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Purim is a Jewish Holiday where it is commanded that we get wasted – Yalla Balagan! Carry on reading for the best parties and music festivals in and outside of Tel Aviv. For a full list of Purim events check out our Events Calendar.

Need some costume inspiration? Check out the Tel Aviv’s Best Costumes of 2018.




Live Show – Anna RF @ The Prince | 8pm | FREE

The happiest holiday of the year comes back with the Prince’s annual party! Read More.

Dancehall Carnival @ Beit Haamudim | 8pm | FREE

Come to celebrate with us the best holiday in the Holy Land. Read More.


Purim X Ramsses @ Jaffa Greek Market | 7:30pm | FREE

Raising the Greek market for one crazy night led by the Ramses Crew. Read more.

Purim Party @ Cuckoo’s Nest | 8pm | FREE

The Purim Purim Party of the Flea Market and Greater Jaffa! Read More.

Faruk BaShuk Purim Party | 9:30pm | FREE

Crazy Tropical-Balkan party with Malabi Tropical at the Jaffa flea market!! Read More.

DRAMA – Nadav Dagon Live @ Drama | 9pm | FREE

Did you really think we wouldn’t go big for Purim? Read More.

BROWN HOTEL – Purim on the Roof @ Brown Hotel | 9pm | FREE

Celebrate the most exaggerated holiday in love or **** on the most sexy rooftop in town. Read more.

HERZL 16 – Carnival Extravaganza @ Herzl 16 | 8pm | FREE

Purim Carnival with the Boo Sisters! Read More.

TEDER – Romano Purim Party @ TEDER | 11pm | FREE

The traditional Purim Party at TEDER! – Read More.

STREET – Purim Carnival Street Party – Michal Street | 5pm | FREE

The traditional Carnival of Michal Street reconvenes to a neighborhood party with the best vibe in the area. Read More.


HOLLYWOOD – Rami Fortis Hollywood Stars Night @ Barby | 8.30pm | 125 NIS

On Purim we will all wear the tuxedos and evening gowns for a gala evening at the Barby, Fortiswood, California. Read More.

PERSIA – Persian Purim @ Vicky Christina and HaBustan | 8pm | 250 NIS

Purim Persian Party 2019 Read More.

FAIRYTALE – Alice In Wonderland Purim Feast @ Tailor Made | 8pm | 80 NIS

Alice, the mad hatter, the queen of hearts, the white rabbit, and more … Waiting for you in our Purim production at Allenby 99. Read More.

NINETIES – Purim 90s Party @ Abraham Hostel | 9:30pm | 60 NIS

Join our annual costume party – this year, we’re taking you back to the happy and carefree nineties. Read More.

GAMERS – Throwback Purim Party @ LVLUP Gaming Bar | 9pm | 50 NIS

IGN & Zipper Market presents Throw Back Purim Party! Read More.

MASQUERADE – Eyes Wide Shut Masquerade Ball @ Lighthouse Hotel | 9pm | 90 NIS

Get ready to dress elegantly, put masks on, and to dance and drink the night away at the legendary “Lighthouse” by Brown Hotels. Read more.

ROOFTOP PARTY – Hilulat Purim @ Yehuda HaLevi 19 | 10pm | 50 NIS

So, after a few unforgettable parties, sensational encounters, moments that changed life, etc. … We return – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Read More.

HOUSE PARTY – Purim Medical Madness @ Mizrahi 26 | 9pm | 60 NIS

Its gonna’ be SICK! Read More.

STUDENT PARTY – Purim In Wonderland @ The Block | 10pm | 70 NIS

Are you ready for a crazy one of a kind party? Down the rabbit hole we go… Read More.

RAVE IN THE PARK – Sunflowers Shaman Academy @ Park Hayarkon | 9pm | 220 NIS

We invite you to dream once a year Read More.


TAIS – Purim Extravaganza @ TAIS | 8pm | FREE

TLV’s Most ROCKIN’ PURIM Party and Massive Megillah Reading celebrates 10 years at TAIS! Read More.

ITV – ITV Purim Pregame @ Inspired Tel Aviv | 5pm | 30 NIS

ITV has the pleasure to invite all Young Professionals across Tel Aviv to our amazing Purim Party Warm Up! Read More.

YJP – Purim in Havana @ ZOA | 9pm | 120 NIS

You’re invited to join YJP TLV for Purim in Havana – Our Annual Purim party at the ZOA House! Read More.

WINE ON THE VINE – The Whole Megillah | 7:30pm | 100 NIS

Welcome to Purim Wine-on-the-Vine-style! Read More.

For more Parties on Wednesday night check the Secret Tel Aviv Events Calendar – click here.



Lunar Rave @ Park Hayarkon | 3pm | 360 NIS

This upcoming Purim we invite you to a journey throughout Tel Aviv. A 24 hours techno experience, 14 worldwide DJs and many top local artists from Tel Aviv’s electronic music kicking scene. Read More.

Monochrome, Skunk & Rabbits In The Sand @ Netanya | 12pm | 360 NIS

Mini festival PURIM – ANIMAL KINGDOM Read More.


Volunteer @ Ichilov Hospital Kids Ward | 10.45am | FREE

We invite you again this year, to join us at Ichilov Hospital, make some noise, cheer sick people in all hospitalization departments, including oncology, internal, and other departments where it’s not always as happy… Read More.

Volunteer with ITV @ Ichilov Hospital | 8:30am | FREE

Let’s get volunteering! Read More.


KEREM – Purim Electronic Block Party | 7pm | FREE

The first of many electronic block parties is hitting the Yemenite Quarter of Tel Aviv, Just as you slip into your cinderella dresses on Purim’s eve. Read More.

