Happy 70th Birthday Israel!!!

Get ready for the biggest party of the year! Scroll down for all the biggest productions, Midburn parties, rooftop parties, sophisticated dinners, flyovers, fireworks and more!

On the day of Yom Haatzmaut (Thursday this year) it is a tradition to have a BBQ – Park Hayarkon becomes a huge grill – for Tel Aviv’s best butchers check our Guide.





Concerts and Fireworks @ Kikar Rabin (Rabin Square) – FREE – Starts at 8.45pm, the annual Independence Day Party in Kikar Rabin, outside the City Hall. With concerts, DJs, and of course the famous Independence Day Fireworks! Read More.


Kerem Hatemanim

1. Yom Haatzmaut Street Party at the Kerem Hatemanim@ Tarmab Street, Kerem Hatemanim – FREE – Huge Street Party in the Kerem, near the Shuk. There’s beer stands, and DJs, and lots of fun people. Be prepared, it’s pretty packed! Read more.

2. Yom Haatzmaut Street Party @ Rabbi Akiva, Kerem Hatemanim – FREE – As usual, we will celebrate the birthday of the country between the enchanting alleys of the Kerem Hatemanim neighborhood. Lots of cool surprises. Read more.

Nahalat Binyamin

3. Street Party @ Nahalat Binyamin – FREE – Israeli Independence Day is almost here and we decided to throw a spontaneous Street Party at Nahlat Binyamin St. Read more.

4. YA! Productions Independence Street Party @ Beit Haamudim, Rambam 14, Nahalat Binyamin – FREE – Spilling out of Beit Haamudim onto Nahalat Binyamin, an outdoor party / dance / rave celebrating the 70th anniversary of the state that destroyed our lives (with pleasure). Organised by YA! Productions, kings of the Reggae & Bass Music & hip hop movements in Tel Aviv. Cheap alcohol and Indian Street Food. Read more.

Rosa Parks

5. Rosa Independence Party with Darwich @ Rosa Parks, Dizengoff 265 – FREE – From there you already know what happened. Alcoholic Independence Party, Darwish came to give your head, and you never stopped dancing for a moment. Read more.


6. Independence Party @ Yavne, Yavne Street – FREE – Happy Independence, for a few hours we will put the sound system out and celebrate our “independence” and the independence of our country. Read more.


70 at the Park – Independence Festival @ Park Hayarkon – 220 NIS – The largest electronic music festival of its kind on the banks of the Yarkon River, is honored to host on two stages, international artists alongside local talents. The party starts from 10pm to 8am!  Read more.


Kandinof Independence Volume 2 @ Beit Kandinof – FREE – We decided that instead of looking for a cool, underground and intimate party on the roofs of friends in Jaffa or Shapira, with fake punch bowls and a vegan fire that would never invite us to it – we would create one of ours. Read more.

Stax Independence Show @ Stax – Feels like we really took it a few steps forward and an eighth gear and touching the galaxy and that’s it. We are overstated. Exaggerated excesses. Read more.

Tribal Haatzmaut @ Bascula, Harekevet 72 – 10pm – 95 NIS – Cool live music, African beats by Omri Bush Beats Sharir, Savanna, and DJ Indiana playing a Tribal Psy Set. Read more.

Independence Day 100% Hip-Hip Party @ Pasaz, Allenby 94 – 9pm – 50 NIS, Celebrating 70 years of state at an extravagant independence party with the right and favorite styles – From hip hop to rap, new school to oldschool, specials on the bar and lots of anthems. Read more.


Sunrise Kingdom Midburn Camp @ Beit Maariv, Begin 51 – 11pm – 80+ NIS –  the veteran sound camp that brings house and techno music to Midburn since 2014, return with a marathon of House, Techno and everything in between, with our camp DJs, that you probably already had the chance to hear in Midburns/Decompressions/ Clubs or outdoor raves, and this time you’ll get to see them at the two stages of Beit Maariv club, which will of course be redesigned to create the magical Sunrise vibes. Read more.

