From top events during the next week to the best new bars and shops, celebrate everything amazing about our beautiful city. By Secret Tel Aviv.

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Number 1


Tonight: Celebrate the Reggae King! 

The sun is shining and the weather is sweet! Zion is celebrating our Rastafari brother’s birthday this week with two positive vibration events: tonight get up stand up at Reggae Legends Show @ Hangar 11, and on Saturday take the Bablyon bus to Pasaz for a jammin’ Bob Marley Tribute. One Love!

Number 2


Tonight: Party at your favorite bars! 

Celebrate the start of the weekend with cool parties at some of our favorite bars. Pasaz start the night with Hip Hop followed by a live show from Gilad Kahana; Anna Loulou also host a hip hop party; Beit Maariv have an awesome lineup including Autarkic live; and there’s a British all stars tribute @ Hellen’s Keller. Check our guide to Tel Aviv’s Best Bars for more ideas!

Number 3


Tomorrow: huge free jobs fair with over 175 available jobs!

Upgrade your career at tomorrow’s TLV Opportunities #4 – Secret Tel Aviv’s Jobs + Education Fair @ Abraham Hostel! We’ve got 17 amazing companies (read about them here), over 175 open positions (start applying to them here), and 4 top schools (read more here). Register now

Number 4


Friday: Meet new friends and spend a chill Shabbat!

Grow your friend circle and spend a relaxed Friday night! Join internationals in their 20s and 30s at White City Shabbat’s dinner @ Ichud Olam, celebrate iTV’s 4th Birthday @ Shalom Laam Center and be a part of the Pele Community at their vegan dinner and singing circle

Number 5


Saturday: Three events to start warming up for Midburn

We know how much you missed the Midburn vibes! Saturday: Yellow Camp is hosting The Lemon Tree party @ Noor (Jaffa), new camp Happy Ending are hosting a party @ Pasaz and for everyone who wants to volunteer this year, the Midburn Participation Fair is at Meitav 13.


Saturday: Join the cause at Abraham Hostel! 

For anyone who wants to learn more about the refugee situation in Israel, this week there are two great events – tonighta news editor will speak about the subject of the refugees in Israel @ Ulpan Bayit. Saturday: performances, activities, initiatives and joining the circle of struggle against deportation @ Abraham Hostel.

Number 7


Sunday: Find the most original costumes and get ready to party!

Purim is only 20 days away and it’s time to start getting ready! Find your perfect costume at the Israeli Opera’s Costume Sale @ the Opera House on Sunday (need some inspiration? Check out last year’s best costumes!) and start getting excited about this year’s top Purim parties

Number 8


Tuesday:Where to take that special someone! 

Happy Valentine’s Day! Make the most out of the occasion and take that special someone out for a special night. Check out our Valentines in Tel Aviv guide for our top recommendations, including Tel Aviv’s Best Restaurants, Boutique Hotels, and loads more! Looking for someone to share this day with? There are some awesome Valentine’s events to meet new people. 

Find why we love TEDER so much! 

If Tel Aviv is the hipster capital of the world, TEDER.FM is its Mecca! The pop-up bar has taken permanent residence in a closed-off courtyard in South Central Tel Aviv underneath their flagship Salon Romano restaurant. They regularly host cool events: this week’s lineup includes a movie screening (tonight), a Music, Paint it event on Saturday afternoon, and a Luna Abu Nassar concert on Saturday night. Plus check out their new winter cocktail bar Tight!


Find out who made the list!

Did you know that Israel has some of the world’s best hotels? From exclusive boutique hotels like the Norman, to world class art and luxury complexes like the Beresheet, they are definitely worth the visit! Check out our guide for the Best Hotels in Israel to learn more, and remember you can book directly from Secret Tel Aviv’s platform.

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