Music Festivals in Israel are back! Over the last couple of weeks loads of amazing events have been announced – from the Golan to the Desert, Trance to Spirituality, 24 hour raves to 3-day festivals – carry on reading for all the best Festivals of the Summer…

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April 2021

Red Sea Jazz Festival #11 Winter edition!

April 22nd to April 24th | Eilat Isrotel Royal Garden | Jazz Festival 

The Dead Sea Jazz Festival is back with a special winter edition in the green city of Eilat! The eternal sun of Eilat Bay joins the intoxicating jazz sounds again this year and together they give music lovers a special jazz festival with live performances, master classes and night jams until the morning light. An amazing blue and white line-up awaits us – with some of the most talented and great musicians in Israel. Read more.

Improv Festival in the Desert

April 29th to May 1st | Chai Negev, Revivim, Desert | Improv Festival | 450 NIS

A year in which we improvised mainly for our favorite pet (and in Tel Aviv it’s mostly cockroaches) comes the most worthwhile event of the year … no … of your life … no … of the entire universe … Desert Social Improv Festival. Meet some great people, have lots of laughs, and enjoy the inspiring workshops. Please note, events will be in Hebrew. Read More.

LoveOlution Festival – Going Deeper

April 29th to May 1st | Ecological Farm near Pardes Hana, Central Israel | Spirituality Festival | 450 NIS

3 days of Intimacy, Shamanism, and Sexuality! Love Evolution invites you to grow, shine the spark of your soul, and open up to life itself. Let’s find the lover and inner lover within you and move your life in dances of passion in three days of love, intimacy, exploration and expansion of the boundaries of consciousness. Read more.

Desert Society – Sunny Side

April 30th to May 1st | Desert Ashram, Desert | Tribal Music 24-Hour Party | 290 NIS

For some time now we have been dreaming and fantasizing about a tribal gathering in a desert landscape. To that end, we invited the good friends from the Stereo Society plus the supportive power of the Zenon Records family for a musical reunion under clear skies and the warm rays of the sun. The warm and embracing house of Ashram in the desert will create a space for us for a musical journey barefoot, dancing on the desert soil, to the sounds of increased music, in the endless silence of the desert. Read more.

Maccabi House Kinneret

April 30th to May 1st | shores of the Sea of ​​Galilee | EDM Rave | 220 NIS

Electronic Music Rave on the Shores of the Galilee! The Israeli label ‘Maccabi House’ goes out into the world. This concept is a façade, we dance. The event will start at ten o’clock on Friday night and last until eight o’clock on Saturday morning, shortly after we jump into the water and experience a sunrise over the Sea of ​​Galilee together. About the music: Very talented Israeli artists who release music under the label ‘Maccabi House’. Read more.

May 2021

The Gathering 3

21st May to 22nd May | Biankini Beach, Dead Sea | 24 hour trance rave | 310 NIS

Hello to all the Unicorns from the Burner and Trance worlds! Get ready for 24 hours of fine trance in the lowest place in the world, the Dead Sea, how fun it will be to see both sunset and sunrise and dance in the open air to the sounds with the amazing background of the crazy mountains and the view of the calm and clear sea! Read more.

Moon Festival

27th May to 29th May | Desert Ashram, Desert | Spirituality Festival | 400 NIS

The festival will feature three days of experience for all the senses, through music, visual arts, performance arts, workshops, all in a wide-ranging desert context and a full moon. Read More.

June 2021

Genesis Music Festival

3rd June to 5th June | Park HaYarden, Golan, North Israel | Music Festival

Amazing line-up of Israeli musicians including Ehud Banai, Madras Band, Dudu Tassa, Mosh Ben Ari, and Noga Erez. Read More.

Imagine Post Corona Rave

10th June to 12th June | Desert Ashram, Desert | 48 Hour Rave 

Get ready for a wild party that goes all the way and then beyond that, get ready to unload a year, quite hallucinatory, the longing for the plaza will become a big celebration, with us all wrapped up in the endless expanses of the desert. The program, in the best tradition, is a continuous and fine 48-hour musical journey, moving between 2 stages, through sunsets, sunrises and long nights of dancing, friends and musical aviation. Read more.

September 2021

Reggae and Dancehall Festival

7th September to 8th September |  Khan Nachal Arava, Desert | 24 Hour Reggae and Dancehall Festival

24 hours of amazing reggae and dancehall in the desert! Read more.

InDNegev Music Festival 2021

September 30th to October 1st | Mitzpe Gvulot, Desert | Music Festival

InDNegev is one of Israel’s largest music festivals! Focusing on Israeli bands, InDNegev is a three day music extravaganza held at Mitzpe Gvulot in the Negev. Read More.

For all the latest music festivals in Israel, check the Secret Tel Aviv Calendar! For more great recommendations, sign up to our weekly community newsletter

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