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From top events during the next week to the best new bars and shops, celebrate everything amazing about our beautiful city. By Secret Tel Aviv.

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We’ve got over 80 amazing events listed in our Purim Guide!

Get ready to celebrate Purim in Tel Aviv like never before! While Purim is officially next Monday night, the city is gearing up for an entire week of festivities, starting this Thursday. And with our Ultimate Purim Party Guide, you won’t miss a beat. We’ve scoured the city to bring you the best of the best, from street parties to huge raves featuring world-class DJs, and everything in between. So why wait? Check out our Purim Party Guide today and start planning your week-long party!


Travis Scott, Guns N Roses, Backstreet Boys, Robbie Williams, Sam Smith

This week there were announcements that Guns N Roses and Backstreet Boys are returning to Israel for huge concerts this Summer, joining an amazing roster of bands from all over the World! We’ve compiled all the best shows happening in our Best Concerts in Israel 2023, so you can plan your summer calendar and enjoy the best live music Israel has to offer. Plus, we’ve got a special treat for you: get your Travis Scott tickets with a 10% Secret Tel Aviv discount! It’s the perfect opportunity to experience one of the hottest shows of the year while saving some cash. Check out our Guide now!


Find out where to get the best slices in the City!

Attention all pizza lovers in Tel Aviv! Are you on the hunt for the perfect slice? Look no further than our recently updated Guide to the Best Pizza in the Tel Aviv to explore the city’s vibrant pizza scene, and discover new favorites along the way. From hidden gems to well-known favorites, we’ve got your topping. This guide is part of our Food and Drinks Guides, check them all out on our website.


On Wednesday, Haaretz hosts an evening of science, spirit, and thought

On Wednesday evening Teder are teaming up with Haaretz and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for an inspiring evening of talks and live music. They will be discussing some of the most interesting topics of our time: G-d, AI, Global Warming, aliens, fashion, and food; followed by a live show from Alon Eder! Entry is free, the talks will all be in Hebrew. More details and more meetups on the Secret Tel Aviv website.


From Thursday, Tel Aviv Museum of Art hosts a new Latin music festival

Starting Thursday, the first ever Latin American Music Festival comes to Israel at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art! Get ready for three days of rhythm and passion of Salsa, Tango, and Samba, with the top artists of the Israeli Latin music scene performing alongside bands from Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Spain, Germany, and Holland! More details and more top events on the Secret Tel Aviv website.


From Friday, the Intl Art and Culture Film Festival returns to Tel Aviv

The EPOS International Art Film Festival is the first Israeli film festival solely dedicated to the intersections between the arts and cinema. Taking place at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and Cinematheque, the festival features a rich program of films from around the globe in the fields of music, dance, architecture and visual arts. There will also be premieres, opportunities to meet actors and directors, lectures, and special events. More details and more top cultural events on the Secret Tel Aviv website.


Tonight Ukrainian hip hop sensation takes over the Barby

Tonight get ready for a night of pure energy and passion with Ukrainian rapper Alyona Alyona. She has taken the world by storm with her unique blend of hip hop and spoken word, delivering power-ful messages of self-love, empowerment, and social justice. Her lyrics are raw, honest, and relatable, making her music accessible to all. More details and more concerts on the Secret Tel Aviv website.


From tonight, Kuli hosts a new photo exhibition of rockstars in concert

It’s hard to capture the experience of live performance. Recordings preserve sound but forgo the image, video captures both but misses the moment, and photography has no sound at all but captures the moment in a way that no other media can. Starting tonight until Wednesday, the Kuli Gallery hosts photo exhibition Reverberation by Victor. His photographs are a rich, vibrant, and sexy visual translation of the atmosphere, the sound, the rhythm… the madness of senses and passion of musical creation. Combine your trip with some cool events in Kuli, tonight Bnaya Shanani is in concert, tomorrow its Kuli Karaoke, and on Tuesday Yael Deckelbaum is live. More details and more exhibitions on the Secret Tel Aviv website.


