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Tel Aviv’s White Night celebration is one of the biggest events of the year, with all night parties; and when the shop owners and restaurants literally don’t close. Stores that usually close at 10pm will be open till 6am and beer will be drank and music will be heard in different public locations throughout the city. Even some museums and galleries stay open all night, so there are hundreds of things to do! This year Laila Lavan is on Thursday May 16th.


EUROVISION SEMI-FINAL – Eurovision Song Contest 2019: 2nd Semi-Final @ Expo Tel Aviv | 10pm | TEL AVIV PORT | SOLD OUT

The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 will be chosen through two Semi-Finals and a Grand Final. Read More

EUROVISION LEGENDS – Anne-Marie, Lauren and Carolla @ Namal Tel Aviv | 8pm | TEL AVIV PORT | FREE

Three Eurovision Song Contest Winners Arrive for a Single Performance at the Tel-Aviv Port – Anne-Marie David, Loreen and Carola in Israel. Read More

LOCAL LEGENDS – The First Indie-Vision Festival @ The Barby | 8pm | SOUTH TLV | 125 NIS

TATRAN // Tiny Fingers // Buttering Trio // ECHO Eko // Malox Acollective // Malabi Tropical // Ouzo Bazooka. Read More

FOOD FESTIVAL – Eat Tel Aviv @ Charles Clore Park | 5pm | BEACH | FREE

The Tel Aviv Eat Food Festival  at Charles Clore Park has become an annual favorite in Tel Aviv, bringing together food trucks from some of Tel Aviv’s best chefs. The prices of all the dishes are up to 35 NIS only and the entrance is free. Read More.

HIPSTER – White Night Festival by TEDER @ Bialik Square | 7pm | CENTRAL TLV | FREE

One hundred and ten years to Tel Aviv – Live performances in Bialik Square! – a journey between the sounds and creators of the city ever since – from the Yarkon bridge to the vineyard, from more to the synthesizer! Read More

MIDBURN –  Scissor Sisters @ Tmuna Theater | 10pm | EAST TLV | 45 NIS

The scissors sisters return and pick up for the third time. Read More

JAFFA – White Night in Old Jaffa @ Old Jaffa | 9pm | JAFFA | FREE

Enjoy musical performances around Jaffa this White Night! Read More

GROOVE – Malabi Tropical @ The Container | 9.30pm | JAFFA | FREE

Malabi Tropical is a band that mixes Tropical and eastern-European music, Balkan melodies and Latin rhythms. The band utilizes an unusual array of instruments – Accordion, Charango, Guitar, Bouzouki, Conga, Timbales and Saxophone, and a booty-shaking irresistible groove. Read More

ARTISTIC – Capsule # 3: Motivation @ Studio 207 | 8pm | SOUTH TLV | 200 NIS

Capsule is a series of multi-disciplinary art events, including food and alcohol, carefully sewn around the concept of the evening (this time – Motives). Read More

PARTY – Patio 7 Years Celebrations @ Reading 3 | 10pm | 120 NIS

How we love this time of year..We are returning to reading 3 after ages… Read More

PRIDE – Papa & Gym @ Hangar 17 | 11pm | EAST TLV | 120 NIS

PAPA Party & Gym presents: Eurovision 2019 Celebration! Read More

DRINK – Whisky Live TLV 2019 @ Azrieli Center | 2pm | EAST TLV | 129 NIS

The largest and only international whiskey exhibition of its kind in the world is taking place for the fifth year in Israel Read More.

PARTY – Dios mío & Dirty Skulls | 10pm | SECRET LOCATION | 60 NIS

We are excited to invite you to a Magical evening in a stunning open air location. Read More.

CONCERT – QUAVO Live in Israel | 7:30PM | Hangar 11 | SOLD OUT

A member of the successful band MIGOS comes just one appearance in Israel Read More.

NAUGHTY – White Night Fetish Party | 11pm | The Dungeon Club | 60 NIS

The Dungeon Club – with you since 2002 – it’s not a fashion, it’s a tradition! Read More.


CULTURE – White Night at Altmans Gallery | 12PM | CENTRAL TLV  | FREE |It’s time to celebrate White Night in Tel Aviv! Read More.

CULTURAL – Tel Aviv Arts Council Laila Lavan Party @ Zemack Contemporary Gallery | 7.30pm | OLD NORTH TLV | FREE | The Tel Aviv Arts Council celebrates the creative culture of Israel by providing a venue for young creatives and lovers of the arts to gather while attending lectures and demonstrations by world class artists, performers, and technologists. Read More.

