Hannukah celebrates the miracle of the menorah oil lasting eight days! It’s a widely celebrated festival in Israel, with loads of parties and communal candle-lighting, and lots of donuts (sufganiyot in Hebrew) and other fried goodies. Hug hanukkah sameach!

To learn more about Hanukkah and it’s traditions, check out our Hanukkah Survival Guide


You can find AMAZING and very different donuts across Tel Aviv, but to make the search easier, we went and tried out a few of the city’s trusted favorites to see if they have still got it for this year’s Hanukkah celebrations, click here to find out where are the best sufganiot in Tel Aviv.


We had to share this video because we think it’s great – thanks for sharing Gennady and Eretz Nehederet! It’s in Hebrew with Hebrew subtitles, but the Hebrew is pretty easy to follow – good luck!


Here are some of this year’s best events, to see full list of Hanukkah events click here.

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Sunday Night 22/12 – First Night of Hanukkah

5pm – Light Up Tel Aviv @ Independence Park

Celebrate Hanukkah with friends and family at Gan Ha’atzmaut (The Independence Park). Read More.

8pm – TLV Salon: Mossad Red Sea Diving Resort Story @ Kikar Atarim

English talk + Q&A + Wine & Hanukkah Candle Lighting. Read More.

9pm – Blues&Booz – HanuXmas Night w/ Roy Young @ Drama 

Blues & Booz Holiday Special – The #1 Blues Jam in Tel-Aviv. Read More.

Monday 23/12 – Second Night of Hanukkah

3.30pm – Hanukkah in Jerusalem: Candle lighting Tour & Show @ TAIS

TAIS Celebrates Hanukkah in Jerusalem! Join us for a special Hanukkah adventure in Jerusalem – the place where it all happened! Read More.

4.30pm – Neighborhood Light Up! @ Bavli Community Center

A huge parade of lights from Hayarkon Park through Hanna Zemer to the community center, where we will hold a neighborhood ceremony with donuts, candles and performances Read More.

6pm – Festive Candle Lighting @ Gordon Pool

We invite you to a festive candle lighting of the Second Hanukkah candle followed by a guest performance. Read More.

8pm – Shekel Live @ Barby

Shekel returns to Barby wtih a particularly festive Hanukkah show Read More.

Tuesday 24/12 – Third Night of Hanukkah

1pm – Happy Hanukkah from Dov Hoz! @ Dov Hoz Community Centre

We will celebrate Hanukkah with miracles, wonders, neighbors and the community Read More.

6.30pm – Hanukkah Party Cupcake Decorating Workshop @ NBN TLV

Join us for a Hanukkah cupcake decorating workshop! Read More.

7pm – Miracles and Donuts – A Particularly Sweet Evening @ The White City Center

Join Bograshov’s neighbors as part of a cool neighborhood event. Light candles in honor of Hanukkah and sing improvised karaoke. Read More.

8pm – A Very Beary Christmakah Improv @ Bearfoot Tel Aviv

Ring all the bells, light all the candles and join us for a very merry evening of improv in English with the Bearfoot cubs. Read More.

8.30pm – Quarter to Africa Live @ Haezor

A quarter to Africa at a special Hanukkah party for the release of the new single! Read More.

9.30pm – HanuChristmas 2019 @ Habima

After we light the Hanukkah candle at Habima Square, we will ride to the Christmas tree in Old Jaffa. Read More.

Wednesday 25/12 – Fourth Night of Hanukkah

8.30 – Hannukah Festival with Teapacks @ Barby

The legendary Teapacks lights up the Barby with all their hits! Read More.

9.30pm – HannuChristmas @ Drama

Echo takes on the stage for a HannuChristmas Special. Read More.

Thursday 26/12 – Fifth Night of Hannukah

8pm – Chrismukkah Party @ Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv

We have all the reasons to celebrate! Read More.

8.30pm – Niggen Quartet Hannukah Soul Sessions – Live in Jaffa @ AB 

Come light the candles with Niggen in a gorgeous art space. Creative Hanukkah cuisine brought to you by Emanuel’s Kitchen… And a full bar. Read More.

9pm – Orphanedland Live @ Reading 3

This year’s traditional Orphaned Land holiday will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Sahara album and 15 for Flood and will also include an all-time performance with all band’s albums! Read More.

11pm – Pasaz Returns with a Hanukkah Party! @ Secret Location

We decided to return the Pasaz for the Holidays and bring a once-in-a-lifetime thrill, in remembrance of the good old days, in a secret, special location in the heart of Tel Aviv Read More.

11pm – Under Fire Party | Hannukah Edition @ Art Club

Get ready for year-end Hannukah celebration! Read More.

11:30pm – Oren Coma – Hanuka Private Edition @ The Rooms

A particularly high quality Hanukkah party for only 180 people Read More.

Friday 27/12 – Sixth Night of Hannukah

10am – Hannukah Clothing Swap – Adults and Children @ Com-unity

Join us on Friday for an adults and children’s clothing swap event. Get in the holiday spirit by refreshing your’s and your child’s wardrobe and help your community at the same time! Read More.

6pm – Sommelier Shabbat Hanukkah Dinner @ Alexander Hotel

Happy Hanukkah & Shabbat Shalom Tel Aviv! Read More.

6pm – Shabbat Hanukka Dinner @ 126 Ben Yehuda Synagogue

Join use for a festive Friday night dinner with the community and friends. Together we will enjoy Shabbat and the holiday, and get to know each other better. No less important – enjoy good food and warm atmosphere. Read More.

6.30pm – YJP Chanukah Shabbat Dinner @ Ben Yehuda 86

You’re invited to join young Olim from all over the world for a delicious Chanukah Shabbat buffet dinner! Read More.

Saturday 28/12 – 7th Night of Hanukkah

11am – Market.tlv x THouse – Hannukah & New Year edition @ T House Saloon 

MARKET.TLV is a very special Tel Avivian gathering, that is back for a special Hannukah and New Year Celebration! Read More.

11am – The Miracle of Miracles @ Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv

Eliphelet will hold a Hanukkah event for the miracles and wonders intended for the young and old. Read More.

7pm – A Dreamy Lighting @ Rega

Join us for the last night of Kislev, the month of dreams and for a special lighting. Read More.

Sunday 29/12 – 8th Night of Hanukkah

6pm – Masa’s exclusive Hanukah blow-out party! @ Havana Club

Masa Community is delighted to invite you to the FIRST EVER Hanukah blast! Read More.

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