accompanied by their great cocktail list. We recommend the shared menu, great deal with 3 cocktails and amazing food!
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3. Ouzeria

Levinski Market | Mediterranean food | Matalon 44

Opa! Prepare your taste buds for a Mediterranean party at Ouzeria, the lively and colourful Greek-inspired restaurant in Tel Aviv. From the moment you step in, you’re transported to a lively taverna, complete with Greek music and warm hospitality. The menu boasts a variety of small plates, mezze, and fresh seafood dishes that will make your mouth water. Don’t miss the creamy tzatziki, the crispy fried calamari, and the succulent grilled octopus. And make sure to pair your meal with their signature ouzo or a refreshing glass of Greek wine. At Ouzeria, it’s all about savouring life’s simple pleasures and enjoying good food with good friends. Opa!
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Best Meat Restaurants

From traditional Israeli cuisine to modern steakhouse concepts, Tel Aviv offers a range of flavours and cooking styles. Whether you’re in the mood for a juicy rib-eye or a tender shawarma, our favorite city has something for every meat lover! 

1. Hudson Brasserie

Central Tel Aviv | French Brasserie and Steakhouse | Lilienblum 41

The Hudson Brasserie in Tel Aviv is a must-visit destination for any food and meat enthusiast. The elegant and sophisticated atmosphere is matched by the diverse and delicious menu, featuring standout steak, classic dishes with a unique twist, hamburgers, sandwiches and more. The service is top-notch, with friendly and attentive staff who are always happy to assist. This American-inspired steakhouse is perfect for a special occasion or a night out with friends, and the raw materials used are of the highest quality, fresh and excellent. A private room for events for up to 12 guests is also available.
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2. NG

Central Tel Aviv | Meat and Steak restaurant | Ahad Haam 6

NG restaurant is an excellent choice for those who appreciate high-quality meat and steak dishes! In the charming neighbourhood of Neve Tzedek, the restaurant has a rich history that is reflected in its menu and atmosphere. NG is located in a renovated building from the Ottoman era, and it’s an ideal spot for a special occasion or a night out with friends. The menu offers a variety of cuts, cooked to perfection and expertly seasoned, and the atmosphere is elegant and sophisticated. The service is friendly and attentive, making the overall dining experience enjoyable. Highly recommend! Read more.

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3. M25

Central Tel Aviv | Meat restaurant and butcher in the Shuk | Simtat HaCarmel 30

M25 is a small yet cozy restaurant spot with simple wooden seating and a well-stocked butchery counter. It is located in the meat alley of the Carmel market, and for a good reason! This prime-meat restaurant serves amazing meat and follows a goal :  to use 100% fresh Israeli beef and lamb, sourced from leading farms in the country. The must-try dish is the ‘Arais’ – chargrilled lamb, tahini, salad, and pitta with meat juices. Don’t forget to finish your meal with a delicious dessert and try the ‘crack pie’ – a honey cake with oatmeal and crème fraîche. Be sure to give a visit to the butcher, who has been serving quality meat since 2013. 
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Best Fish Restaurants

Tel Aviv is a city by the sea so get ready to dive into an ocean of flavour with Tel Aviv’s best and finest fish restaurants! From fresh seafood shacks to upscale dining, get ready to savour the catch of the day.

1. Manta Ray

Central Tel Aviv | Beach Seafront and Seafood restaurant | Nahum Goldmann 4

Manta Rey is a true beachfront restaurant, located directly on the sands of the beach, just steps away from the crashing waves. The kitchen offers a unique and creative Middle Eastern cuisine, with all fish and seafood dishes prepared with love and passion by acclaimed chef Ronen Skinezis. The menu features a mix of traditional and modern seafood dishes, as well as a selection of local and imported fish. The restaurant offers a relaxed atmosphere and beautiful sea view, making it a perfect spot for a romantic dinner!
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2. Merloza

Central Tel Aviv | Fish restaurant in the Shuk | Khayim Khavshush 39

Merloza is a charming fish restaurant in the Shuk, run by a couple, Dor Even and Mor Hazan, who have a rich background in the restaurant industry. With experience in the kitchen and on the floor, they have opened Merloza with the goal of offering a simple and family-oriented dining experience. They have found the perfect spot in the Carmel market, and have been running the restaurant for three years. Their desire to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere shines through the dining experience at Merloza and the succession of delicious dishes.
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3. Batshon

Central Tel Aviv | Fish shop and Fish restaurant | Carlebach 29

Batshon is a fish and seafood restaurant that brings the freshest catch straight from the sea to the plate. From the fishing boats to the family fish shop and finally to the restaurant, the Batshon family ensures exceptional quality and freshness at an accessible price. The menu features a variety of dishes made with the freshest fish and seafood, and changes daily based on the catch of the day. Batshon opened in 1960, by the grandfather Tawfik Suleiman Betshon, a fisherman from Lod Lipo. The family tradition of fish and seafood has been passed on for generations and Batshon is the perfect spot for a true Jaffa fish restaurant experience. Read more.