Shoobi Doobi Party * Free The Bears * Independence Edition @ Drama, Nahalat Binyamin 52 – 9pm – 40 NIS presale – Hey patriotic doobies! In two months we’ll all be in the desert, flying through infinite space, splashing around at Shoobi Doobi’s cuddle puddle, reminiscing on the past, bringing up memories from the future and… of Shoobi’s crazy 70 birthday party at the Drama Club! Read more.

Universal Unicorn Midburn Camp – Freedom Rave (IndepenDance Day) @ Papaito, Salame 29, South Tel Aviv – 10pm – 50 NIS –  Euphoric dance floor, a huge chillout yard space, insane line up of the best local DJs, an original live musical created especially for the event, hyperactive and affordable bar, fun surprises and beautiful people with light in their eyes. Starts at 10pm and goes far and deep, this will be a night to remember. Read more.

Safe and Sound Midburn Camp – Dance Floor #4 – Gallery Edition @ Cuckoo’s Nest, Noam 3, Jaffa – 10pm – 50 NIS –  Jaffa, Gallery, Techno, Culture, Elohim Yishmor! Special guests and artists. We went crazy on this lineup! Goosebumps already:Daniel Eili – The Jaffa round table knight AKA Danino, will fire the opening shot. After that, Adam Ten & Roni Amitai. Read more.

Independence Party – Camp Ras el Satan @ Sussie’s Art Bay, Derech Yafo 9, South Tel Aviv – 9.30pm – 40 NIS – celebrate in our urban oasis, for an independent, wild, and irresponsible evening that will make you happy to the heart. It’s About the Dancing  – Dan Orbach, Adva, Haim Barbi. There’s also cheap alcohol. Read more.

BurnFlakes Midburn Camp Corn & Flakes Party @ Gargarin Club, Salame 46, South Tel Aviv – 10pm – 70 NIS –  Gut Gud Good Morning to you, Sand-roosters, Phoenixes, Antlers, Fairies, Elves and Free-radicals. Welcome to the Fundraising party of Burnflakes, the camp that is going to bring you the best morning experiences in the Playa! Burnflakes invites you to celebrate with us the eve of The Independence Day 2018 – Wednesday 18.4 – with a line-up that will blow your wattle. Read more.

Challenge CAMP Midburn Independence Party @ Haezor, Harcehev 13, near Sarona – 9pm – 55 NIS – We are throwing a huge Independence Carnaval, which is not only a party, but also a fair that will include fun and challenging games, task roulette, “what is the chance” game and many other surprises that will let you in to the nearby desert atmosphere. Read more.


FIREWORKS – Independence Party on the roof  – crazy view of fireworks @ Kanta, Gan Ha’Ir, Ibn Gvirol 71 – 8pm – 70+ NIS – on the most beautiful roof in the city, and the first line of the fireworks show in Rabin Square – A combination of a huge open roof and an indoor and indoor complex,> Mainstream> with a variety of musical accompaniment conducted by Roy Gurai ~ Asaf Erde ~ Itay Zango ~ Olsvanger, In this happy night and remind you that we have a great country. Read more.

UNIQUE – RoofTop Independence! @ Lawrence Gallery, HaTsorfim 18, Jaffa – 9pm – 130 NIS Open Bar – a cool party in the beautiful Lawrence rooftop wedding venue, with some really cool DJs! Read more.

TECHNO – Independence Yellow Rooftop Party @ Beit Alpha 19, the Yellow Building, near Sarona – 9pm – 100 NIS – amazing techno DJ lineup at unique rooftop venue – we warmly welcome you and your friends to join our tribe and dance all night at Independence Yellow Rooftop Party. Read more.

SPARKLY UNICORNS – Sparkle Unicorn and Crystal Gray Midburn Camps OMG Rooftop Party! @ Grozenberg 20, near Allenby – 9pm – 50 NIS entry, and very discounted bar. You’re wondering what to do for the Independence Day eve. Everywhere is packed and scary, but we’ve got your back! For those of you who don’t know the Gruzenberg 20 rooftop, you don’t know what you’re in for!!! Read more.

