Last updated March 16th 2022

Purim is back! This year Purim is on Wednesday night 16th March, with parties throughout the week!

For a full list of Purim events check out our Events Calendar

Need some costume inspiration? Check out the Tel Aviv’s Best Costumes of 2019.



TAIS Purim Extravaganza @ Tel Aviv International Synagogue

Tel Aviv International Synagogue, Frishman 23 | 7.30pm | FREE

TLV’s Most ROCKIN’ PURIM Party and Massive Megillah Reading at TAIS! With live music, full megillah reading, well-stocked open bar, holiday refreshments, and mishloach manot for all the children! Come in Costume. Free Entry. Read more.

Reading of the Book of Esther @ Dizengoff Square

Dizengoff Square | 7.30pm | FREE

Everyone is invited to read the Book of Esther in a festive and happy Purim atmosphere in Dizengof Square! Come dressed up! Read more.

Purim Masquerade – The Ulimate Pregame @ Carlton Hotel

Carlton Hotel Tel Aviv | 8.30pm | 180 NIS

Join young professionals in Tel Aviv and get your Purim started with hundreds of people from all over the world as we kickstart this epic holiday with a pregame like none other! So put on your finest costume, get your game face on, and party like it’s Purim! Read more.


STREET PARTY – Annual Purim Street Party @ The Norman Bar

The Norman Bar, Hillel HaZaken 8, Kerem HaTemanim | 9.30pm | FREE

The street parties of the Norman Bar are legendary. We have been editing them every year for several years in a row. The goal is to simply enjoy. Discounted alcohol, DJ trance, free love, costumes, and most importantly – it’s free. So feel free to celebrate with us the Purim that can be. After two years of closures and crowns and stops etc, we all deserve to dance. So let’s dance in our square … the street belongs to us all ☮🙋‍♂️🥳👅🍭 Read more.

ROOF – Animal House Purim Weekender @ The Prince

The Prince, Nahalat Binyamin 18 | Wednesday to Friday | FREE

A second before the world is about to be destroyed
The Prince presents Three Days of ANIMAL HOUSE. Read more.

TEDER – Purimon Carnaval @ Teder

Teder, Derech Yafo 9 | 8pm | FREE

Tel Aviv’s coolest bar is back with another awesome Purim Party – with cool DJs and live music. Read more.

MIDDLE EAST – Latina Palestina @ Atlas Shapira

Atlas Shapira, Mesilat Yesharim 15 | 7pm | FREE

Two years ago, in a different and more innocent world, when the corona was just beginning, Latina Palestina came to the courtyard of the Atlas and picked us up a Middle Eastern Latin party that moved our bodies and warmed our hearts in a time of uncertainty and fear of the future. And now, two years later, when the temporary has become permanent and the stupidity is in everything, we understand that this is life and this is reality and therefore one should simply continue, celebrate and live. Read more.

MIDBURN – Cabaret Purim with Camp Challenge Accepted @ Voodoo

Voodoo, Ben Tzion 1 | 6pm | 65 NIS 

Camp Challenge Accepted are waiting for you at another great party !! This time we want to raise money to bring gifting and alcohol to the upcoming event. But in the best of our tradition – the prices are reasonable prices and the party: Premier League. Read more.

COLLABO – Play Purim @ Collabo

Ben Tzvi 47, Jaffa | 10pm | 85 NIS

On Wednesday, March 16, we open the festivities with a Purim event from our wildest dreams. The Collabo disguises itself as a naughty playground and is drawn to the districts of New Disco, Afro, Electro, House, Tribal and Techno in a one-time Purim color revelry. Read more.


LIVE MUSIC – Fortis Purim Party @ Barby

Barby, Kibbutz Galyot 52| 8.30pm | 145 NIS

All Aboard the Funky Soul Train! – Israeli rock legend Fortis has his legendary Purim party at the Block! Read more.

RAVE – Brooks Purim Rave @ Madison Square Garden, Herzliya

Madison Square Garden, Herzliya | 10pm | 170 NIS

Dutch superstar BROOKS, a protégé of Martin Grix and one of the most sought-after and prominent artists in the global electronic scene. The Brooks hit machine has gained a foothold in the industry thanks to its innovative and groundbreaking sound. He has managed to collaborate with names like David Gata, Martin Gricks and swept hundreds of millions of listeners around the world. Brooks’ previous appearance in Israel is remembered by many as one of the best sets seen in the country. Brooks creates a special atmosphere in each set and leaves a mark every time again and he returns to us on Purim for another round at the powerful Madison complex in Herzliya Pituach! Read more.

