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Over the last few years Tel Aviv has gone through a cultural and art revolution, with new galleries and museums opening up across the city! Scroll down for the Best Art Museums and Galleries in Tel Aviv.

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art 

Sderot Sha’ul HaMelech 27 | Central Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv’s primary art museum – with paintings by Van Gogh, Chagall, Picasso, Jackson Pollack and lots more. For an interactive experience take a guided tour or a workshop, and enter the library to delve deeper into museum’s treasures. If you are into architecture, the building is also an artwork in itself. Read more. 

The Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art

Tarsat Boulevard 6 (next to Habima) | Central Tel Aviv


Part of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion served as the main exhibition for twelve years in the 1960s. Now it mainly hold temporary exhibitions, and sometimes these can be pretty cool. Read more.

Sommer Contemporary Art

Rothschild Boulevard 13 | Central Tel Aviv


A really cool gallery that attempts to promote Israeli artists in the international scene, as well as International artists in the Israeli scene. The gallery also helps budding curators by allowing them to curate small-scale exhibitions of up-and-coming artists. Sommer Contemporary Art pursues a noble initiative, while simultaneously showcasing some really awesome pieces of work. Read more.

Rubin Museum

Bialik Street 14 | Central Tel Aviv


A historical art museum on Bialik Street. It was once home to Reuven Rubin, who used his creativity and talent to capture the beauty of Tel Aviv’s early inception. Rubin’s finest pieces are constantly on display, along with periodically shifting works from various guest artists. Read more.

Chelouche Gallery

7 Maze Street | Central Tel Aviv

chelouche gallery

Contemporary art gallery in central Tel Aviv promoting Israeli and international artists specialising in modern mediums, set within a very large unique bauhaus twin house. The gallery’s exhibitions are constantly changing, they also put on musical events, have a roof terrace and salon to soak up the rich atmosphere. Read more.

Bauhaus Center

Dizengoff Street 99 | Central Tel Aviv


Inspired by German architecture, the Bauman Center seeks to create wider recognition of Tel Aviv as an architecturally and culturally astonishing place. The Center holds regular exhibitions, and even provides tours of the city. Read more.

Nahum Gutman Museum Of Art

Shimon Rokach 21 | Central Tel Aviv


Built in a home constructed by the Shulman’s in 1987, the art was donated entirely by Nachum Gutman’s family. The museum features a wide variety of art pieces, from paintings to sculptures. Read more.

Beit Ha’ir

27 Bialik Street | Central Tel Aviv

beit ha ir

Beit Ha’ir formerly the Mayor’s office and part of the Bialik White City complex is a dynamic gallery that exhibits contemporary art that challenges perceptions and engages viewers in an unexpected manner. The historical aspects of the building and its ties to cultural movements are the reason for the permanent exhibits, which trace the evolution of Tel Aviv. The top floor library mezzanine overlooks the whole interior and the roof terrace hosts cultural events, with panoramic views of the best parts of the city. Read more.


112 Herzl | Central Tel Aviv


Meshuna means ‘transported’ and that is the mission of the Meshuna gallery; to offer an alternative experience of art exhibitions, perceptions of galleries and create a dynamic atmosphere for audiences. Showcasing street art and young emerging talent in the heart of Florentine. Read more.

Alon Segev

7 HaManoa St. | Jaffa

The concept of this gallery is to reveal the most interesting of Israeli artist’s perspective on an international platform. This gallery nurtures contemporary international and Israeli artists, working in a range of formats from installations to video and sculpture. Read more.

