By Alejandro Glatt


I spent the last two months surrounded by new friends, new family and a never ending list of activities happening every day. Feeling the magic and energy that you can only feel in the Non-Stop White City, Tel Aviv. It is easy just saying it, but I made a list of 10 reasons why Tel Aviv is really the best city in the world…

1. Tel Aviv is Chilled!

Here, you can be whoever you want to be, you can be shirtless or wear sandals all day long and just feel comfortable. No dress codes are required anywhere, just be your own self.

2. Tel Aviv is Hot!

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In Tel Aviv the sun is always shining, even during the night you can feel the sun warming you up, you don’t need any more clothing than a short sleeve t-shirt to survive.

3. Tel Aviv is Colorful!


World-class street artists make the walls, rooftops and floors of Tel Aviv beautiful. Florentin and Nevek Tzedek are the best neighborhoods to go graffiti hunting. Check out some of my favorite Israeli street artists – DIOZ, DEDE, SENED, MAS, AME72.

Picture from DIOZ’s Facebook page.

4. Tel Aviv is Smooth!

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If you are a skateboarder, roller skater, or biker, you have probably noticed how smooth the floors and streets of the city are. It is the perfect place to practice any kind of tricks.

5. Tel Aviv is Green!


Tel Aviv is the perfect place to be a vegan/ vegetarian; you can find vegan options in the menu of almost every restaurant. Eat your greens!

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6. Tel Aviv is Wild!


It is impossible to get bored of the nightlife in this city, from laid back bars and open jam sessions to underground electronic pubs and huge nightclubs, anything you are looking for you can find here.

Picture from Radio’s Facebook page

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7. Tel Aviv is Dynamic!


With hundreds of programs, Masa interns, Birthright participants and tourist from all over the globe coming and going every day, the city changes constantly. You are in Israel, if you want to get lucky, you must be direct and fast!

Picture courtesy of GLAZ Photography’s Facebook page

8. Tel Aviv is Sandy!


From Jaffa to the Namal, in Tel Aviv you can find over 5 km of clean and smooth sand, and beaches so different from each other that you will feel like in a different country in each one, and to make it better, the sea has just the perfect temperature during summer!

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9. Tel Aviv is Small!


You can cross from one side of the city to the other in less than 20 min on skateboard or bike, there is no need to take a cab or drive a car… and it’s safe even at night-time. A feeling of absolute freedom!

10. Tel Aviv is Beautiful People!


Just go out to any cafe or bar and you will notice how everybody is kind and friendly, no judgments and no bad vibes, here we all are a big family. And remember if you need any help, anyone will be happy to help you ☺

Alejandro is doing his Masa Israel internship at Joy Records, a leading Olim-run Israeli music and party productions company. You can read about Joy Records hereTo find out more about Masa Israel internship programs visit their website.

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