SOPHISTICATED – Eyes Wide Shut – Purim Masquerade Ball @ Poupée

Poupee, Yehuda halevi 46 | 11.30pm | 100 NIS

Get ready to dress elegantly, put masks on, and to dance and drink the night away at a secret new Tel Aviv center location. The party will be hosted by Ari Leon, Kenny Braun, & Private Events TLV. Get into our theme of the night “Eyes Wide Shut” and come with your finest masks and fancy clothing. Read More

GAGARIN – Sleepless Purim @ Gagarin

Gagarin, Kibbutz Galiyot 13, Tel Aviv | 9pm | 170 NIS

The paradox returns to Gagarin in a sleepless Purim format. Sleepless Purim is a commitment, this time to understand the paradox the goal is to survive the whole night and to that end, we have built for you the perfect lineup development that will naturally allow for a perfect flow between the three expansions of Gagarin throughout the event hours. Read more.

TECHNO – Technodrome Purim Interstellar @ Haoman 17

Haoman 17 | 10.30pm | 360 NIS

Huge interstellar lineup in one of Tel Aviv’s top clubs! Read more.

For a full list of Purim events check out our Events Calendar


VOLUNTEERING – Purim @ Ichilov Hospital

Ichilov Hospital | 9.45am | FREE

We invite you again this year, to join us at Ichilov Hospital, make some noise, cheer sick people in all hospitalization departments, including oncology, internal, and other departments where it’s not always as happy…. Read more.

MORNING MEGILLAH – Musical Megillah @ Arlozorov 97

Arlozorov 97 | 10am | FREE

Megillah reading with some really fun performances! Read more.

AFTERNOON MEGILLAH – Chabad on the Coast Purim Hour @ Bar Kochva 18

Chabad on the Coast, Bar Kochva 18 | 4.30pm | 50 NIS

You’re invited to join in as we sip on fine cocktails, hear the Megilla, indulge in delicious sliders and celebrate Purim! Last round on us! Read more.

AFTERNOON PARTY IN THE PARK – Tripping Lunar Purim Festival @ Park Hayarkon

Park Hayarkon | 4pm | 360 NIS

Lunar Festival | Tripping | Purim | Park Hayarkon | 3 Stages and ultimate Lineup we’ve been waiting for. We are so excited to write this text and invite you this upcoming Purim back to the Lunar Festival by The Tripping production team.

Purim is the perfect time to get into your space costumes and jump into a deep immersion with the metamorphic power of the high pulse, movement and kicking dance floor… the one where anything can happen and no one knows its secret. Read more.

GROOVE – Quarter to Africa Purim Party @ The Zone

The Zone, HaRechev 13 | 8.30pm | 90 NIS

Quarter to Africa return home to the area club after conquering stages all over the country and the world, celebrating life and bringing the groove without cynicism and without nonsense.
Quarter to Africa, the successful Israeli ethno-grove ensemble, one of the busiest and most active ensembles in recent years, has managed to go through impressive mileage in front of a loving audience, perform on almost every possible stage and sweep away a loyal fan base in Israel and around the world. Read more.

TEDER – Purim Picnic Party @ Park HaMesila

Park HaMesila (behind Teder) | 4pm | FREE

The whole of Purim is for one big reason, so here we go beyond boundaries, and without unnecessary explosions and kicks, we go on a picnic party with organic music that comes from jazz, returns to Africa and blows in a happy oil groove. Read more.

TECHNO – Camel Riders 3 Years Purim Carnaval @ Gagarin

Gagarin, Derech Salame 46 | 7pm | 190 NIS

On Thursday, March 17, we will all meet for amazing Purim celebrations in 3 plazas packed with colorful surprises, performances by Queen Esther, art like King Ahasuerus, a varied musical soundtrack and all of you. Read more.

LATE NIGHT – Thursday Purim @ The Block

The Block, Salame 157 | 11pm

Late night Purim party at Tel Aviv’s top late night club. Top line-up. Read more.

FAMILY FUN – Every Toy has a Story @ Old Jaffa Museum

Old Jaffa Museum,  Tayelet Mipratz Shlomo | Thursday to Saturday 17th-19th March | 25 NIS

Come and discover the wonderful story of the toys and enter a world full of magic and imagination in a nostalgic exhibition suitable for children and adults alike! Read more.