Tonight Secret Tel Aviv star Sara Miedzigorski in hilarious standup

If Sara’s posts in Secret Tel Aviv are anything to go by, her standup show tonight at Yedidya is going to be hilarious! She is taking part in a weekly Hebrew standup night with other local comedians, entrance is free so what have you got to lose… other than your time and potentially your life in a dangerous trip to South Tel Aviv. More details and more fun events on the Secret Tel Aviv website.


Tomorrow the Iraqi-music-inspired trio release their new album at Teder

Tel Aviv Trio Radio Baghdad head to Teder tomorrow night for a special party to celebrate the launch of their new album. They play traditional Iraqi music known as the Iraqi Maqam, which reached its peak in the early 20th century in Baghdad. They will be joined by special guests including the Firqat Alnoor Orchestra for what promises to be a beautiful Tel Aviv hipster evening! More details and more concerts on the Secret Tel Aviv website.


Tomorrow The Stage returns with an English-language standup night

Our favourite English-language performance arts community, The Stage TLV, returns tomorrow night with Moonlight Comedy, their monthly standup comedy showcase at Polly Bar. Grab a seat, get yourself a drink, and get ready to laugh as veteran and first-time comedians alike perform in a super-relaxed atmosphere. All performances are in English and the entry is free! More details and more English-language events on the Secret Tel Aviv website.


Tomorrow night find your inner chakra at Sharabiya

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye”.  Tomorrow evening Mystic Nights invites you to connect to your own heart, to connect to others through the heart, and celebrate our inner beating drum of life. The event begins with two separate ceremonies – Masculine and Feminine – where we connect to ourselves and each other through Cacao, meditation, sharing, and more! We then join together and dance! More details and more meetups on the Secret Tel Aviv website.


On Tuesday, Ben Levko shares funny stories in English about Travelling

A “Fadicha” (plural: Fadihot)” is an Israeli word (originally from Arabic) for an embarrassing moment. Fadichot Night is a unique and entertaining event that invites the audience to take the stage and share a story of a comical mistake or misfortune. This week’s theme is Travel Fadichot. Host Ben Levko will open the evening with some on-theme standup comedy, and then invite audience members to share their big “Fadicha”. Join us to tell a story or just listen – because we’ve all had a Fadicha worth sharing! More details and more cool events on the Secret Tel Aviv website.


Our Best Events in Tel Aviv WhatsApp group has reached 1,000 members!

Just over two months ago we created a WhatsApp Community for Secret Tel Aviv to share details of all the best events in the city, top new jobs and competitions. We also invited a couple of our favourite communities to join – Kerem House and Plastic Free Israel. The community has now grown to 1,800 members, and our Best Events in Tel Aviv Group hit 1,000 members last week! Come and join the fun – check out all the Groups in our Community here. If you run a WhatsApp Group and want to join the community let’s connect!


We’ve doubled our members in only 2 months – check out some great tips!

Last week we reached 16k followers on Instagram! We’d had a Secret Tel Aviv Instagram account for several years, but hadn’t really been active on it. Just over two months ago we decided to invest more time, and since then have doubled the size of the account. Secret Tel Aviv’s Head of Social Media Tanya has written a couple of great articles with advice on how to grow your account – focusing on Brand Strategy and Content Strategy. Let us know what you think! Follow us on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube Shorts!


We’ve added over 100 new jobs in the last week

We’ve added over 100 new jobs to the Secret Tel Aviv Jobs Board over the last of week. Some of our favourites include: Riskified are looking for a Business Development Manager; Guesty are looking for a Senior Go-To-Market Strategist; Lightricks are looking for a VP HR; and Better Impression are looking for a Content Manager. For more top jobs check out the Secret Tel Aviv Jobs Board. For inspiration check out our Guide to the Best Companies in Israel. It’s also a great time to study: Study in English in Israel at Tel Aviv University International and learn to code with Developers Institute!


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