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Best Street Food Joints

1. Jasmino

Central Tel Aviv | Shawarma | Allenby 99

Let us tell you about Jasmino in Tel Aviv, the ultimate spot for street food and shawarma lovers. This Tel Aviv hotspot does dish out scrumptious, freshly made pita sandwiches that are bursting with unique and mouth-watering fillings. Their menu boasts spicy beef sausage, veal hearts, and our personal favourite – lamb and veal kebab. If you’re in the mood for a creative twist on classic Israeli street food, Jasmino is definitely worth a try. Despite the typically lengthy line, the friendly staff will carefully stuff your pita to the brim with grilled onions, veggies, and heaps of tehina and amba. One of the best, if not the best pita, that we have eaten in Tel Aviv. Trust us, the wait is well worth it!
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2. HaKosem

Central Tel Aviv | Shawarma and Falafel | Shlomo HaMelech 1

They call it “The Magician”, that’s how much this place can do with chickpeas! If you drop by around noon, you’ll realise that this is the place to be for falafel: a long queue waiting to eat the delicious pita filled with falafel: the precious address of Tel Avivians. Also, if you can’t find a seat, take it to go and sit on one of the public benches right next to it. The falafel balls are delicious! The shawarma and the schnitzel pitas and plates are also amazing, and the restaurant is Kosher. Trust us, you’ll be licking your fingers and wanting more!
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3. Mifgash Rambam

Central Tel Aviv | Shawarma | Rambam 3

Recently ranked as the 14th best restaurant in the Middle East, the Basta restaurant and group have introduced a gourmet street food concept during the pandemic called Mifgash Rambam. Their shawarma is the star of the show, featuring a blend of lamb and beef served in either pita with chickpeas or laffa with Tzatziki – or even upside down, if that’s your thing! Each pita is also garnished with a delectable purple pickled onion. Don’t miss out on the amazing chips! Another tip: just because you have Tzatziki, doesn’t mean you should skip out on the Amba!
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Best Cocktail Bars with amazing Food 

1. La Otra

Central Tel Aviv | Hayarkon 66

A gourmet place with fantastic Latin/Caribbean influenced Mexican food.  The chef here does fantastic work in mixing flavours, with exotic dishes and great local favourites – the grilled fish tacos are phenomenal! In addition, this place shares the floor with the world renown Imperial bar, and the cocktails here carry that worldly fame justifiably.
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2. Kab Kem 

Central Tel Aviv Lincoln 11

Delicious cocktails, distinctive and unique Asian food, amazing and lively music, warm hospitality: the key ingredients for an unforgettable night at Kab Kem! The trendy location keeps its promise of making the East and the West meet and get along perfectly, in the beating heart of our favourite city.
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3. 7 to 1 Lab 

Central Tel Aviv | Ahad Ha’am 1

The 7 to 1 Lab is where science and fine drinking met and fell in love. This Neve-Tzedek location is the first cocktail laboratory in Tel-Aviv. The cocktails are brewed in front of your eyes according to your taste using new technologies and trying to surprise you at every sip. You can also enjoy the Japanese bites and food from the TYO’s kitchen created by Chef Yama San.
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Best Hummus in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is home to some of the best hummus joints in the world, and we’ve got the scoop on where to find them all. From hole-in-the-wall spots to more set restaurants, there’s something for everyone. And with so many variations to choose from, you’ll never get bored. Get ready to indulge in some of the creamiest, dreamiest hummus in the city!