JUNGLEJungle Independance Midburn Bash ♫ @ Dizengoff 97 – 8pm – 120 NIS OPEN BAR – Bring Your Own Cup – Independane Jungle Storm Partyyy. You are probably asking your self Ms & Mr jungle, there are so many parties! (which is great!) should I come to yours? And to that we say: coolest colourful location on a breezy & exclusive rooftop at Dizengoff 97 as a proper jungle! Music to dance as for electronic music to le-hitkarhen (ask a locals for trans) that will lift you up to parallel universes’ jungles! Free drinks all night long to dance till little fit looking holes on the roof cement It’s THE jungle guys, so wearing a costume / makeup / capes / tails / unicorns / tutu is awesome! Read more.

UNDERGROUNDCool Independence Roof Party @ Allenby 85 – 10pm – Limited tickets 80 NIS on the door, 55 NIS presale – Allenby 85 Roof is excited and happy to host you for another huge rooftop party on Independence Day. Cool local DJs spinning Hiphop, Global Beats, Trap, Groove, Oriental beats and more. Read more.

COOLMidBar Midburn Camp Roof Top Party @ Miconis 5, near Sarona – 9pm – 50 NIS Entry, cheer beer, mixers and chasers. The payment in the bar and entrance is CASH ONLY. And of course – ALL the profits are fully donated to our magnificent bar in the playa. We have been working on it day and night, weekdays and weekends, and we are super excited to present it to you very very soon… Read more.

MIDBURN – Monkey Independence Roof Party @ HaAlia 1, 8pm – 50 NIS, A roof party full of monkeys, lasciviousness, alcohol, clowning, and the best cow of Midburn would be too much of a concept. Read more.

DJ PARTY – Wednesday_GoodDay @ Yehuda Halevi – 9pm – 30 NIS, THE most magical rooftop in town comes to life again to celebrate independence and freedom. Read more.

ELECTRONIC MUSIC – Dark & LED Independence Party @ Herzl 3 – 9pm – 60 NIS, From the guys that brought you the ONLY bar in Midurn, we are thrilled to present the best party of the year! Read more.

ISRAELI PARTY – Concrete Sunset Independence Open Air @ Rothschild 55 – 9pm – 50 NIS, Here in our beautiful little country, we live for better or for worse, and there is one day a year that we can celebrate for the state and the essence of “Israeliness.” Read more.


SpiceHaus Street Party, Dizengoff 117 – Free entry, reserve a table – a fun party at Tel Aviv’s best cocktail bar! Read more.

Bicicleta – a festive fish grill, Nahalat Binyamin 29 – Free entry – reserve a table – In the best tradition, on the eve of Israel’s 70th Independence Day, we will hold a festive evening for the opening of a season in our yard. The most fresh fish and seafood from our fisherman Rustom, a DJ in the floret that will make us a holiday atmosphere, a DJ in the bar, a party for us until the wee hours, blue and white cocktails, an atmosphere of the bicycletta (no need to elaborate) Let him fill your stomach. And make you happy. Read more.

Container – R U OK Live Show, Overlooking the Sea, Jaffa Port – Free entry – reserve a table – The Container opens its gates to a celebration of independence of blue-white-black-gold – On the stage is the appearance of an electronic boom from R U OK – Special guest writer Jah-Zal Badda Rada – And DJs from all sides with Dj Fuya. Overlooking the sea. Read more.

Mike’s Place American Bars, Herbert Samuel 90, by the beach – Free entry – reserve a table – celebrate Israel’s 70th birthday in Tel Aviv’s top American bar – Mike’s Place will be rockin and rolling all night long with a huge celebration of blue and white! We’ll have live Israeli rock and blues all night long. Read more.

223 Celebrates Independence Day, We announce on this note that on Wednesday, 18.4.18, Meir Dizengoff Street will convene for a festive and festive Independence Party! Read more.


