Secret Tel Aviv Live is a community project to help us all get through quarantine. Every day from 4pm we’ll be broadcasting livestreams of kids shows, fitness classes, cooking classes, community projects, and live jamming – direct from our community’s living rooms. A big thank you to all the livestreamers who are creating amazing and inspiring content, especially Nechemia Seif who helped kick off this project – catch him jamming most evenings.

What’s On:

Thursday 26/3:

  • 4pm – Amber Lavian & Ariel – Kidding Around Yoga for Kids
  • 4.30pm – it’s kids hour with Savannah Kids and Savannah Zwi-Navon.
  • 5pm – get some tips on how to stay fit, healthy and pain-free while stuck at home, by Momentum פיזיותרפיה and David Borowski
  • 6pm – Twerk workout with Nicolle Wolicki and Twerk with Nicolle!
  • 7pm – Boxing class from Fight TLV
  • 8pm – Mirror, Mirror on the wall – who’s the greatest slammer of them all? The Stage are going Facebook Live with their monthly slam!
  • 10pm – Quarantine Jam with Nechemia Seif and Ilan Eckhardt

For further listings, check out our Full Live Listings Google Sheet. If you want to play, comment on one of the posts in the Group.

FOMO – catchup on all the livestreams

Tuesday 24/3:

Monday 23/3:

Sunday 22/3:

Friday 20/3:

  • 11am – Entertain your kids with Music for Kids with Project Treehouse Music | Read more | Livestream
  • 12pm – yoga with Shraddha Yoga Studio | Read more | Livestream
  • 1pm – Vegan cooking class with Just A Moment – learn 4 delicious recipes using chickpeas | Read more
  • 2pm – Vegan cooking class with Rachel Hammer – prepare a delicious vegan chocolate mousse! | Read more | Livestream
  • 4pm – Ava Szilagi is back with the amazing 305 dance workout! | Read more | Livestream
  • 9pm – midnight – Hounds of Love and Michael Ridley takeover | Read more
  • 11pm – Romka | Read more | Livestream
  • 11pm – more jamming from the awesome Ilan Eckhardt! | Read more | Livestream

Thursday 19/3:

Wednesday 18/3:

  • 4.30pm – it’s kids hour with Savannah Kids and Savannah Zwi-Navon | Read more | Livestream
  • 6pm – get some exercise and positive vibes with Ava Szilagi’s 305 Fitness dance cardio class | Read more | Livestream
  • 7pm – English book club with Shira Sneg and BookLAB – this week they’re talking about ‘The Four Agreements’ | Read more | Livestream
  • 8pm – Nechemia Seif is back with some more amazing jamming! | Read more | Livestream
  • 9pm – live jamming with Ilan Eckhardt! | Read more | Livestream
  • 10pm – community favorite Sharon K Kaniel is also an amazing singer – she’s going to be performing at 10pm! | Read more | Livestream

Tuesday 17/3:

  • 8pm – Kicking it all off… Nechemia Seif is back with amazing jamming! | Read more | Livestream

Read more about our top Livestreamers: – coming soon

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