1. Abu Hassan

Jaffa | 2 locations: HaDolphin 1 & Shivtei Israel 14

Looking for the ultimate hummus experience in Tel Aviv? Look no further than Abu Hassan! This legendary restaurant has been serving up the creamiest, dreamiest hummus for over 50 years, and it’s no wonder it’s a local favourite. The no-frills ambiance and communal seating add to the authentic experience, but it’s the hummus that steals the show. Served with fresh pita bread, it’s so good you’ll want to bathe in it. Just be sure to arrive early – the lines can get crazy! And you can always take it to go, and enjoy it around Jaffa or cozy at home.
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2. Abu Adham

Sarona | Carlebach 7

If you’re on the hunt for mouth-watering Middle Eastern food in Tel Aviv, look no further than Abu Adham! This unassuming joint serves up some of the best hummus in the city, but also amazing shakshuka, and falafel. Don’t let the simple decor fool you – the flavours are anything but basic. Produced locally by Ron and Yehuda, since 2003, using a manual, natural, and meticulous process. Plus, the portions are generous, so you definitely won’t leave hungry. So grab a few friends, pull up a chair, and prepare to indulge in some seriously delicious eats.
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3. Shlomo and Doron

Central Tel Aviv | Yishkon 29

Just off Carmel market in Tel Aviv, you will find one of the best Hummus in Israel. For decades, Shlomo and Doron has been a staple in one of Tel Aviv’s oldest neighbourhoods, dishing out legendary hummus in the city. This Yemenite restaurant has been family-run for four generations, serving up some of the best hummus in Tel Aviv. Don’t miss out on their special hummus dishes, they’re a must-try! Sitting on the outdoor seating on cobblestone streets, breathe in the background hustle and bustle of the Carmel Market, enjoying a delicious plate of hummus!
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Best Italian Restaurants

Welcome to the Italian culinary paradise in Tel Aviv! Immerse yourself in a feast of flavours, aromas and textures that transport you straight to the heart of Italy. From classic pasta dishes to contemporary creations, our selection of top Italian restaurants offer an unforgettable dining experience. Get ready to indulge in the best of the Mediterranean cuisine, right here in the bustling city of Tel Aviv!

1. Amore Mio

Central Tel Aviv | Ibn Gabirol 100 

A Tel Aviv classic in front of one of the prominent locations in Tel Aviv, enjoy a nice bottle of wine in this Italian joint across from Rabin Square. Amore Mio is an Italian restaurant in Tel Aviv, founded by Susanna and Shlomi Salomon over 20 years ago. The couple created a warm and pleasant atmosphere with Italian music playing and if you are lucky, Shlomi singing while serving fresh, authentic Italian cuisine. Enjoy the freshest ingredients, with some imported from Italy, showcasing the flavours of central and southern Italy. The menu includes antipasti, pizzas, pastas, meats, and delicious desserts. Read more.

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2. Cicchetti

Central Tel Aviv | Yehuda ha-Levi 58

Cicchetti is a modern Italian restaurant that offers a contemporary take on traditional Italian cuisine, serving a multitude of small and tasty plates. The menu features pasta, pizza, risotto, and fresh seafood dishes inspired by regional Italian cooking. Chef Michael Gartofsky’s savoury dishes can be enjoyed with a delicious cocktail or a glass of amazing Italian wine. Avi Kashi’s cocktail menu brings a bit of soul to each drink, making la vita bella! Cicchetti uses high-quality ingredients, precise cooking methods and stylish decor, making it a popular dining destination!
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3. Gemma

Central Tel Aviv | Tirtsa 2 

Nestled in the charming streets of Jaffa lies the Italian jewel of Tel Aviv, Gemma. The restaurant brings together the authentic flavors of Italy with a touch of local Israeli flair. Fresh, locally-sourced ingredients bring life to each dish, including grilled meats, seafood, and vegetarian options. The warm and inviting atmosphere, combined with Gemma’s commitment to sustainable practices, makes it a standout dining destination for both locals and tourists alike. Visit Gemma for a taste of the Mediterranean with a modern twist – it’s a must-try during your next night out in the city.
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Best Sushi Restaurants

Indulge in the taste of Japan with Tel Aviv’s finest sushi restaurants. From traditional rolls to creative fusion dishes, experience the perfect blend of fresh fish and expert preparation. Get ready for a culinary journey through the city’s top sushi destinations! 

1. FU Sushi

North Tel Aviv | Yermiyahu 32

Welcome to FU sushi bar, where every dish is prepared to perfection. Enjoy Tel Aviv’s energetic vibe in our unique ambiance. Whether you are on a date, out with friends or just have a nighttime craving for excellent sushi, FU is the ultimate place to be. Read more.

