There have been a few questions in the Group about Thanksgiving in Tel Aviv – carry on reading for tips on where to buy your turkeys and where to gobble up a dinner!

Turkeys, Cranberry Sauce, and Canned Pumpkin:

Most of the large supermarkets (with a butcher inside) can order you a Turkey – but get there quickly, it usually takes a few days to arrive! Click here for our Guide to Butchers in Tel Aviv.

Apparently a good bet for canned pumpkin is the Asian shop ‘East West Store’ – with branches in Shuk HaCarmel, Sarona Market, and Ramat HaChayal.

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It’s very difficult to get fresh cranberries now, but most supermarkets stock frozen cranberries.

For those up for a trip to Raanana, Meatland is usually stocked with Cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie filling, stuffing, and turkeys.

You can also check out answers in the Group.

So you don’t fancy cooking this year… where are some good communal dinners and parties…

Thursday 24th November 2016

Mike’s Place Thanksgiving Party @ Mike’s Place Tayelet 

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Mike’s Place have a three course sit down meal, complete with turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, roasted potatoes, gravy and mixed veggies, delicious hot apple strudel and ice cream, and a glass of wine… plus of course live FOOTBALL. 

*** Mike’s Place are part of the Secret Tel Aviv VIP Card – chicken wings are only 2 NIS per wing (minimum 20 wings) ***

Nefesh BNefesh Big Fat TLV Thanksgiving @ Soldiers House


Nefesh BNefesh are hosting our 11th annual My Big Fat TLV Thanksgiving event – prepare for an especially gourmet meal of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, stuffing, sweet potato, wine, beer and all the other tasty holiday foods and drinks you remember.

Lone Soldier Thanksgiving Dinner @ The Lone Solider Center in Memory of Michael Levin


Annual Amazing Lone Soldier Thanksgiving Dinner – Enjoy turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, beer and more with your friends at the best Thanksgiving party in the world!

Friday 25th November 2016

Elegant Traditional Thanksgiving Shabbat Dinner @ Tel Aviv International Synagogue


Come and meet amazing people and eat delicious food at the Tel Aviv International Synagogue’s Special Thanksgiving Shabbat Dinner!

Chag Thanksgiving Sameach!