For a full list of Purim events check out our Events Calendar


AFTERNOON PARTY – Biciletta Purim Fest @ Kuli Alma

Kuli Alma and Bicicletta come together to celebrate this colorful tradition with 2 vibrant dance floors, 9 incredible DJs, and the coolest people in Tel Aviv  🥳 Read More

STREET PARTY – Street Party @ Voodoo

Voodoo, Ben Tzion 1 | 12pm | FREE

Crush the heart of the city with a tribal Purim party in the square!. Read more.

AFTERNOON PARTY – Open Air Garden Party @ Phi

Phi, Ahad Haam 54 | 11.49am | 70 NIS

Phi’s Purim open-air garden party // Hosting David Vunk!. Read more.

SHABBAT DINNER – TLV Masquerade Shabbat Dinner @ Tel Aviv International Synagogue

TAIS, Frishman 23 | 6pm | 148 NIS

In honor of Purim, TAIS invites you to a special Masquerade Shabbat Dinner!
Join the Young Internationals & Israelis TLV Community and enjoy:
** An Inspiring Carlebach Kabbalat Shabbat with the CHAZZ!
** A Champagne Kiddush Reception!
** A delicious Masquerade Shabbat Dinner with amazing people! Read more.

For a full list of Purim events check out our Events Calendar


TEDER – Purim Party @ Teder

Teder, Derech Yafo 9 | 2pm | FREE

Very excited (and a little apprehensive) to announce the return of the traditional Purim party of the Bet Romano!

Day + night of wild exaggeration all over the complex – extreme line-up, powerful sound, strange decorations and a great atmosphere. Read more.

AFTERNOON PARTY – M-Fest Purim @ Ronit’s Farm

Ronit’s Farm, Kfar Shmaryahu near Herzliya | 2pm | SOLD OUT

The Friends Festival is excited to open the festival season for 2022 and celebrate the biggest holiday of the year in the most glittering place in the country! The Unforgettable Friends Festival returns to the Unforgettable Sunset Festival – Ronit Farm! Read more.

ZOMBIE WALK – Zombie Walk 2022 @ Rothschild

Sderot Rothschild | 9.30pm | FREE

Tel Aviv’s Annual Zombie Walk is happening this year on Purim Saturday 19/03/22 at 21:30 PM, starting at the corner of King George and Sderot Ben Tzion. Read more.

PRIDE – Offer Nissim T-Dance @ Gnei Yoshua

Gnei Yoshua, Park Hayarkon | 3pm | SOLD OUT

The most colorful carnival of the year centered on Ofer Nissim in a long set full of surprises, unheard materials, exciting performances and a sea of energies alongside classics that everyone loves … Read more.

KIDS – After Purim Kids Party inspired by Yayoi Kusama @ Sarona

Sarona | 9am | FREE

After Purim for parents and children! Come dotted!
In the program: Circus Stand Fair, food stands, jugglers, Kids activities and more. Read more.

For a full list of Purim events check out our Events Calendar


MycoTown Purim 2022 @ Desert

Heart of the Desert | Thursday to Saturday 17-19th March | Sold out

Myco presents excitedly: ✮ ✮ Mycotown 2022 ❁ Unification of All Tribes ✮ 〠

A magical place in the heart of the desert – a landmark will be given ahead of the event

Who will you choose to be in the city where you can be everything? Queen of Heaven? Gypsy tribe? Night moth? In Mycotown you will be everything you have ever dreamed of.
From now on it is possible and desirable to start dreaming – how you would like to take part in the year. Create a character, play, bring content and support our game and dream. Read more.

Fusion Culture @ Desert

Desert | Thursday to Saturday 17-19th March | 480 NIS

Fusion Culture Presents PURIM CIRCUS FESTIVAL
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
3 Days of Bass Music   International Acts   Private Desert Oasis   Mind Blowing Decoration   Live Art Sessions   Unique Workshops   Dance Performances   Free Camping Zone   Chill-Out Spaces   Live Psychedelic Shows   Arts & Crafts Bazaar   Visionary Art Gallery   And More. Read more.

Siftach Purim Carnival @ Selina Kinneret

Selina Kinneret | Wednesday March 16th to Saturday March 19th | 270 NIS

InDNegev teams up with Selina for a special music festival on the shores of the Kinneret.

Four days of hallucinatory-carnival-to-the-unknown> performances, parties and a huge Purim fair in the hot and bustling location of Selena Kinneret. Performances on the grass, a fancy lineup, and parties that last until tomorrow. Read more.

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