Hannukah celebrates the miracle of the menorah oil lasting eight days! It’s a widely celebrated festival in Israel, with loads of parties and communal candle-lighting, and lots of donuts (sufganiyot in Hebrew) and other fried goodies. Hug hanukkah sameach!

To learn more about Hanukkah and it’s traditions, check out our Hanukkah Survival Guide


You can find AMAZING and very different donuts across Tel Aviv, but to make the search easier, we went and tried out a few of the city’s trusted favorites to see if they have still got it for this year’s Hanukkah celebrations, click here to find out where are the best sufganiot in Tel Aviv.


We had to share this video because we think it’s great – thanks for sharing Gennady and Eretz Nehederet! It’s in Hebrew with Hebrew subtitles, but the Hebrew is pretty easy to follow – good luck!


Here are some of this year’s best events, to see full list of Hanukkah events click here.

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Religious Events

Friday 30/11

10am – YJP Volunteer Initiative @ Ichilov Hospital

Spread the light this Chanukah season and join us as we visit patients at Ichilov Hospital and bring some love to those who need it. Read More

Sunday Night 02/12 – First Night of Hanukkah

5pm – Light Up TLV! @ Independence Park, Tel Aviv

Celebrate Chanukah with friends and family at Gan Ha’atzmaut (The Independence Park). Read More

Tuesday 04/12 – Third Night of Hanukkah

6pm – Lighting the second candle of Chanukah @ The Masorti Congregation – Neve Tzedek

Lighting Hanukkah candles with donuts and combining vegetables and fruit and singing together in the synagogue with the traditional community. Read More.

8pm – Chanukah Party @ NBN TLV

Come celebrate Chanukah with us at the Hub! Cooking school Citrus & Salt will be joining us for a fun workshop of making and decorating edible dreidels, frying Latkes, enjoying specialty drinks, and more. Read More.

Friday 07/12 – Sixth Night of Hannukah

11am – Habad2 warms up the holiday @ Florentin Community Center

Florentine’s wonderful exchange project: clearing room in the closet and renewing the wardrobe for free! Read More.

6.15pm – First Friday Buffet Dinner @ Bar Kochva 18

What? A delicious buffet dinner with the perfect winter cocktails, a warm latka bar, fresh salads, and delicious dinner. Read More.

Saturday 8/12 – 7th Night of Hanukkah

9pm – Chanukah Reggae Party – Candles & Concert! @ Tel Aviv International Synagogue

Kick back and enjoy an evening of good music, wine and friends with Ron Wiseman and his Reggae Band. Read More.

Hanukkah Meetups

Tuesday 04/12

4pm – Hanucatan – Expo TLV

The big game of Catan returns with greatness, in an event that is all a celebration !!! Read More.

8pm – Chanukah circle with Shimon Lev Tahor and friends @ Pele

Chanukah is celebrated in a powerful and ceremonial circle of poetry for the Festival of Lights. Read More.

Wednesday 05/12

10am – Davai Hanuka! Show at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

On Chanukah, the third candle of the holiday – 3 plays! Read More.

7pm Plant Fair for Hanukkah @ Cuckoo’s Nest 

Plant fair on the Rooftop. Read more

7.30pm – Candles Cocktails & Magic @ Shalom La’am Center

Join Tel Aviv young professionals from all over the world to celebrate Chanukah in style with Candles&Cocktails, ITV’s famous rooftop cocktail reception. It’s the winter’s biggest party. Read More.

8pm – Screening of “Lea Goldberg in Five Houses“, Candle lighting and meeting with her poems @ Cafe Shapira

On Wednesday, 5.12, the fourth candle of Chanukah, we will be screening a documentary film in Shapira of Yair Keidar’s magical film “Leah Goldberg in Five Houses”. Read More.

Thursday 06/12

10am – Funko Convention @ Dizengoff Centre

The first Funko con in Israel!  Read More.

5pm – DARFISH Open Studio

Thursday + Friday, 6-7 of December, Chanukah; My studio will open its door! Read More.

7pm – Dreidels and Sketches @ The Prince

On the eve of the fourth Chanukah candle, Molt returns to visit our beautiful roof! The program – a dizzying night of dreidels and sketches. Read More.

Saturday 08/12

9am – Festival Workshops Parents and Children – Chanukah @ ZOA

Make time for an experience of quality and creation time during Chanukah Read More.

6pm – IDC Radio Spinnin Around I Stax @ Maze

On Saturday night 8.12 we celebrate Hanukkah ! As per tradition, our DJs will spin records and dreidels like they used to in biblical days ! Read More.

Monday 10/12

8pm Netanel Goldberg – A River of Light @ Pele

We excitedly invited you to an evening of heart & soul – singing. Deep and ecstatic. Read More.


Tuesday 04/12

9.30pm – Yetziat Cherum – Hannukah free concert @ Tailor Made, Tel Aviv


Tailor Made are excited to host one of the most beloved bands of all time -Yetziat Cherum with Yossi Brosh. Read More.

Wednesday 05/12

10.30pm – Hip-Hop All-Star Night Hanukkah Special / 05.12 @ Pasaz

Happy Hanukkah to all ! A 100% hip-hop night dedicated to all the All-Star artists we love – Read More.

Thursday 06/12

6pm – Washington Saloon

Washington Salon Host – Indie Moonlight on the first evening boulevard in the series 6.12, 18:00 Evening Indie – Florentine ensembles.  Read More.

9pm – Hanukka Tribal Party @ Pele

Pele production together with the ZULU & INDIANA production invite you to the most lightning and magical Hanukkah PARTY!!! Read More.

11pm – Regenerating Dizengoff corner presents – Hanukkah Party

And if Chanukah is already around, time to make a party here! Read More.

11pm – Bisi Hanuka Full MooN Party 6.12 @ Ozen Bar

We have lighted lights for Hanukkah and we are preparing you with a sparkling sparkle of a special Full Moon party in the beloved Ozenbar Read More.

11:59 pm – Com4trance: Hanukkah Party X-Dream Total Eclipse @ HaOman 17

In the upcoming event you are expected to have some great surprises that will leave you gaping and waiting for the opening of the gates … Ready for this? Read More.

Friday 07/12

1pm – Hanukwanzaa Noon Celebration @ Double Standard

This time we decided to take it a step further towards Chanukah and celebrate two holidays at the same time, Chanukah and Qwanza. That’s how Hanukwannese was born. Read More.

Saturday 08/12

5pm – Offer Nissim T Dance Hanukkah @ Gnei Hataarucha

This Hanukkah is celebrated at a huge festive party with everything that picks up and excites, new sections alongside favorite classics and surprising guests onstage. Read more.

8.30pm – Hot and sweet Hanukkah Party @ Tailor Made

There’s a party !!! Do you know for what? Of course you know, are you ready? Read More.

9pm – Hellenists! Chanukah Feast and Yehuda Keizar Live! @ Drama

The man and the legend, the string and the guitar, the vineyard and the factory, land at our gates to lead the first feat in the history of the drama! Read More.

Outside Tel Aviv

Monday 03/12

12pm – Macy’s Day Balloon Parade in Jerusalem

On December 3, the first night of Hanukkah, the parade is coming to Jerusalem for the first time as show of unity between Israel’s Jews and Jews in the Diaspora. Read More

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