NEVE SHECHTER – The Purim Feast @ Neve Shechter | 2pm | FREE

There is nothing more fun than Purim afternoon! Read More.


CHABAD ON THE COAST – Purim in the Palace @ Chabad on the Coast | 3:30pm | 60 NIS

Join Chabad on the Coast as the Purim story comes alive! Enjoy a fun, interactive Purim play & experience up-close encounters with Esther, Mordechai & other Purim characters! Read More.

ITV – Feast,Live Music & Wine @ Inspired Tel Aviv | 5:30pm | 60 NIS

ITV has the pleasure to invite our community for ITV’s fabulous Purim Feast. Read More.

KEEP OLIM AND TAGLIT – 2nd Annual Purim Party @ Mondo 2000 | 6:30pm | 50 NIS

Start the night with a Special Private Purim Celebration! Read More.

PRIDE – Welcome To Our Queendom Purim Party @ Shpagat | 8:30pm | FREE

Beyoncé or queen Elizabeth, who will win over the seven kingdoms? Read More.

MIDBURN – AudioPhil Purim @ DADA | 9pm | 85 NIS

We are ready! As never before, for a splendid Carnaval, for laughter and spiritual entertainment, to the transcendental peaks of nonsense. Read More.

PELE – MesiPele Purim @ Pele | 9pm | 80 NIS

We invite you to come and explore this question together Read More.


WHISKEY – Purim @ Whiskey Bar | 7pm | 120 NIS incl first drink

Jump back in time to an 80’s costume party! Read More.

TOMORROWLAND – Magical Purim By the Mediterranean Sea @ 5 mins from TLV | 9pm | 190 NIS

On Purim we will dance together for the first time! Read More.

OPERA – Purim Party & Feast @ Beta Opera | 9pm | 50 NIS

The best holiday of the year has come, and in the best tradition we celebrate our Purim party! Read More.

ROCK – Purim Rock Party @ Ozen Bar | 11pm | 60 NIS

We are excited to invite you to the traditional Purim Rock Party of the 90’s Read More.

For more Parties on Thursday check the Secret Tel Aviv Events Calendar – click here.


PRIDE – Purim Festival @ Gan Meir | 10am | FREE

Purim Festival in the Heart of the City. Read More.

ENVIRONMENTAL – PFI Birthday Cleanup @ Charles Clore Park | 11am | FREE

It’s our one year birthday! Come celebrate with us amidst all of the Purim celebrations! We will start with a cleanup in South Tel Aviv and then regroup to have a snack and an Upcycled Costume Contest. Read more.

Diwán Krew Presents – Purim Street Party | 11am | FREE

Diwan Caro – Purim Between the Spice Read More.

IT’S BACK! – Bicicletta’s Purim Fest #5 @ Kuli Alma | 12pm | 50 NIS


DAYTIME RAVE – e-Boded & Alphabet Purim Party @ HaOman 17 | 12pm | 180 NIS

Celebrate the most exaggerated holiday with two simultaneous locations, four wide and one combined apter! Read More.

TEDER – Purim Party @ TEDER | 2pm | FREE

Third year is already a tradition Read More.

DRAMA – Zusammen Open Air Party @ Drama | 2pm | 60 NIS

It happened in the wee hours of the night Read More.

KIKAR RABIN – Purim Party on the Square @ Malki | 2pm | FREE

Kings are happy to pick up again Read More.

For more Parties on Friday check the Secret Tel Aviv Events Calendar – click here.


MIDBURN – Purim Flipout @ Drama | 1pm | 50 NIS

Hold your breathe, count to three and make a wish! Read More.

STREET PARTY – Rosa Park’s Annual Purim Street Party | 1pm | FREE

So we meet again! Read More.

TEDER – Acid Moon and the Pregnant Sun Purim Party @ TEDER | 4pm | FREE


Woodstock Purim Party @ Beer Garden | 4pm | FREE

It’s Purim weekend and Woodstock is back for our traditional Purim party. Read More.

PRIDE – Offer Nissim T Dance Purim @ Gnei Hataarucha | 4pm | 280 NIS

Offer Nissim, the international DJ is going to paint the Gnei Hataarucha for a huge concert this coming Purim! Read More.

LATE NIGHT – Dudu Faruk & Peled @ The Block | 9:30pm | 120 NIS

The Block and Barzilai are excited to the show – Soul Doubt. Read More.

ZOMBIES – Zombie Walk TLV 2019 @ Ben Zion Boulevard | 9.30pm | FREE

Tel Aviv’s Annual Zombie Walk is happening this year on Saturday 23/3/19 at 21:30 PM at the corner of King George and Shderot Ben Tzion. Read more.


BEATS – Imagine – Purim Desert Carnival @ Ashram BaMidbar (NEGEV) | 21st – 23rd March | SOLD OUT

We are all together in the middle of nowhere, no more perfect than that. Amazing line-up of Israeli bands. Read More.

LOVE – Shambala Festival @ Biankini Beach (DEAD SEA) | 21st – 23rd March | 360 NIS

A Tribal, colorful and magical Gathering ~ A space for play, celebration, freedom and love. A festival that is a musical journey from all the worlds Read More.

NATURE PARTY – Trilogy Purim – Digital Jungle in the North | 21st – 22nd March | 400 NIS

Happy Holiday Dear Tribe! Shalom to veterans and newcomers. In a few moments, we will go out together for another experience. Experience with colors, sounds, shapes and lots of surprises. Read More.

NATURE PARTY – MycoPurim Serendipity @ South Israel | 21st – 23rd March | From 333 NIS

Nature party and spirituality festival in south Israel. Serendipity – A curious discovery inadvertently made when looking for one thing and finding something else unplanned, fort discovery – When looking for one thing and finding something else. Read more.

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