CONCERT – System Ali Live Show @ Eretz Israel Museum | 7.30pm | UNIVERSITY | FREE  | Start the White Night at the Muzah at sunset with a concert and a party // free admission. Read More

MEET – White Night – Taking over the museum | 7:30pm | NEVE TZEDEK | 60NIS | The Nahum Gutman Museum of Art is returning to collaborate with the young and bewildered project We Quiz, to bring glamor to the museum. Read More.

PARTY – White Night at Herzl 16! | 8PM | CENTRAL TLV  | FREE | We’re taking out turntables and partying hard! Read More.

PARTY – White Night – Layla Yavan | 8PM | CENTRAL TLV  | FREE | BABI  invites you to an all-Greek evening. Read More.

PARTY – White Night GIANT Lebowski Event! | 8PM | EAST TLV  | FREE | The Dude abides. Read More.

PARTY – Layla Lavan @ Millie Vanillie | 8PM | CENTRAL TLV  | FREE | We are happy to invite you to our first party. Read More.

CULTURAL – Reality in the Face – White Night @ Rothschild Blvd | 8pm | CENTRAL TLV | FREE | Join us on Thursday for White Night in Tel Aviv and two days before the Eurovision Song Contest. Read More

CULTURAL – Commentaries on Leonard Cohen’s Songs @ Einav Cultural Center | 8.30pm | CENTRAL TLV | 119 NIS | Two and a half years after the release of the acclaimed 2023 album, Cohen is one of the most interesting artists in our area. The greatest songwriter. Read More

CONCERT – Eli and the Chocolate Factory Feat. Tamar Korn @ Haezor | 9pm | EAST TLV | 80 NIS | Tamar Korn is back in Israel! straight from NY’s traditional jazz scene, here to celebrate her fresh recording with Eli and The Chocolate Factory. Read More.

CONCERT – Shiran Sahid @ Rothschild Boulevard | 9pm | CENTRAL TLV | FREE | I appear white at night with Yoav Shechter come equipped with Thea and made a lot of original material and some covers light invited to come pick us … and I will be happy if you invite people from the area to be with us at night White 3. Read More

PARTY – Ananas Broadcast Show @ The Refrigerator | 9pm | CENTRAL TLV | FREE | Listen! MUTE Special Live Stream Layla Lavan ☾ Ananas Broadcast Show Outdoor at “Refrigerator”. Read More

PARTY – Pumping the Roof @ The Poli House | 9pm | CENTRAL TLV | 55 NIS | White Night, Bright Morning. Read More.

PARTY – White Night – Abraxas  | 9pm | CENTRAL TLV | FREE | The secret lair opens its doors to the unknown. Read More.

PARTY – Latin & Tropical 70’s Party @ Suzanne Dellal | 9.30pm | HATACHANA | FREE | A party in the central square of the Suzanne Dellal Center! Read More

CONCERT – Greek White Night @ the Jaffa Port | 9.30pm | JAFFA | FREE | Avi Tobi and his band, Isaacs in a gesture to Aris San, and a dance with the Greeks on the jetty of Jaffa Port – Yasu! Free admission, free parking and even free breezes! Read More

CONCERT – White Night Blues @ Talkhouse | 9.30pm | TEL AVIV PORT | 80 NIS | Originally from the USA, he has been playing the harmonica, singing and writing songs for over 25 years, and has played in clubs, concert halls and festivals throughout the USA, Israel and Europe. Read More

CONCERT – Sapphire J Fox Acoustic Performance @ Urbano | 10pm | JAFFA | 50 NIS | There is a white night and we brought the sapphire to pick up with the guitar in an acoustic concert! Read More

PARTY – DoBe vs Bisi @ The Rooms | 10pm | CENTRAL TLV | 50 NIS | The Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv !!!!!!!  Let’s teach our European guests how to truly celebrate! Read More

PARTY – Pop, Trash and Eurovision Party @ Pasaz | 10pm | CENTRAL TLV | 40 NIS | The Pasaz is proud to present – Eurovision Song Contest, Pop and Trash  Read More

PARTY – Millennium Party, Back to 2000’s @ Ozen Bar | 11pm | CENTRAL TLV | 40 NIS | Our hotmail box has collapsed! And the messages from ICQ do not stop jumping – when is the next millennium? Read More

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