Last updated July 3rd 2015


Shalom Tel Aviv! We’ve got an amazing line-up this week. Our city’s first blues festival will be in full-force all weekend! Listen to some lively jams from some amazing artists, such as: Uzi Ramirez, Sawyer, and Leo Bud Welch. American Independence day will be full of USA-style parties, including: a beer pong tournament, an all-American barbecue, and a booze cruise! Or, most awesome of all, there will be an all out water war going down at Kikar Rabin! Pull yourself off the couch, and go have some fun!



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Tel Aviv Cocktail Festival (until Thursday) @ Hatachana – Tel Aviv has undergone a cocktail revolution over the last couple of years – culminating in our first Cocktail Festival. Try some new concoctions and get merry with special drink offers. Want to drink cocktails every night? Check out Secret Tel Aviv’s Guide to the Best Cocktail Bars.

 Zohar Argov Tribute @ Ampi Park Rishon LeZion – Pay tribute to a great Israeli musician. Celebrate Zohar’s 60th birthday with Joe Argov, and an excellent array of Israeli artists. 154-295 NIS.

Karma She Dyslexic Experience – The CCA Gallery hosts a special evening – participate in this artistic adventure and contribute to the making of a dance film. Featuring numerous DJs.
Philosophy of Yoga @ Dizzy Frishdon – Learn about the amazing origins of this spiritual activity.  40 NIS. 


Mini Rock festival in Rishon LeZion – Listen to some old pros dish out their best rock and roll vibrations. Performances by Machina, Monica Sex, and Barry Sakharof. 189 NIS.

Lukach – Games of Crack @ Pasaz – Help celebrate Lukach’s new album launch. Dope hip-hop vibes for all to enjoy. Then, later in the night, party to some more hip-hop and trap tunes. 40 NIS.

Unbirthday Decompression – Are you longing for the Playa as much as us? Come and say hello to some old friends @ The Dancing Camel. Free!

Bezalel Open House (till Saturday) – One of Israel’s top art schools is showcasing its amazing talent at this unique exhibition.

Erez @ Yafo Creative – Acoustic artist performing at a secret location! Forbidden fruits are the sweetest! Let this artist’s acoustic excellence tug at your heart strings. Buy a ticket to reveal the mystery. 40 NIS.

Punkoustics Celebration @ Koro – Come equipped with your own instruments for a huge jam session! Or, just come and listen to some Israeli talent. 10 NIS.

Corefest @ Reading 3 – Come thrash your head to some serious metal bands. 269 NIS.

How to read you pay slip (Hebrew) – Frustrated at the capitalist rat race? Join the discussion on Thursday about all the woes of the class struggle. Free.

Party at Penguin – Get ready for an awesome party! Thousands have jumped on the Club Penguin bandwagon for this banger. Don’t miss out!

friday day (1)

Water War @ Kikar Rabin – Bring your most advanced hydro-weaponry to this epic confrontation, it’s sure to go down in the history books! – POSTPONED TO NEXT WEEK – 10th JULY. 

Blues Festival (till Monday) – Tons of awesome blues artists will be performing in our great city this weekend. Don’t miss out on this awesome annual event! Tickets vary per performance.  The opening event is Full Trunk, Lucille and Gal de Paz @ The Zone 
International Zumba Party – Are you a Zumba fanatic? Come celebrate dance and fitness at this international Zumba Party! Break the language barrier through dance. 25 NIS.
Shishi Sale – Summer fashion sale of mostly Israeli products! Come check it out and support your homegrown fashionistas!

friday night

Bring in Shabbat @ The Nemal – Come join this beautiful Shabbat ceremony on the beach. Enjoy the magnificent Mediterranean while praying, and listening to good music. There’s no better way to start your day of rest.

Kabbalat Shabbat @ Pele – A really awesome way to kick off Shabbat. Pray alongside some great musicians, and don’t be shy to bring your own instrument!  Accompanied by a delicious vegan meal. Recommended donation of 40-50 NIS.

– Carlebach Kabbalat Shabbat – Join hundreds of Olim and Israelis at the Tel Aviv International Synagogue.


July 4th, American Independence Day – Check out the awesome, fun lineup to celebrate America’s Birthday! Highlights include: a beer pong tournament, an all-American barbecue, and a booze cruise!

Blues Festival – Musical talent is flooding into Tel Aviv for this weekend-long event. The streets will be filled with the bluesy vibes for the first time ever in out beloved White City! Including performances from amazing musicians, such as: Uzi Ramirez, Sawyer, and Leo Bud Welch. 

rest of the week

Sunday (for a week)Brazilian Forro Festival – Enjoy live music and workshops by Brazilian and Israeli artists. Prices vary.

 SundayShenkar fashion show – Check out the fashion genius of recent graduates! Young talent is coming out full-force this Sunday. 200 NIS.
– Sunday – Think and Drink Different – how to be successful in negotiations (in Hebrew) – Learn how to get what you want like a true master at this immensely interesting lecture.

MondayLeo Bud Welch – Blues Festival Closing Party… Age doesn’t matter when it comes to raw talent. Come check out this truly amazing blues musician! 100 NIS.  

Monday – Quintino @ Valium – Witness the rise of this up-and-coming superstar! This guy hits the tops of all the EDM charts. Check him out! 65 NIS.
MondayTel Aviv International Makers Open Day – Fancy building things? Well, come get to know these professional builders, and work on projects of your own. Free!
TuesdayTimber Timbre – Canadian folk rock band playing their first gig in Israel! Check them out at Barby. Its going to be awesome, eh?