CRAZY – Jasper John’s Independence Party 2018 @ Dubnov 8 – 9pm – 130 NIS OPEN BAR – This year we’re going to host U @ Dubnov Gallery for an AMAZING PARTY!!! Funk Sinatra & Kobi Saka we’ll move all night to: 80’S, 90’S, Disco, Funk and anything that will make you … move it & Shake it… Visual by the twisted mind of Mr. Thomas!!!(Tom Aminadav). Food stand By Roy (to your face) Stern!! (food is not included in the price of the ticket). Tickets include open bar throughout the event, with all the premium brands and cocktails. Limited Pre sale prices starting at 130 nis per ticket, prices will go up gradually. Read more.

SOPHISTICATED – Dreaming is not a fairy tale Independence Party @ Brown Hotel, Kalisher 25, near Nahalat Binyamin – 8pm – 120 NIS OPEN BAR – Independence evening roof party on top of Brown hotel. Open bar all night long with high quality alcohol! Vodka, Whiskey, Gin, Campari, wine, beer and more.  Art is in our soul.  100% pure house. Read more.

ISRAELI – Rubi and Mendelimos celebrate 70! Gordo by the Beach, Hayarkon 121, by the Beach – 10pm – 160 NIS – In the tradition of the last 9 years, the Rubi and Mendelimos are happy to invite you to our 70th Independence Day party. Read more.

LOCAL BAR – Independence Day Party @ Hamezeg, Ibn Gvirol 151, 8pm – from 70 NIS – That for the country we would celebrate a street party like you see only in our corner, with DJ Morgi playing for us during the evening and full of surprises. Read more.

LOCAL BAR – Come on 70! Asian Independence @ Tangier, Yehuda Halevi 93, 9pm – 70-109 NIS –So our little country is no longer so young and has decades. A good reason to celebrate independence with Israeli music of all time, and besides, what is the most important thing? The body will be full of alcohol. Read more.

LOCAL BAR – Independence with Israeli DJ Itai Shalom @ Biggy Z, Bograshov 18 – 9pm – 70 – 109NIS, Israel is celebrating 70 years. In honor of this exciting event, we bring you a night that is all blue and white Israeli Music by the Maestro Itay Shalom. Read more.


Independence house party (Unterman x pasáž) ✫ @ Abarbanel 5, Tel Aviv – 10pm – 50 NIS – The Unterman and Passage family at a local boutique party. On Independence Day we decided to leave the Club and stay home. Read more.

Independence Groove @ Abraham Hostel, Levontin 21, near Rothschild – 10pm – 40 NIS – 10 – Join us and celebrate Yom ha’atzmaut in a grand Groove party at the Abraham bar! DJ line up: Baba Guzamba, ABAsS. Read more.

Independence @ Otsar, Har Sinai 1 – 9pm – FREE – All day makes trouble, grow up already 70! Fireworks at 21:00. Foam spray (non-flammable) to the first 20 at the entrance! Read more.

Independence @ Malki Bar, Malkei Israel 5 – 9pm – FREE – It’s been a year since last time. And that means it’s okay to exaggerate again. Wednesday, the eve of Independence Day 18.4. Read more.

Independence 2018, A Neighborhood Celebration @ Double Standard, Dizengoff 247 – 9pm – FREE – Our cocktails were a holiday for the country’s 70th anniversary! Read more.

Kamp Karkara – Yom Haatzmaut @ Beit Karkara, Olei Zion 4, Jaffa – 11pm – 100 NIS, bar with cheap prices – Camp Karakra is very happy to invite you to the Independence Party 70 in our living room, which is also a birthday party for the happiest camp on the Palaya. Read more.

Independence House Party @ Hapardes 8, next to Kikar Rabin – 9pm – 30 NIS OPEN BAR – party in a house, 30 NIS entry and open bar. Read more.