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2. Selas

Jaffa | Tankhum 6

In the heart of the Jaffa Flea-Market, Chef Or Ginsberg came up with an Asian-fusion inspired menu, where creativity and originality meets traditional and ceremonial food combinations. Where better than Israel to blend Asian inspirations with Mediterranean influences, that’s what the Middle-East embodies!  The Chef’s intention with his signature menu is to deliver freshness from the nearby markets straight to the plates. It’s also about the experience here : don’t back out if you feel challenged, testing new foods and combinations is all part of the journey!  Don’t miss out on the Cocktail menu and the wine selection!
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3. Men Tenten

Central Tel Aviv | Nahalat Binyamin 57 

Welcome to the best Ramen and (Sushis) in Tel Aviv! Men TenTen brings a piece of Japan to Tel Aviv, with its Japanese Chefs and homemade soy sauce.  The Chefs make delicious ramen and provide a little something for everyone.  Their vegan tofu ramen is the local favorite, you will understand why after tasting it! Located along Nahalat Binyamin, this minimalist ramen bar provides a very chill atmosphere along with excellent service. The lines can get long, so be prepared for a well-worth-it wait. Read more.

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Best Thai Restaurants

Discover the vibrant flavours of Thailand in Tel Aviv! Immerse yourself in the exotic aromas of lemongrass, basil, and chili, as you savour traditional dishes like Pad Thai, Tom Yum Soup, and Massaman Curry. From bustling street stalls to more upscale eateries, Tel Aviv’s Thai food scene is a culinary adventure waiting to happen! 

1. Taizu

Central Tel Aviv | Derech Menachem Begin 23

This place is expensive, and difficult to get a table, but probably one of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv. Every dish is better than the last one, it is Asian fusion cooked to perfection. Taizu’s menu is an ode to Asian-Middle Eastern fusion cuisine, conceptualised during Chef Yuval Ben Neriah’s trip to Southeast Asia. His creations are meant to be shared. The plates are placed in the centre of the table, as in Asian countries where everything is meant to be tasted by all. The menu is conceived as a culinary journey: it moves from soft and delicate to deep and bold flavours. You choose your dishes among 5 different sections: ‘Water’, ‘Wood’, ‘Fire’, ‘Earth’ and ‘Metal’, get ready to be surprised! It could be a struggle to get a table, but it is worth it after the first bite.
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2. Nam

Central Tel Aviv | Dizengoff 275

The spacious restaurant is decorated with simple and elegant Thai decorations – giving you an authentic ambience yet not making you feel overwhelmed. From the moment you walk through their ‘doors’, the staff are automatically friendly and attentive to all your needs. After you have been seated and given the menu, a staff member approaches to answer any questions you may have and explain about the specials of the day (something that they are very consistent with). Their menu entails a variety of authentic Thai dishes suitable for all palates. From extra spicy beef entrecote salad, for the brave and daring, to delicious warming and relaxing soups. They offer a variety of exotic curries, rice and noodles as well as amazingly refreshing salads.
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3. Thai House

Central Tel Aviv | Bograshov 8

If you are looking for good Thai food in Tel Aviv, this is one you shouldn’t miss. The restaurant itself makes you feel like you are not in the crazy Tel Aviv, but in some beach in Asia. The food is perfect to satisfy any craving – an extensive menu (with many vegetarian and vegan options) with good sized portions and great exotic drinks. It’s better if you go with some friends and order everything to share!
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Best Burger Restaurants

From juicy, mouth-watering patties to bold and creative toppings, get ready to sink your teeth into some of the most delicious meat-centric burgers in our amazing city of Tel Aviv. Experience a modern take on the classic comfort food and discover a whole new world of flavour thanks to our selection! 

