Last updated August 5th 2014

Shalom Tel Aviv!

We are super excited here at Secret Tel Aviv HQ – there are only 10 days until the Secret Tel Aviv Pesach Party! You’ve been there for the arguments… You’ve been there for the extraordinary acts of kindness… Now come and meet and dance with the people in person! To celebrate the launch of our new website Secret Tel Aviv Sublets ( entrance is on us before 10pm if you register –

Now on with the main event… This week’s newsletter contains all the regular amazing events in this Amazing City (with a bit of help from the awesome DIY Tel Aviv –, plus some details on communal Seders for Pesach.

Chag Sameach to everyone from Secret Tel Aviv!

Communal Pesach Seders on Monday Night:

* Tel Aviv’s Community Pesach Seder at TAIS – Don’t Pass Over this Seder! –

* Seder Night Dinner with White City Shabbat –

Tonight (Wednesday 9th April)

* Do you want to learn how to swing dance? Holy Lindy Land return for their monthly night – great swing music, unique atmosphere, cool people, and a free dance class – entry is free –

* Oracle Israel CEO and Global VP Moshe Horev lectures on negotiation at Tel Aviv University – (100 NIS, in Hebrew) –

* Discoshuk at the Tel Aviv port from 20:00, organised by the Slow Food Youth Network. It’s an event raising awareness for how much food is wasted daily around the world. There will be music to dance to, plus a big meal cooked for everyone using food donated to the event that would have otherwise gone to waste. Free –

* Pasaz hosts the awesome electronic music band Echo and Tito –

* Israeli heavy metal bands Mad Choice and Kids Insane are heading to play some shows in Europe next month. This is a small goodbye party at the Koro –


* It’s ass shaking time at The Groove Redemption’s performance@ The Zone – Funk, Disco, RnB, Hip-Hop and much much more + an open jam session after the show –

* The Treasure Hunt in Old Jaffa is back – if you get bored at museums, then this is for you – travel through 4,000 years of history in a fun format, 50 NIS –

* Are you interested in Hi-Tech? Welcoming all startup ecosystem friends in Israel to get together for a networking session in Tel Aviv –

* The Kokoro’s 2nd live show performance (the first one happened last week). It’s at the Susanne Dellal center – a crazy dance / performance art show – tickets here –

Friday Day

* Gan Ha’ir hosts Garden Art – garden art, fashion, design, music, good food, and alcohol – includes a concert by Esther Rada – free entry –

* Ze-Ze fashion fair at the Little Prince on Nachalat Binyamin – shopping for a good cause – there will also be great music, booze and food –

* Do you like volunteering? The OneDay Tel Aviv branch launches its first April event! Only 25 spots available so make sure to sign up –

Friday Night

* Join hundreds of Olim and Israelis this Friday and every Friday night at the Tel Aviv International Synagogue for their acclaimed Carlebach Kabbalat Shabbat –

* Are you a current or past lone soldier? Then check out the Friday Night Dinner in our new clubhouse! Come hungry and bring friends –


* The opening of the ‘Less than 1000’ gallery at Abarbanel 60. A selling gallery for affordable local art. There will be music and free booze. Free entry –

* Sun Tailor is playing an intimate gig at Yafo Creative from 9pm. Tickets 40NIS – this is a small gig in a great but tiny location (salon gig). Best get tickets in advance –

* Vintage Turbo Fest @ The Barby – lots of live bands across 2 stages, live painting / art, performance art / circus, psychedelic stuff happening all around. Should be awesome. 60NIS on the door or 50NIS in advance –

* Uh-oh, they’re at it again. Secret Tel Aviv’s premier bachelors Eugene and Ariel are hosting an Open Mic at Gova –


* The day after you stuffed yourselves full of Matzot at Seder, there is a big party to allow you to digest all that Passover food at Bootleg – top DJs –

* Art*Star is back with another exhibition at the Brown Hotel –

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