Happy 71st Birthday Israel!!! This year Yom Haatzmaut is on a Wednesday night and Thursday day. There’s parties all over Tel Aviv, check out Guide for the biggest concerts, house-parties, beach parties, rooftop parties, flyovers, and raves outside of Tel Aviv!

On the Eve of Yom Haatzmaut, There will be a fireworks show through out the city.  You can find all the times and locations here and join in on the celebration.

On the day of Yom Haatzmaut (Thursday this year) it is a tradition to have a BBQ – Park Hayarkon becomes a huge grill – for Tel Aviv’s best butchers check our Guide.




KIKAR RABIN – Independence Day Celebrations | 8:45pm | FREE

Special performances with the best songs and dances, entertainment segments, clips that will be screened on huge screens along with fireworks that will paint the sky! Read more.

CONCERT – Solomun in Israel – @ Park Hayarkon | 10pm | 400 NIS

We are proud to have him back – a true superstar DJ – Solomun! Read More.

MIDBURN – Urban Playa Independence @ The Block | 11pm | 105 NIS

Urban Playa – combining forces in the evening of independence with the powerful sound-camps from Midburn, Sunrise Kingdom, the pirates and … More surprises later! Read More.

STUDENTS – Student Rave @ Tel Aviv University | 10pm | 85 NIS

The State of Israel celebrates 71 and we organized you the best party in town! Read More.

ART PARTY – We Are Free @ Mesilat Yesharim 10 | 11pm | 80 NIS

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a real invitation to undress from the shells and allow your special variety to be released. To wake up and be filled with vibrations from connection, sexiness and openness to new experiences. Read More.


Independence Rooftop Party @ Ze’ev Tiomkin 17 | 9pm | 50 NIS

Independence day is around the corner. We’re preparing an amazing party on our secret, magical roof in Tiomkin. Read More.

Roof Top Party @ Yehuda Halevy 19 | 8pm | 50 NIS

Independence Day returns to the roof to give you everything you have not dreamed yet, all means kosher and especially not kosher. Read More.

Rock Freedom on the Roof @ Rashi 62 | 9pm | 50 NIS

What´s a better way to celebrate independence if not with a great DJ, friends and drinks? Read More.

Gallery Independence Party! @ Dubnov 8 | 10pm | 150 NIS

It’s Yom Haatzmauuuuut!! – Independence Party with Open Bar! Read More.


GORDO – Rubi and Mendelemos Crew Beach Party @ Gordo | 10pm

Join us for a unique Celebration of Israel‘s Independence by the beach Read More.

CARLTON – Summer Party @ Esperanto | 8.30pm | 50 NIS

After a long cold winter, we are proud to announce – Esperanto opening season with our yearly – Independence Summer Party! Read More.


Buttering Trio Live @ The Prince | 9pm | 30 NIS


The Prince is Happy to Announce – Independence Day Celebration! – A rooftop party Read More.

Collosal Independence Rooftop @ Lighthouse | 9pm | 140 NIS

We are very excited to present you with this production, which we’ve been working very hard on. A group of Tel-Avivs finest DJ‘s will make you feel what this day is all about – freedom and independence. Read More.

Roof Top Party @ Kanta Bar | 8pm | 80 NIS

We continue the tradition with the perfect location for our independence party Read More.

Rooftop Celebration @ Suramare | 8:30pm | Reservations

Celebrating Israel Independence day on the tenth floor! Read More.


Miri Into The Desert @ Camel Bar / South Israel | 8:30pm | 240 NIS

At the last event we had the pleasure of celebrating 5 years of activity for this thing called Miri in the desert, and we enjoyed seeing everyone dancing and smiling at every moment. The combination of the excellent music, the welcoming and loving audience, and the enchanting Read More.

Peyote Rave @ North Israel | 11pm | 200 NIS

So you’ve come across an avant-garde who talks about fairies, demons, magic, energies and sounds? So with a winup like ours we do not need too much talk. Read More.


Rosa Independence! @ Rosa Parks | 8:30pm | FREE

A huge day in the State of Israel. One that symbolizes many things. But with us, as you already know, it symbolizes a cause for celebration! Read More.

Dancing against the Flow @ Hangar 23 | 9pm | 140 NIS

After the frenzy of Purim we are happy to return to Hangar 23 at the harbor for a mainstream evening. Read More.