1. Vitrina

ALLENBY and KIKAR RABIN | Lilienblum 40 and Ibn Gvirol 36 

For this self-titled burger snob, I just gotta say: Vitrina truly does make the best burger in this town. The meat sandwich tastes like it is cooked by angels and then smothered in just the right amount of fattening and parmesan-y goodness. You can drown your burger in the beet-ketchup and creamy, garlic-mayo, and find yourself living like a local, experiencing “the most satisfying bites of burger you may taste in this burger-wasteland of country.” Nay fine people of Secret Tel Aviv – there is simply *NO* other burger in Israel worthy of my highest honour of most mind-numbingly delicious burger EVER!
Review from Vanessa Perplies!
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2. GDB

KIKAR RABIN | Shlomo Ibn Gabirol 22

George’s Dry-Aged Burger is making a name for itself as the best burger joint in Tel Aviv! With a brioche black “Rabbi Bun”, black garlic topping, perfectly grilled beef, and crispy yet creamy fantastic fries, the 60 shekel combo is well worth it. Brilliantly seasoned, the grilled beef is the star of the show, complimented by toppings like jalapeños and many choices of cheese.
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3. Prozdor

FRISHMAN | Mendele Mokher Sfarim 6

A real treat – Prozdor’s burgers are delicious. With 15 burger options to choose from, they split their menu into ‘Hamburgers’ and ‘Hamburgers without Cheese’, as if a hamburger without cheese is not really a burger! The burger comes in a fluffy white bun that absorbs all the juices – yummy! Also, don’t miss their chicken wings… they are also amongst the best in Tel Aviv!
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Best Pizza Restaurants

Discover the delicious world of pizza in Tel Aviv! From traditional Neapolitan style to unique, creative toppings, the city’s pizza scene is sure to satisfy any craving. Get ready to sink your teeth into our selection of the best slices in town!

1. Pizza Lila

South Tel Aviv | Merkhavya 4

One of the best pizzas in Tel Aviv for many locals and internationals, Lila is definitely a little hidden gem! It is known for its delicious, thin-crust pizza with fluffy and bubbly crust. The toppings are creative and delicious, with many diverse options, but remember you can never go wrong with a classic Margherita. The atmosphere is fun and relaxed, and the prices are fair. They don’t take reservations and can have long wait times on the weekends, but it’s worth it! Wait until you have a taste of their desserts… Just saying.
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2. Papi Chulo Pizza

Kikar Rabin | David HaMelech 1

Along with an enjoyable atmosphere and music, Papi Chulo is a top spot for pizza in Tel Aviv. It offers handmade Neapolitan-style pizza by Chef Yiftach Koren, who manages to give it a twist without detracting from its authenticity! Whether with personal slices or full pies, the vegan-friendly spot uses quality dough, the perfect amount of cheese (cashew-based cheese for the vegan option) and a wide variety of toppings, complimented by great service and happy hour deals. The new pimp daddy of Tel Aviv pizza!
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3. HaPizza

Dizengoff | Bograshov 51


By the same people who brought you Brooklyn Pizza (and the Shine), this Bograshov joint is a local favorite with an established presence of Neapolitan-style pizza. You can see the brick oven where the pizzas are placed, you’ll smell them coming out and you can eat them in many-a-style, and – prediction – you won’t leave anything on your plate. Enjoy the bright and inviting atmosphere, with a glass of young Chianti wine to have a full pizza experience.
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Best Chinese Restaurants

Indulge in the exotic flavours of the Far East with Tel Aviv’s vibrant Chinese cuisine scene. From traditional dishes to fusion creations, these restaurants bring the taste of China to the heart of the city. Get ready to savour some of the best noodles, dumplings, and stir-fries in town!

1. Peking Duck House

Central Tel Aviv | Bograshov 34

The restaurant’s description reads : real Chinese food, and we couldn’t agree more! Enjoy savoury and spicy meat and vegetables, and discover or rediscover Chine specialties. For 8 years now, this place has become the go-to Chinese address for Tel-Avivian foodies, you should try it for yourself! Tell us if you agree.
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2. Long Sang

Central Tel Aviv | Allenby 44

The oldest Chinese restaurant in town offers Chinese specialties in a very interesting Chinatown decor. The Chu couple have been operating for years and opened this new location to welcome you in a more comfortable place! Share a nice meal with your loved ones and we mean it: you should order many plates and share them to get the best of the experience!
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3. Lai Fu

Central Tel Aviv | Bograshov 31

Lai Fu is straight from Shanghai to you in Tel Aviv! The restaurant is specialised in delicious Dim Sums which have made its fame. The cooks know how to balance the different Dim Sums dough and fillings, to create a great balance between savour and comfort! We also recommend you try the high-end sushis creations. The restaurant’s room is cosy and creates a nice atmosphere to share a casual meal in a relaxed atmosphere. Read more.