Independence Day 2018 in the courtyard @ Mahane Yosef 15, Neve Tzedek – 9pm – 50 NIS entry includes first drink – cheap alcohol, live band and DJ in a courtyard in Neve Tzedek. Read more.

The Radical Temple Midburn Camp Rooftop Party @ at a mystery Rooftop – 10pm – 20 NIS and friendly drink prices – We are excited to host you in our Radical party, the party that will shake the country and will set us all free. From friendly, smiley vibes surrounded by burnery Radical Temple heat, to a techno dance floor with the amazing Omer H and our very own Ms. Shelly! Read more.

Independence Rock – All Times Rock @ Hellen’s Keller, HaHashmonaim 113 – 10pm – 60 NIS – In honor of Independence Day, we are happy to invite you to a rock party. Read more.

Yom Haatzmaut @ Temptation Bar, Allenby 35 – 8pm – 30 NIS – What better way to celebrate the 70 years of our beautiful little country than at Temptation? We’ll be hosting a Yom Hatzmaut party with great deals on everything Israeli, blue and white cocktails, listen to some great Israeli music, and say “cheers” to celebrate our amazing country! Read more.

Yom Haatzmaut @ Favela, Abarbanel 56 – 9pm – FAVELA PARTY with DJ Live for the INDEPENDANCE DAY ! Read more.

Yom Haatzmaut @ Ben Yehuda 126 – 7.30pm – The North Central Synagogue cordially invites all our community members & friends to join us for festive prayer services in honour of Yom Ha’atzmaut. Together, we will celebrate the independence of our amazing state. Read more.

The Hebrew Independence Party @ Yeoshua Bar, Ben Yehuda 22 – 8pm – So we found the perfect event for this … Hebrew Independence Party in Yehushua. So there is nothing like an Israeli party celebrating 70 years of our country. Read more.

Kid’s Evening Party @ Gnei Yeoshua, Park Hayarkon – 8pm – FREE – Independence Party in White, held for the first time in Ganey Yehoshua Park for the Central / North neighborhoods. Read more.

Evening of Independence @ Ramsses, HaGimnasia HaIbrit 7 – 8pm – FREE – An atmosphere of celebration of independence and good music in Ramses. Read more.

Independence Street Party @ Mabrouk, King George 79 – 8pm – Celebrate with us in the heart of Tel Aviv! Put your favourite clothes on, get your best friends and dance with us into the night! Read more.

Independence by the Sea @ Yehuda Amichai – 8.30pm – For the first time in Tel Aviv-Jaffa; Independence Day for the residents of the north-west neighborhoods. Read more.

EZXS Independence @ EZSX, Hatzerim 9 – 9pm – Ezxs gallery and Radio Alibi invite you to celebrate 70 years with our beloved swamp , Israel, Tel Aviv. Read more.

Tel Aviv Celebrates Independence @ Bloom Field, Nahum Goldman 3 – 9pm – FREE, We are a nation that likes to celebrate. And as much as possible! So, on the occasion of our 70th birthday, we decided to arrange a piece of nibble for her in the coolest location in Tel Aviv. Read more.

70 Independence Edition @ Cheers, Allenby 56 – 9pm – FREE – Prepare Dr. Martens and Flannel shirt because this year celebrate about 70! Cheers Allenby invites all of you to mark 70 years of independence with the sounds of the mystical Nineties and the boxers. Read more.

Independence Day @ Alphabet, Ahad Ha’Am 54 – 10pm – Top DJs celebrating Independence Day at Alphabet. Read more.

70th Independence @ HaMaoz, King George 32 – 8.30pm – Another year passed, and this time we decided to give the center of Tel Aviv more than ever at a street party that will be remembered for years! Read more.

Jenia Tarsol / Omer & Shaked / Noga Erez / Yuval Medina @ Breakfast Club, Rothschild 6 – 10.30pm – Independence with top DJs at the Breakfast Club. Read more.

Independence Rave Edition @ The Block, Salame 157 – 11pm – 120 NIS – It’s a one time rave in Tel Aviv and it’s happening on WEDNESDAY night specially for this special occasion: ISRAEL INDEPENDENCE DAY! Read more.

