This week’s newsletter is a little special in that it’s the first since the Facebook Group was re-opened. We still don’t know why we received a 90-day mark down from Facebook, but it’s definitely great to be back! Here are some of things that we missed!

From top events during the next week to the best new bars and shops, celebrate everything amazing about our beautiful city. By Secret Tel Aviv.

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Over the last few months when the group was closed, the thing that we missed the most was the people and their stories. Whether it’s Polina inspiring others with her humility and positivity, Rut sharing the video of the person she met on the bus, Yuval helping his elderly hairdresser, Eldad helping his brother, Sarah’s magical stories, Marina’s message from the UAE, Libby’s beautiful wedding, and so many others, you are all inspiring! And when things don’t go as planned, because sometimes they don’t, you can feel the love in this community – we’re here for you Polina and Yossi. So a big thank you to all you amazing people, it’s great to have you back!


Looking for a laugh? Secret Tel Aviv has never let us down! After only a few hours of Secret Tel Aviv returning, Carsten already captured what we are all feeling about the group being back! Other hilarious posts include Sergei’s dog tinder profile and you had one job posts,  Kobi’s ninja turtle nonsense, Jackie’s joke about ashkenazi food, Tal’s tribute to Barcelona, 2020 so far posts by Vee and Alessia, and when you forget your manicure by Shai. Thanks everyone for sharing!


It’s amazing to see how much talent there is in this community, and we love that you share it with us! This week’s top photos include Niv Glazman’s resting tree and TLV beach (instagram), stunning pictures of the Azrieli towers by Victor and Manuel, Jaffa in 1958  by Itamar, Tel Aviv Beach by David, and of course amazing photos by Yosi of the TLV coastline (instagram). We also have super-talented artists in the group, check out the beautiful doodles by Omry (blue eye and black dog) and this Tel Aviv-inspired Japanese design by Paul. Thank you everyone for sharing!


There have been so many cool businesses of the week recently, that we had to feature them all! If you have a balcony be sure to check out Tamir’s balcony tables, for cool furniture ideas check out Tai’s recycled creations, brighten up your walls with Sivan’s mosaics, fill your tummy with Noa and Daniel’s delicious homemade pasta, get some volleyball lessons from Yuval, and you can even learn to fly with Vitaly. Good luck everyone!


This is a personal message to everyone who has shared their stories of sexual abuse in Secret Tel Aviv- I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to live through sexual abuse, and how hard it must be to share these horrific stories in a public forum. Your words have not been in vain – I am sure I am not alone when I say that these stories have really made me reflect on how I behave. This is not something that is going to change over night, but each and every one of these stories will slowly move that dial – and we’re with you every step of the way. Thank you to SharonTalPolinaShirleyYaronLeahEldar, and everyone else who has taken part in the conversation.


Our events calendar is slowly starting to fill up – and after months of lockdown what better place to start this week’s events than highlighting cool events to meet new people! Tomorrow (Fri) check out the Hounds of Love Rooftop Open Mic, a Beach Cleanup with OneDay, a Sensational vegan burger launch @ Rainbow, and a communal vegan shabbat meal at Shevet. Sunday: For the gamers the LEC Finals @ LVLUP, and the Dancing Camel hosts a Comedy Open Mic in English; Tues: Put on your dancing shoes for a Moonlight Dance Class on the taylet; and Weds: brush up on your Russian Culture at the Fridge. Check our calendar for more cool meetups.


Bars and artists need our support right now! There are loads of fun outdoor parties and concerts this week… Concerts include, Tonight (Thurs): Rotem Bar Or (from theAngelcy), The Great Machine House PartyRock on the Roof @ Art Hall, and Safe Bond; Tomorrow: Samba @ Kachol Afor Yarok; Sat: Warp @ Art Hall; Sun: Einav Jackson Cohen Sunset Show; Tues: The Prince Quartet @ Sputnik; Weds: Ohad Darshan. For Parties, check out SpaceHouse Opening, Hafala Yard, and Hive Thursdays (all tonight), Gugy’s Toy House (Friday), and Promango @ Hive on Saturday. Check out our website for more top concerts and more top parties!


Docaviv, Tel Aviv’s International Documentary Film Festival, starts today! They have done an amazing job adapting to the current situation, with all films available to watch from their website, plus there’s a special Drive-In Cinema tonight and Saturday. There are also loads of amazing exhibition openings this week, check out our website for more info.


Get ready for Rosh Hashanah with loads of cool shopping events on Friday! Garden in the Kerem host their weekly Friday Community Market with second hand clothes, delicious food, and cool music; there’s a huge second hand market with Com-munity, a second-hand market @ Casino San Remo, and check out some local designers at Studio Noy and Kim and Vintage Square. Check out our website for more cool shopping events.


In the land of milk, honey, and hummus, the burger still reigns supreme! Tel Aviv is blessed with many great burger places, most of which thankfully also serve a mean cheeseburger. There’s also a great variety of burgers in Tel Aviv, including American, French, Argentinean, German, Kosher, and Vegan burger joints! Looking for the best burger? Check out the results from our latest Poll! Pictured above is a fat burger from Fat Cow!


Are you looking for a new job? On October 18-22 we are back with our tenth edition of the Secret Tel Aviv Jobs + Education Fair – Israel’s largest and most effective Careers Fair! This time it’s going to be a little different, but even more awesome! We’re going to take advantage of the online channel to explain to you different kinds of jobs and highlight the most in-demand jobs at the moment! Hit attending for more updatesCan’t wait till October? Check out our Jobs Board for over 1,500 amazing jobs!

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