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Best Indian Restaurants

Discover the vibrant flavours of India in Tel Aviv’s bustling food scene. From traditional dishes like samosas and biryani to fusion creations, Indian restaurants offer a culinary journey for food lovers. Experience the fusion of spices, aromas and authentic recipes that bring the essence of India to your plate. Indulge in the rich, bold flavours of Tel Aviv’s Indian cuisine today with our selection of the best Indian restaurants! 

1. Saone Rhone

Central Tel Aviv | Yehuda ha-Levi 44 | Indian Street Food | Delivery available

A family-run Israeli Street Food restaurant with a touch of France & India in every bite. Chefs Rotem Gutman & Ofir Gutman are a sister and brother trying to change the way that you taste the world!  The food is delicious and well-prepared, with highlights including the chicken tikka masala, the shakshuka and the falafel. The spices and flavours are well balanced and the dishes are authentic and satisfying. The portions are generous and the prices are reasonable. If you’re looking for a unique and tasty dining experience, Saone Rhone is a must-visit. The combination of Indian and Israeli cuisine creates a delicious and interesting experience that you won’t find anywhere else.
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2. Munnar

Central Tel Aviv | Nahalat Binyamin 68 | Vegetarian | South-Indian | Delivery available

Munnar serves some of the most delicious South Indian dishes in Tel Aviv! We recommend this address to satisfy the urges of tasting typical vegetarian Indian food. The menu offers the food you could find in a traditional Dhaba, a roadside restaurant you could find in India that serves Punjabi-style food. Do try the specialties like the Malai Kofta, ricotta dumplings served with potatoes, and almonds or the Munnar Sabah, a roasted pumpkin stew mixed with channa chickpeas, wild leaves, lime and spices, served with uttapam, the south-Indian pancakes. Don’t forget the deserts as each is more delicious than the last! Read more.

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3. Tali Lama

Central Tel Aviv | Derech Menachem Begin 48 | Kosher | Vegan | Delivery available

The Tali Lama restaurant is a special Indian restaurant full of colours and flavours. The Israeli couple who founded the restaurant a few years ago have decided to dedicate their work life to it and serve the most comforting dishes of the South-Indian cuisine. Together with Daniel, one of the founders, the cooks produce with love and joy delicious vegan and kosher dishes that will transport you to India!
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Best Mexican Restaurants

Here, we’ll take you on a journey filled with spicy flavours, refreshing margaritas, and enough guacamole to satisfy your wildest avocado dreams. So, loosen up your belt and get ready to savour some of the best Mexican cuisine in Tel Aviv, where you can find everything from traditional tacos to modern fusion dishes that will make your taste buds dance with joy. Whether you’re a fan of classic Mexican dishes or daring culinary experiments, the restaurants in this section will have something for you!

1. Taqueria 

Central Tel Aviv | Traditional Mexican food | Levontin 28 

Located directly across from Abraham Hotel, Taqueria offers a pleasant ambiance, delicious Mexican food and a killer margarita. For reasonable prices, Taqueria has a range of menu options featuring tacos, burritos and quesadillas made from fresh ingredients that you will enjoy in a very comfortable setting. The nachos are also excellent! We recommend you try a few starters before attacking the rest. Make sure to try the margarita flavour of the day — you can’t go wrong when they have strawberry. With such a convenient location, you can’t miss stopping by for some authentic food and a great place to reenergise! Read more.

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2. La Otra

Central Tel Aviv | Mexican-Caribbean food | Hayarkon 66

La Otra is a gorgeous gourmet place with fantastic Latin and Caribbean influenced Mexican food.  The chef here does fantastic work in mixing flavours, with exotic dishes and great local favourites – the grilled fish tacos are phenomenal! We also recommend you try the ceviche, empanadas, and grilled meats. In addition, this place shares the floor with the world renown Imperial bar, and the cocktails here carry that worldly fame justifiably. The restaurant also hosts regular salsa nights and other latino events, making it a popular spot for a fun night out with friends!
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3. Mezcal

Florentin | Mexican food | Vital 2 

Mezcal is probably the most authentic Mexican food you’ll get in Tel Aviv (trust this statement, it comes from a Mexican). Their food is delicious, their salsas are what you want in a salsa, portions are big and price is reasonable. We know how tempted you’ll be to order the tacos, but trust us, try some more exotic dishes, you will love them! The restaurant prides itself on using high-quality ingredients and incorporating traditional Mexican techniques into its dishes and you can feel it. They also have an extensive mezcal and tequila selection – a particular highlight, making it a great spot for a night out with friends.
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To discover more of the best Mexican restaurants in Tel Aviv, be sure to read our ‘Best Mexican Restaurants in Tel Aviv‘ guide!