Check our map for cool parties nearby…


12pm – FLYOVER BY THE ISRAELI AIRFORCE  @ Anywhere along the beach – One of the highlights of Yom Haatzmaut is the Israeli Airforce Flyover (מטס חיל האוויר) – this year they will be passing down Tel Aviv’s beachfront starting at 13.15pm according to this article. We recommend getting there earlier in case this is wrong, and to get a good spot. Picture by Gabi Berger, see more of her amazing photos on her website and facebook page.

BARBECUES – the traditional way of celebrating Yom Haatzmaut is a large bbq with friends and family on the day of Yom Haatzmaut. The authorities turn a blind eye to people grilling in the park, but make sure to collect your rubbish. And we recommend getting up early to get your meat, this is the busiest day of the year for butchers. Check out our best butcher’s guide for your closest good butcher.

10am-5pm – The Independence Trail @ Rothschild 1 – FREE – mini-street carnival with street actors, guided tours, and free entrance to the museums in the complex. Read more.

12pm – Independence Day Afternoon Party @ Herzl 16 (the new Rothschild 12) – new location, same cool vibes. With live music, DJs, and good food and drink. Read more.

12pm – The Eggplants Guide to the Galaxy Midburn Camp Independence Open Air Afternoon Rave with top International DJs @ Drama, Nahalat Binyamin 52 – 40 NIS – Dutch DJs Beesmunt Soundsystem. Read more.

1pm – Yom Haatzmaut BBQ! @ Beachfront Hostel, Herbert Samuel 78 – If you haven’t seen our rooftop yet, you’re missing out. Come celebrate with us! BBQ and Beer for sale. Read more.

2pm – Joy Records Litzmaut @ Litzman, Namal Tel Aviv – Usually, it’s all always Pre-Game, Game, Post-Game … this time we cut the bullshit and go straight to Playoffs! Read more.

4pm – Anonymous // RoofTop Day Off // Gel Abril (Berlin) @ Mystery Location in Tel Aviv – 120 NIS – we found the best roof in Tel Aviv (the center of the city, a panoramic view, an addictive Mediterranean breeze – perfection), and we got a huge sound system and amazing DJs.. Read more.

9pm – Vegan Rooftop Party @ Mystery Rooftop – 100 NIS including beer and hotdogs – On the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel, we also celebrate a year full of activities for the vegan roof with many events filled with love. I am excited to invite you to our next event! Read more.

9.30pm – Lucille Crew Independence After (Hip Hop) Party @ Pasaz, Allenby 94 – 60 NIS – Top Israeli hip crop crew Lucille Crew rip up Pasaz. Read more.

11.30pm – Techn)o(drome After Independence @ The Block, Derech Salame 157 –  80 NIS – A moment before landing in the desert – stop for a night that is all dimension X: music, the community of ninja turtles, and triplets under the dome of the technodrome! And all this in the best spice in Israel: The Block. Read more.


WEDNESDAY NIGHT – 24-HOUR RAVE – Eden Frequency in An Orchard Near Ness Ziona – 190 NIS – A 24-hour tribal groove rave. Read more.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT – 24-HOUR GATHERING – SOL Gathering in Rosh Pinna – 220 NIS – 24 hours musical celebration with enriching workshops and atmosphere. Its all happening in a green natural land at the north kingdom of israel. Read more.

THURSDAY DAY – MIDBURN RAVE – After Independence – 40 minutes North of Tel Aviv – 120 NIS includes beer – 14 hours of fine electronic music, free bar, children’s playground,
Luxurious and will be strawberries. Read more.

THURSDAY AFTERNOON TO SATURDAY – The 7th Sufi Festival @ Ashram Bamidbar, in the desert – 420 NIS – We will meet for the seventh time for two nights and three days, with the music, the ceremonies and the main events, the workshops, the friends, the friends and all the people who make it what it is. Read more.

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