From top events during the next week to the best new bars and shops, celebrate everything amazing about our beautiful city. By Secret Tel Aviv.

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Number 1


Do you want a stand at our next event on July 20th?

As you all know, our next Jobs Fair is coming up on July 20th. This time we have loads of space and would love to fill it with some awesome creativity from our special community. If you want to sell art, or run a fun workshop, or can think of anything else cool, fill out this form and we’ll check it out and get back to you. Let the creativity flow! Pictured above is Zo from School of Shine

Number 2


Techno, Rap, Midburn, Indie and a whole lot more!

So many cool parties to choose from this week! Starting tonight with Almacén and Anna Loulou’sJaffa Solstice @ AlmacénRap Consciousness @ Levontin 7Contraburn @ Jaffa Tayelet and Krembo Records Bday @ Under52. Tomorrow: Daylight Techno Party @ Tsuzamen. Monday: Indie Go Mini Fest @ BarbyCheck out our Events Calendar for more crazy parties

Number 3


Avenged Sevenfold, Ringo Starr and top local artists!

Check out some live music this week! Hip-hop with Cafe Shahor Hazak @ Bascula and Blind Orchestra @ The Container (both tonight). Former Beatle Ringo Starr @ Nokia Arena and local star Noga Erez @ Barby (both Sat). Israeli Rock with Ouzo Bazooka @ Kuli Alma (Sun); and international metal icon Avenged Sevenfold @ Live Park Rishon (Tue).

Number 4


Friday: Get outside and support a great cause!

Do you want to make new friends and support great causes? This Friday there are loads of cool events, including: Circle of Surfers record breaking attempt @ Herzlyah Beach or help Clean the Beach between Herzlyah and Tel Aviv; give and receive some Free Hugs @ Alenby 60; orshop for a great cause at Drama (all tomorrow). Check out more cool meetups.

Number 5


Brazilian Samba, New Orleans Jazz, and Russian Rock

Get your culture fix! From Russia – Viktor Tsoi Tribute @ Desire Bar (tonight). From New Orleans – Jazz Festival @ Tel Aviv Museum of Art(till Saturday). From Brasil – Forro Party @ Jaffa Port (Saturday). Click here for more culture.


Huge Michael Jackson tribute in Park HaYarkon

This Saturday there are two special screenings – For all the Michael Jackson lovers: A screening of the legend’s biggest moments @ Park Hayarkon. And for anyone into Japanese culture: Japan through the camera lens @ CinematequeClick here for more events like this.

Number 7

The complete Guide to the best parties in Tel Aviv!

Looking for a crazy party to celebrate Laila Lavan next Thursday? There’s still time, check out our Guide for all the Best Parties! Highlights include a World Food MarketMaluma Concert @ Park HaYarkon, and a huge Beach Rave. For more top parties, read our Laila Lavan 2018 Party Guide.

Number 8

Room for rent in Central TLV, view of the water

This week we have two posts of the week! The picture above by Dan Zkr – Tel Aviv style “Room for rent with view of the water”. And a hilarious video by Sharon K Kaniel that explains better than anything how Israel works. Thank you for sharing! And Israel, we love you! 

Number 9

The best places to eat and drink (Other than Abu Hassan!)

Jaffa (also spelled Yafo) is famous for its beautiful port, delicious burekas and hipster boutiques, but it’s also home to many great and very unique restaurants and bars. We made a list of our favorites, but we are sure there are loads more! Click here to read our Best Restaurants and Bars in Jaffa Guide and here to tell us what we missed. Check out all of our Food and Drink Guides!


New record of relevant jobs for internationals the Jobs Board!

This week we broke a new record – we have over 1,200 jobs on the Jobs Board! We only work with Israel’s best companies, so we are confident these are all amazing opportunities! Find your dream job – Start applying today!

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