Best Kosher Restaurants

Tel Aviv’s Kosher restaurant options are booming! You don’t need to choose between the standard meat and milk options, there are now great kosher sushi, Asian, Italian, and burger options… even celebrity chef Eyal Shani has a kosher spot! So save yourself the trip to Jerusalem to find a top-quality kosher meal… Discover our Top 3 options.

1. West Side

North Tel Aviv | Royal Beach Hotel, Hayarkon 19 | Meat Restaurant | Kosher | Chefs: Omri Cohen

Prestigious haute cuisine restaurant located at the Royal Beach Hotel in Tel Aviv, offering you a quality wide-ranging seasonal menu under the stewardship Chef Omri Cohen. The restaurant is open to the sea, and has a wide balcony overlooking the stunning sunsets of Tel Aviv, and is designed as stated in the spirit of New York restaurants – large, spacious, comfortable and contemporary. No wonder West Side has gained an honorable place in the list of the eleven best Kosher restaurants in the country according to the Maariv newspaper. Omri left the desserts to Anat Alon, a talented pastry chef, who knows how to surprise all sweet lovers. There are dozens of types of cocktails, and the wine menu is rich and varied. You will not be disappointed!
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2. Florentina

Central Tel Aviv | Mediterranean| Milk | Kosher | Abarbanel 56

Florentina is a great kosher restaurant located in Tel Aviv. The menu features Mediterranean-style cuisine, with a focus on dishes that are inspired by Middle Eastern and North African flavours. The food is fresh, flavourful, and beautifully presented, with plenty of vegetarian and vegan options available. The atmosphere is casual and laid-back, making it a great spot for a relaxed meal or weekend brunch. The service is friendly, and the prices are reasonable, making Florentina a popular choice for locals and tourists alike.
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3. Saluf and sons

South Tel Aviv | Yemenite cuisine | Meat | Nahalat Binyamin 80

Enjoy a true culinary journey at Saluf and Sons! The tastes, smells and sounds transport you very far from the centre of Tel-Aviv. Delicious and pampering homemade yemenite and kosher food awaits you, as if your Grandma had just prepared a whole meal for you. Different stews, soups, Yemenite dishes, fresh chickpeas, mazets and more will comfort and fulfil you in the best of ways. There is attention to detail in every dish, the flavours are bold and the presentation is artful: what more could we wish for? Read more.

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Best Vegan Restaurants

Experience Tel Aviv’s thriving and famous Vegan restaurant culture, where creativity meets traditional flavours in a contemporary setting. From gourmet plant-based cafes to more fancy vegan eateries, the city boasts a diverse range of options for every taste preference. Check out our selection! 

1. Anastasia

Central Tel Aviv | Frishman 54

Anastasia is a great vegan restaurant to meet friends. They have a delicious and nutritious breakfast with loads of tasty dips, good salads, and incredible cakes. You can also enjoy a great lunch or dinner experience, with an appetising choice of starters and main dishes. They treat every dish like it is a multi-layered experience, they take all the senses into account. Written by guest reviewer Scott D. Renwick. Read full review here.

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2. Meshek Barzilay

Central Tel Aviv | Ahad Haam 6 

A delicious organic vegetarian restaurant located just near Neve Tzedek, with an emphasis on freshness and seasonality. The menu changes according to the seasons, and each dish is meticulously built to deliver fine taste and maximum nutritional value. The restaurant offers breakfasts, lunch, and dinner, as well as coffee and cakes. Read more.

This restaurant is available for delivery on 10bis. Download the app now and get 30 NIS off your first order with our special code SECRET30.

3. Opa

Central Tel Aviv | Ha-Khalutzim 8

Opa restaurant is committed to studying and learning about the plant world. The 11-course meal includes one fruit or vegetable that is completely exploited in each dish using both traditional and contemporary cutting-edge cooking methods. Chef Shirel Berger has always been captivated by plants. In order to reduce food waste, provide new flavour experiences, and foster a renewed respect for the products of our planet, the cooking team aims use the entire fruit or vegetable, including the skin. All the products come from local farmers who respect organic and environmentally friendly methods. Enjoy the mystic ambiance of the rooftop filled with all the plants you will find in your plate. Read more.

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