Centre for Contemporary Art

Tsadok HaCohen 2 | Central Tel Aviv


The Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA) is self proclaimed as ‘Israel’s foremost institution for the commissioning and presentation of experimental contemporary art.’ Normally the artists’ work are inspired by a theme or a concept proposed by the gallery, giving their exhibits an edgy perspective. A range of events are put on by the gallery, check the website for details. Read more

Indie & Hanina

25 Hanina Street Jaffa | South Tel Aviv

indie gallery

Two venues that merged into one, the gallery is half exhibition space and half learning space. The gallery is an artist collective non-profit and the learning space hosts contrasting artistic activities for visitors. The artwork is produced by a group of young new and established artists. The Indie artists are digital specialists in video and photography while the Hanina artists cover a broader range of mediums, all with the aim of producing a more diverse voice in Israel’s art scene. Read more.

Binyamini Ceramic Centre

17 Ha’amal Street | South Tel Aviv


Non-profit contemporary ceramics centre, founded by Zionist pioneers who opened their home to the public for artistic endeavours. This centre is great for finding vibrant and unusual ceramics, or getting involved in ceramic classes and workshops to make your own master piece. Read more

Dvir Gallery

Reshit Hochma 14 | South Tel Aviv

dvir gallery

Highly conceptual gallery exhibiting works of different mediums, by specifically contemporary Israeli artists. Housed in a converted factory to mirror the modernity of the artists and their work. Read more

Art Space TLV

6 Shvil Ha-Merets Street | South Tel Aviv


A non-profit art and artists centre with the mission of promoting the vitality of art and culture in Israel. The space represents more than sixty different artists, from unknown graduates to established veterans. There are usually two shows at the gallery and two artists that are exhibited on the bi-weekly “artists wall”. There is an open studio policy within the space for visitors to see works in progress and artists own exhibitions, regular events take place to facilitate greater direct interaction between artist and audience. Read more

Ilana Goor Museum

Mazal Dagim Street 4 | Jaffa

ilana goor inside

A unique experience to see a private collection of works by Ilana Goor, her career spans an age and she is a champion for multi-disciplinary artists particularly as she has no formal fine art education. The collection is housed in a 300 year old building with unparalleled views of Jaffa. Goor also has permanent works placed in Yad VaShem, Jerusalem and Charles Clore park, Tel Aviv. Read more.  

Gallery Har-El

Elisabeth Bergner Street 8 | Jaffa

Gallery Har-El is a contemporary fine art gallery and print workshop, working with Israeli and International artists. We have a wide range of art and prices; limited edition prints, multiples, sculpture, artists’ books and original paintings. We ship worldwide; visits of up to 25 persons for tour of print workshop by appointment; English, French and halting German spoken. Parking beside building and easy ground floor access. Read more.

Altmans Gallery

Rothschild Boulevard 1 | Central Tel Aviv

Our boutique gallery was created for art connoisseurs in Israel, Russia and the rest of the world, and presents outstanding painters and graphic artists. The gallery specializes on lithographs and engravings: masterpieces of world classics, creations of old masters, modernists, and representatives of post-war art, works of contemporary russiаn painters and graphic artists as well as ceramics, porcelain and sculpture. In our gallery you will see only the first names – Matisse, Dali, Picasso, Chagall, Warhol – exclusively originals with transparent provenance and history. Read more.

Cartoon Museum in Holon

Weizman Street 61 | Holon


The museum of caricature and comics, permanent and temporary exhibits showcasing cartoons as an international social and cultural phenomenon. Another insight into Israeli history and culture through satire and art. Read more

Holon Insitute of Technology & Design Museum

Pinhas Eilon 8 Street | Holon

holon design museum

The building was designed by Ron Arad and architecturally is a wonder. The exhibitions and events on the pioneers of the forefront of design showcase how design and technology is intrinsic to our daily lives. The museum puts on varied collections, exhibitions, events, workshops and gallery talks for adults and children, covering all aspects of design from fashion to furniture. Read more

The Blind Museum Holon

Jerusalem Street corner of Mifratz Shlomo Street | Holon


Officially “The Children’s Museum” but the experience and understanding of being blind is for everyone, the interactive exhibition is called “Dialogue in the Dark” and the museum is for all ages but pre-booking required. Read more

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