From top events during the next week to the best new bars and shops, celebrate everything amazing about our beautiful city. By Secret Tel Aviv.

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There are loads of cool events over the weekend that comply with Ministry of Health Guidelines, including top concerts at the Barby (all seated with social distancing), a beach cleanup tomorrow with PFI, July 4th Celebrations with Kerem House (July 3rd) and Mike’s Place (July 4th), and over 50 art galleries are participating in Gallery Weekend! Feeling brave? Check out our Events Calendar! * Please note, this was correct as of 11am this morning.


We’re getting loads of awesome new jobs on the Secret Tel Aviv Jobs Board every day! Especially in demand at the moment are digital marketers, business analysts, and sales people, but we’re definitely seeing loads of new jobs across all categories as companies start hiring again. There’s also a lot of applications at the moment, so we recommend only applying for positions where you match their requirements. Check out our Jobs Board for over 1,000 top jobs!


We know how important the Environment is to the Secret Tel Aviv Community, and inspired by this we’ve teamed up with Israel’s top environmental NGOs to organise a special event – and we need your support! On September 11th 2020 we are attempting to break the world record for the World’s Biggest Beach Cleanup! To break the record we need 16,500 people to register and turn up for the cleanup… please register here! To achieve the record we’re going to be setting up over 100 cleaning stations along the coast, if you’d like to manage a beach cleanup please complete this form. For updates, hit attending on our Facebook event.


We’re back with our famous Food and Drink Polls… this week we’re looking for the Best Lockdown Deliveries! The format is a little different – we’re using Google Forms – but the concept is the same… vote for your favorite delivery services. You can vote for more than one, but please only vote once. If you can’t see your favorite place on the list, please add to other and we will add. The poll closes at midnight on July 11th. We’ll also be holding a raffle for everyone who voted, with some great prizes including a 200 NIS Wolt voucher! Photo by Alon Haviv.


Looking to get out of the city? Kibbutz hotels are a great way to experience the Israeli countryside, chill out (most kibbutzes have a public swimming pool that is open to hotel guests), and not break the bank! Most of the best kibbutzes are in the North of Israel, especially the Golan area, but there are also a few beautiful kibbutzes closer to home in the Judean Hills near Jerusalem. Check out our new Guide to the Best Kibbutz Hotels in Israel to find the best of the best. For more of the best hotels across Israel, check out our Best Hotels Guides.


Is it time to give your Hebrew a boost? The awesome This Is Not An Ulpan returns next week with new online classes in Hebrew and Arabic (great for people still in quarantine), and the following week (July 12th) with physical classes in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem! TINAU challenges traditional adult language learning with their refreshing and unconventional style – classes in this semester include Improv (TLV) and Feminism (JLM). Register now for more info via the Secret Tel Aviv website and get a 5% discount.


Thinking of changing careers? Maybe a coding bootcamp might be right for you. One of Israel’s top coding bootcamps is Developers.Institute, which has helped over 450 people learn to code and further their careers. They’ve just announced the dates for their next semester, with full time bootcamps starting in October, and part time and online options starting in August – they’re in hot demand so sign up fast! For more info check out this blog post and our Guide to the Best Tech and Coding Schools in Israel.


Friends and family might not be able to visit at the moment, but it is still possible to send them a piece of Israel with an amazing gift box from Hasod! Hasod is a new company from Olah Chadasha Jesica, and her four-times-a-year gift boxes include loads of goodies from small local Israeli businesses, artists, and designers, all at a great price! Hasod ships worldwide – treat someone special today! Check out our Business Directory for more cool community businesses!


Thanks Yosi Vaknin (TLV Yoga and Jellyfish) and Liat Kisos (Lovers) for these amazing Tel Aviv photos! If you have cool photos or videos you’d like to share to the community, please email them to us. If you’re missing the group as much as we our, check out our Best Ever Photos in Secret Tel Aviv and our Top Posts from 2019!


Secret Tel Aviv Facebook Group Update: We’ve given up trying to get help from Facebook to get this fixed. It looks like the group got a 90-day temporary block because an admin approved content that went against facebook community standards. The good news is that there is only 23 days to go until the ban is lifted and we can unarchive the group again. See you soon!

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