Last updated December 14th 2017

Hannukah celebrates the miracle of the menorah oil lasting eight days! It’s a widely celebrated festival in Israel, with loads of parties and communal candle-lighting, and lots of donuts (sufganiyot in Hebrew) and other fried goodies. Hug hanukkah sameach!

To learn more about Hanukkah and it’s traditions, check out our Hanukkah Survival Guide

Top Donuts:

You can find AMAZING and very different donuts across Tel Aviv, but to make the search easier, we went and tried out a few of the city’s trusted favorites to see if they have still got it for this year’s Hanukkah celebrations, click here to find out where are the best sufganiot in Tel Aviv.

Top Video:

We had to share this video because we think it’s great – thanks for sharing Gennady and Eretz Nehederet! It’s in Hebrew with Hebrew subtitles, but the Hebrew is pretty easy to follow – good luck!

Top Events:

Here are some of this year’s best events, to see full list of Hanukkah events click here.

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Religious Events

Friday Night 15/12

Communal Shabbat Hanukka Dinner @ North Central Synagogue, Tel Aviv 

Please join us on Friday night of Chanukah for a fun, relaxing, l’chaim-filled Shabbat dinner with our community! Read More

Shabbat Dinner by the Chanukah Candles @ ITV Center, Tel Aviv 

ITV invites you to celebrate Chanukah in style, at a special Shabbat Dinner by the candles. Read More

Sunday 17/12

Jewish Reggae Chanukah Concert @ Tel Aviv International Synagogue, Tel Aviv 
Join Jewish Reggae Master Ron Wiseman and his band Kedusha for our Chanukah Concert and Celebration! Read More

Hanukkah Meetups

Thursday 14/12

Frequency of the Earth @ Bascula, Tel Aviv Israel

This time an earth frequency is celebrated on Hanukkah, a holiday that symbolizes the light that connects and teaches us the communication inside. The one that came to illuminate the dark places in us and open to us the ability to see clearly the acquisitions of the heart, the ego. Read More

Hanukkah Prom @Gordo @ Gordon Beach, Tel Aviv 
So we decided to jump off the roof and land in front of Gordon Beach for a one-time event filled with alcohol and deep-fried pastries … Read More

Sunday 17/12

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows @ Cinemateque, Tel Aviv 
Hanukkahdara – The annual Harry Potter Congregation for adults! And this year a big and festive conference especially from morning till evening to mark the 20th anniversary of the series that remained alive and changed our lives. Read More

The Hanukkah Conference of Manga and Anime @ Shprintsak 4, Tel Aviv Israel

The annual Hanukkah Conference of Manga and Anime! Read More

Monday 18/12

Chanukah Party @ NBN TLV, Tel Aviv 

There’s no better way to celebrate Chanukah than with a party @ the Hub! Read More

Angels accompany – celebrate the Festival of Light @ Pele, Tel Aviv 
The excitement is great. Chanukah is the Pilgrimage. Nitzan and Elad Mizrahi are happy to invite all the members and friends. Read More

Tuesday 19/12

Diytlv: Candle making workshop @ DIY Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv Israel
A really good smelling candle makes all the difference. Learn how to make your own candles! Add natural smells and designs that are perfect for those cozy cold nights. Read More

Live Music & Latka Bar – Ladies Night Out 
Fill your body and soul with moving melodies and fresh latkes with an array of toppings. Read More


Thursday Night 14/12

Miracle – Hanukkah Techno Party @ Salame 46, Tel Aviv

POINT ZERO presents MIRACLE – a visual audio experience and techno party for the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. Read More

Tripping presents: Joseph Capriati 14/12 
Tripping presents – Chanukah miracle, Joseph Capriati in Tel Aviv Read More

Anomaly pres. David Mayer (Keinemusik)! 14.12 @ HaOman 17, Tel Aviv 
Thursday December 14 – Anomaly are proud to present – A festival of lights, colors and music that will illuminate your holiday with no less than six DJs, led by the Maynumitzian prodigy – David Mayer! Read More

Latkes / Hannukah Party / Magit Cacoon All Night / Thursday @ Beit Maariv, Tel Aviv 
Beit Maariv Presents: Latkes Hannukah Party | Magit Cacoon All Night | Dana Friman | Orit OzRead More

Friday 15/12

Quarter to Africa Chanukah performance 15/12 @ Haezor, Tel Aviv 

After conquering the stages in Israel and abroad, they starred in every possible festival and caused thousands of involuntary movements of the basin, Quarter to Africa are returning home to the Haezor Club for a special afternoon for the Festival of Lights. Read More


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