This post is dedicated to the awesome events going on in Tel Aviv during Pesach 2019 (also known as Passover 2019!)

For more information about Pesach, the traditions, synagogues and more, check out our Pesach Survival Guide. Scroll down for a list of our favorite events for Passover 2018.

Communal Seders Friday 19th April

TAIS Community Pesach Seder @ Tel Aviv International Synagogue

Calling all freed Israelites! Don’t Pass Over this Seder!!! Read More.

WHITE CITY SHABBAT – Tel Aviv Young Community English Seder with Golan Heights Winery @ Ichud Olam

Pesach is quickly approaching and of course White City SEDER is here again to bring our community together and celebrate FREEDOM in style. Why will this night be different than all the others? Come find out. Read more.

CHABAD – The Tel Aviv Seder with Chabad on the Coast @ Brenner 5

Experience history come alive this Passover and join fellow Jews from across the globe for an inspirational Seder like never before! Read more.

ITV – ITV Seder Night! @ ITV Center

ITV welcomes Tel Aviv’s Young Professional’s to an inspiring and authentic Seder night in the heart of Tel Aviv. Read more.

LGBTQ – The Traditional Seder Meal of LGBTQ @ TLV Gay Center

The Aguda and the Tel-Aviv LGBT center are hosting the Passover dinner once more, for members of our community who cannot celebrate with their family, or for those who wish to celebrate as one big family! Read More.

PELE A magical and Natural Pesach seder @ Pele

We received a call to hold the Seder night, as every year .. In a gathering of friends, family, and a true tribe – together we will observe the commandment of the Seder, in our wondrous home! Read More.

Communal Seders Saturday 20th April

TAIS – 20/4 –  Second Night Seder @ Tel Aviv International Synagogue

For those visiting from abroad, we are pleased to offer a Second night Seder. Read More.

If you would like to find more Synagogues in Tel Aviv, check out our guide to Olim Friendly Synagogues.

Fun for Everyone

SUNDAY 21-24/4 – Gamers Festival Passover 2019@ Hangar 11

The Gamers Festival for gaming enthusiasts in Israel is also coming back this year and will reach Hangar 11 in Tel Aviv during the intermediate days of Passover 2019 with a variety of venues and activities. Read More.

SUNDAY 21-24/4 – Tel Aviv Auto Expo 2019 @ Gnei HaTaarucha

The traditional auto show “AutoMotor 2019” will be held on the days of Pesach, from April 21 to April 24, at the Ganei Taarukh exhibition center in Tel Aviv. Read More.

SUNDAY 21-25/4 – Indie Bear Festival 2019 @ Jaffa Port

The music festival for the whole family at the Jaffa Port, an event that is all great music for the children in the most beautiful location there is. Read More.

SUNDAY 21-22/4 – The Tel Aviv Museum of Art goes out for Pesach @ Old City Jaffa

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art goes out to Jaffa Port for Passover filled art for the whole family! Read More.

MONDAY 22/4 – Katan Pre-championship 2019 @ Dizengoff Center

The cube company is happy and proud to invite you to promote the country championship in the game Katan! Read More.

MONDAY 22/4 – Wandering Israel with Wine @ Wine on the Vine

There’s nothing like drinking wine on Pesach! Join us for our first annual Chol HaMoed Winery Tour series, led by renowned Israeli tour guide and sommelier Amir Katz. Read More.

MONDAY 22/4 – Marijuana Day @ Park Hayarkon, Tel Aviv 

Awesome lineup for 420 Read More.

TUESDAY 23/4 – The World Conference – Sci Fi & Fantasy @ HaAraba

The World Conference on Science Fiction and Fantasy will take place on Tuesday. Dozens of lectures, panels, shows, workshops, screenings, community events, outdoor events and more are waiting for you, and therefore on two days packed with madness during Passover. Read More.

TUESDAY 23/4 – Cactus Fair and The Great Succulents @ The Prince

Cactus Mania Come back to us for a special sale on the roof in honor of the Spring Festival ~ A huge fair of cacti, succulent and other members of various species and colors! Rare plants alongside the familiar and loved ones – that will make you a happier spring and a more beautiful living room. Read More.

WEDNESDAY 24/4 – Meeting Kpop Chol HaMoed Pesach @ Park Hayarkon

You can come with masks in all shapes and colors, wholeness and horoscopes, bought or handmade, special or ordinary for everything, and a great jury will decide which of you will get a prize for his mask. Read More.

THURSDAY 25-27/4 – T:Market Pesach 2019 @ Dubnov 8

Are you ready for the seasonal closet refreshment of the summer ?? The T: Market is back! Read More.

THURSDAY 25/4 – Last Night of Pesach! @ ITV Center

ITV invites Tel Aviv’s young professionals to celebrate the last night of Pesach together. Read More.


TUESDAY 23-27/4 – Zorba the Buddha Festival @ Ashram Desert

Israel’s largest hippy festival, the 5-day festival is a sensual meeting between Spirituality, Dance, Meditation and Music. Read more

Mimouna – Saturday 27th April

Mimouna / A Festival @ Abraham Hostel

Abrahams invites you to a one-of-a-kind Mimouna celebration. We’ll host two amazing Djs. Read more

Mimouna in Tangier! Kolulululullo @ Tangier 

The Tangier team is proud to present the happiest, most colorful and colorful celebration of the year (except for the Eurovision of course) Read More.

Moroccan Mimouna @ Babi

Our Mimouna has become the tradition Read More.

Mimouna @ Pele

After we celebrated the Seder together in wonder, of course we will celebrate the Mimouna – another reason for joy! Read More.

Mimouna on the Pink Roof 

The Pink Roof is a unique emergency shelter for young people (ages 18-26) from the Latvian community. Read More.

Mimouna Celebration @ Poli

Cololulu’s tradition does not break! Play Read More.

Almimona – A Celebration in the Btanical Garden @ BINAH

The secular yeshiva in Tel Aviv, Ganei Yehoshua, Meizrach Shemesh, Kol Israel Haverim, Kehillat Sherut, the Golden Age and the Posen Foundation are happy to invite you to a celebration of music, poetry. Read More.

Mimouna Chafla @ Suramare

It’s a bit hard to believe, but here it goes – the traditional Mimouna celebration returns to Sura Mara! – The weather is near perfect, the spring season begins ~ Akka ~ The right time for a party to celebrate the end of the rains and the beginning of the best season of the year. Read More.

Chag Sameach from the Secret Tel Aviv Team! 

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