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Comedy for Koby   Rent Musical

Shalom Tel Aviv! Another awesome week in Tel Aviv, jam-packed like a perfect sufganiya with concerts, culture, parties, hi-tech and lots more!


* The incredible Daniela Spector launches her new album at the Barby, with special guest Rotem Bar-On from the Angelcy

* Top Israeli band The Apples perform @ The Zone (HaAzor)
* ConnecTLV Movie Night showing Israeli movie ‘Turn Left at the End of the World’
* TelAvivian’s Pop Up shop returns to Maze 9 for a special Hanukkah edition (until Friday)
* French Career Networking Event by the French Centre of Commerce – with Golan Telecom founder Michael Golan

* DIY Tel Aviv recommends: A Couscous party at the Anna Loulou Bar – live DJ and a large bowl of cousous


* Across Tel Aviv, bars are donating proceeds from chasers to help children with special needs
* Volunteer with the gang from OneDay Social Volunteering to help build the designer clothes Bazaar for a victims of sexual assault (see event on Friday)
* British technopop punk rock band Republica (famous for song‘Ready to Go’) perform at the Barby
* The awesome Hoodna Afrobeat Orchestra perform at Pasaz
* The beautiful Midnight East recommends the Black Velvet concert at Inbal Hall – think Israeli band does Irish and Celtic music! For more Midnight East check the Secret Tel Aviv Magazine
* MicrOrchestra Jam hosted by Balu (aka Dov Rosen formerly of The Angelcy) @ Tachles Bar – check out the Midnight East review
* ‘Fusion Culture’ – Huge psychedelic and techno party at Duplex, plus artist exhibitions throughout the night
* Baali Shem perform at the Central Station – visual theatre performance inspired by Hasidic tradition

* Blues expert Yaron Ben-Ami gives a lecture about the theology of blues @ Hamashbir 22 (in Hebrew)

friday day (1)

DIY Tel Aviv Event of the Week: huge designer clothes Bazaar in support of victims of sexual abuse – 100% of profit goes to charity (Friday and Saturday)
* Midnight East recommends: Controversial politically, experimental artistically and in English… Puppet Cinema: Road to Ein Harod’by Zvi Sahar from the novel by Amos Kenan @ Nachmani Theater
* Midnight East recommends: Japan’s leading modern dance company Sankai Juku return to Israel for a special show at the Israel Opera House (12 to 15 Dec)
* The best Italian band in Israel Monti Fiori play at Rothschild 12

* ‘The Jazz Workshop’ album launch at Port Said

* Free market at Gan Meir – bring things you no longer need as gifts, and take what you need

friday night

Large Communal Shabbat Dinner @ the Great Synagogue
* White City Shabbat Dinner @ Nefesh Yehudi


* Jerron ‘Blind Boy’ Paxton (“virtually the only music-maker of his generation” Wall Street Journal) performs the Blues at Ozen Bar
The Barzilay Crew are opening a new line at HaAzor

rest of the week

* SundayFintech Aviv meetup about Bitcoin at Ismi Salma

* Sunday – the Think and Drink series continues with a talk about happiness in North Korea (in Hebrew) @ Gilda

* Monday – Comedy night ‘Comedy for Koby’ with some top American comedians – all proceeds go to charity @ Tzavta Theatre

* MondayGvahim Legal Networking event: legal jobs in the NGO and Government sector

* Tuesday – Celebrate the first night of Chanukah with Nefesh BNefesh at the Great Synagogue on Allenby

* TuesdayLoveEat in Habima celebrates the start of Hanukkahwith a party and art exhibition

* TuesdayEnglish On Stage has a special showing of Broadway award-winning ‘Rent’ (in English) at Habima

* TuesdayAlphabet hosts a special art exhibition for one night

* TuesdayMidnight East recommends: Shmemel’s new album launch, including really funny Hanukkah song @ the Barby