Last updated August 5th 2014

Shalom Tel Aviv!

Just a normal week in the White City… a week full of awesome events, parties, art gatherings, clothes sales, cannabis rallies, Shavuot on Tuesday… oh, and Justin Timberlake and the Prodigy are in town!! Scroll down to the bottom of the email for tickets for other global superstars coming to Tel Aviv over the summer!



* OMG OMG OMG Justin Timberlake is in town! For those of you lucky enough to have got tickets, have an amazing time! For those of you unlucky not to have got tickets (like me), cry me a river!

* Calling all creative people – the Ficus Workspace is having a session for poets, writers, illustrators, sketchers… anyone who can be creative with a pen (that’s pretty much everyone!) –



* I am a Firestarter! – The Prodigy are playing at Gnei HaTaroucha – like JT, tickets are sold out for this event!

* I hope I remember this one – Pro Canabis Rally at Kikar Rabin –

* PeleParty! – amazing DJ, jam session in the yard, free delicious vegan food, bubbles in all sizes – 50 NIS entry, bring your own alcohol –

* Want to learn more about courses at Tel Aviv University? Check out the TAU International Open House –

* The Lucile Crew is coming back to The Container @ Jaffa Port for a hot night of Funk, Hip Hop and Soul. The Music is free and the Rum is cheap! –
* How about something different? The Mysteron Theatre are combining surreal theatre with a tour of the Central Bus Station –


Friday Day:

* DIY Tel Aviv Event of the Week ( – be sure to check out the Trenda fashion fair in aid of abused women @ HaTachana – grab amazing local designer fashion at prices up to 150NIS (wedding dresses up to 1,000NIS) – opens Thursday evening, Friday and Saturday – – interview with the organizers here –

* Exhibition: ‘Infiltrators’ – cool exhibition dealing with global and local refugee issues – opens Thursday night with live music, on Friday there is a talk by the creator of the exhibition –

* Garage Sale at Uganda Tel Aviv – live DJ set, cheap clothes – vintage, new and second hand – books in English, records, cupcakes – regular and vegan! great food and sunshine –

* Pop In Yoga Station – free and open to everyone who wants to pop in for a first try, a breathe of fresh air, or just for fun! Hosted by the Shine On Movement –

* The Carmel Akman band are performing in Jaffa Port – free music, sunshine, beer, what could be better? –


Friday Night:

* Unity Kabbalat Shabbat on the Beach! Join us to bring in Shabbat on the shores of the sea –

* Join hundreds of Olim and Israelis this Friday and every Friday night at the Tel Aviv International Synagogue for their acclaimed Carlebach Kabbalat Shabbat –



* It’s ok to be Selfish – Valium’s opening Saturday night – it’s going to be CRAZY!!! –

* Roof Party – The Roof Animals present Boiler Roof –

* Bint El Funk play at the Hoodna Bar Florentine –

* Gypsy, Balkan, Klezmer band KBetch perform at Café Kaymak –

* Saturday night is Spanish Night at Salvador – Flamenco floor show, vegan tapas, sangria, and lots of good energy –


Rest of the Week:

* Sunday – Do you want to try something Israeli? Sunday night is Israeli music night at the Patio –

* Monday – Been starting at that drawing kit you don’t use anymore? Need to work on your portfolio? Don’t want to drink alone? Join us for HaStudia’s monthly live nude figure drawing – Drink and Draw at Hastudia –

* Tuesday – Tonight is Shavuot, and the Tel Aviv International Synagogue will be hosting their 5th Annual Gourmet Dairy and Cheesecake dinner –

* Tuesday – One of Israel’s top band ‘The Apples’ are performing at the Barby –

* Tuesday – Opening night of Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake at the Israeli Opera –

* Tuesday – Burning Man’s regional even in Israel, Mid Burn, starts today 3-7th June –


Tickets for upcoming events:

* The Rolling Stones are performing at Gnei Yehoshua on 4th June – tickets start at 700 NIS –

* The Sunbeat Festival – 6th to 7th June – an exciting two days of live music from around the globe, camping in nature, and chilling with nice people in the Sun – tickets start at 234 NIS –

* Legendary Greek composer Yanni returns to Israel on the 7th June – he will be performing at the Nokia Arena, and Secret Tel Aviv members have a special 100 NIS discount – simply click on the link, and enter “secret2014” in the promotional code –

* La Triviata Opera at Masada – 14th to 17th June – tickets start at 380 NIS –

* Pixies perform at the Bloomfield Stadium on June 17th – tickets start at 300 NIS –

* Neil Young’s Alchemy Tour is coming to Israel on 17th July at Gnei Yehoshua – tickets start at 400 NIS –

* The Cirque de Soleil are performing Quidam at the Nokia Arena on 6th August to 21st August, tickets start at 235 NIS –

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