Independence Day Party @ Abraham Hostel | 9:30pm | 50 NIS

Our annual independence party by Abraham Hostel Read More.

Independence Double Takeover @ Allenby 99 | 10pm | 50 NIS

Hi we celebrate Independence in a BIG Complex with 2 Floors & 1 Yard + Mega Line Up Read More.

Rock the Ear Decades Party @ Ozen Bar | 11pm | 50 NIS


Come rock out with us and be free!!! Read More.

Independence Day @ The Library 2 | 11pm | 60 NIS

A party in an abandoned Library in Southern Tel-Aviv. Read More.

Drum & Bass Nu Era Party @ Levontin 7 | 11pm | FREE

A free-for-all Independence Day party filled with Drum & Bass and live visuals, which will help soothe the PTSD you’re sure to get from all the chaos going on outside on the streets. Read More.



IAF Flyover 2019 @ Tel Aviv Beach | 11:30am | FREE

One of the highlights of Yom Haatzmaut is the Israeli Airforce Fly By – this year they will be passing down Tel Aviv’s beachfront starting at 11:36 am. Read More.


LITZMAUT Day Party @ Litzman | 1pm | 120 NIS

Why would you pay for one of these big festivals a sh*t ton of money and still have to get drinks all day/night? Why not get the best party in one of the hottest spot in Tel Aviv and get unlimited drinks, all day long! Eat / Sleep / Rave / Repeat. Read More.

A Year Of Zusammen w/ Betoko @ Drama | 1pm | 70 NIS

This is how you will see the anniversary party for Zusammen. Read More.

Rooftop Yom HaAtzmaut Party 2019 @ The Roof Top | 1pm | BYOB

Come enjoy independence day on the rooftop for the airshow and lots of laughs. Read More.

Momento – Back To The Roof! @ Yellow Rooftop | 2pm | 70 NIS

It’s us again, and we’re back on the yellow roof! Read More.

AfteRAVE Atzmaut @ Secret Location | 2pm | FREE

Free For All – Hat Party Read More.

The Block & Monochrome’s Outdoor Urban Rave @ HaSolelim 1 | 3pm | 220 NIS

After 11 years indoor creativity, hundreds of guests from abroad and countless programs for outdoor events that did not ripen, it finally happens – the block club goes to the first historic event in the open air! Read More.

Snapp! Indepedance DAY Party @ Beit Hanna | 3pm | 60 NIS

A collaboration with Beit-Hanna the house of community and sports we bring you our independence party a magical location with summer vibes and all our friends we celebrate Israel’s birthday Read More.

Bagatelle on the Beach @ Tel Aviv | 3pm | 135 NIS

Big blue of sky, sea blue. Marking the perfect opening point for the 71st anniversary of Israel.Read More.


Vegan Barbecue Independence Day @ Barzilai Farm | 12pm | 50-90 NIS

On the grill, a vegan barbecue takes off buffet style. Read More.

Day Drinking Party & BBQ @ Hangar 23 | 1pm | 150 NIS

You Are Invited To Tel Aviv’s Annual Young Community, THE biggest ALL YOU CAN DRINK young Zionist event of the year!! Read More.


Paganka Crew @ 35 mins North of Tel Aviv | 10am | 220 NIS

And of course there is no more festive date than the 71st Independence Day of the State of Israel to invite you to an event built from a great fantasy to do the best, just as our tribes love Read More.

Sab Kuch Open Air Rave @ 15 mins from Tel Aviv | 12pm | 130 NIS+

Browse the albums from the main bazaar and enter the most electrifying atmosphere you will meet on the 71st Independence Day of the State of Israel! Read More.

Malki Beer Indie Queen Rave @ North Israel | 12pm | 130 NIS

A colorful celebration on the best day of the year at the foot of the legendary Yehiam Fortress in a pastoral Galilean landscape and with a liveup that is all about a musical journey that flings and dance with rock, ethnic, electronic and bluesy (yes, there is something like that!) Read More.

The 8th Sufi Festival @ Ashram Bamidbar | 2pm | 380 NIS

Community gathering, pilgrimage, summit meeting, the music, the rituals, the people, the desert, the beauty and the inspiration, the special energy created in space, sacred moments of unity far beyond the words, gathering friends on the way. Read More.

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