Last updated August 5th 2014

Shalom Tel Aviv!

Are you looking to meet fun new people? This week’s list is full of events to help you do just that! It’s also a great list if you are just looking to have a fun time!

At the end of this week’s newsletter we also have details of a couple of Pesach Community dinners, RSVP soon before it’s too late.

Finally, one for the calendar – following the huge success of the last Secret Tel Aviv Events party, we have organized a big Pesach Extravaganza Party at Zamir to celebrate the launch of Secret Tel Aviv Sublets on April 19th – entry is on us if you register and arrive before 10pm – we hope to see you there –

Tonight (Wednesday 2nd April)

* Are you looking for work in the nonprofit sector? Are you working at a nonprofit and looking for new connections and able to share your knowledge with other Olim? Join Gvahim’s Nonprofit Happy Hour Networking event –

* Art*Star Parties presents a sneak preview of Noa Yekutieli before the opening of her solo show at the Wilfred Museum + DJ Andrea Rosen who will douse your soul with funk, R&B and hip hop beats with bass –


* The Israel Association of Writers in English and the Department of English and American Studies at the Tel Aviv University present the launch of Arc 23 – a new journal for likeminded individuals – with a live performance from the Tel Aviv University Choir –

* An awesome Non-Smoking party with 80s, 90s, and Naughties music at Hellen Keller –

* The Block hosts Guy Gerber – an electronic DJ/producer and musician who specializes in making techno music with synthesizers and live instrumentation. Gerber regularly DJs across the globe at events in Detroit, Berlin, Ibiza, Miami, and the UK –

* Looking for some hip-hop music? The Hip Hop Train Vol III arrives at Gargarin –

Friday Day

* Are you looking to get out of Tel Aviv for something cultural? The Tel Aviv Arts Council has organized a Spring Art Trip to the North – the trip includes a trip to the Wilfrid Museum in Kibbutz Hazorea –

* Want to see freer markets and more individual rights in Israel? Come meet and discuss with Israel’s leaders in the industry at the first ever Israel Liberty Convention (discussions in Hebrew) –

* Are you looking to update your vinyl collection? Check out the Port Said Record Fair –

* Thinking about adopting a dog? Then check out Rothschild Boulevard this Friday –

* Sarah Peguine has organized a private Art tour in the south of Tel Aviv. We will visit 4-5 different galleries allowing you to discover the most exciting exhibitions and galleries of the moment (tickets 170 NIS) –

Friday Night

* The Tel Aviv International Synagogue continue their Knesset in the Beit Knesset series with Deputy Speaker of the House Ofir Akunis – followed by Kabbalat Shabbat –


* Come out on Saturday for a rousing game of kickball! As an added bonus, we’re having a potluck picnic to give you the opportunity to eat up all the chametz in the house before Pesach –

* 10 shekel market at Studio Naim – Our festive charity event on its fifth year is soon to come – flea market, designers’ clothing, food, art, massages, music and humus 10 shekels –

* Uh-oh, they’re at it again. Secret Tel Aviv’s premier bachelors Eugene and Ariel are hosting an Open Mic at Gova –

* Come and enjoy Spanish Night at Salvador – Flamenco floorshow, vegan tapas, sangria, and lots of good energy –

* Spring is in the air, birds are starting to sing and so are we! For music, poetry and romance lovers, don’t miss this special Paris-Jazz concert at Shablul-

Rest of the week

* Sunday – Do you enjoy film and complimentary drinks? Join us for the NFCT’s Anglo Film Club & Bar Social! The evening will include the screening of an award-winning documentary, “Pole, Dancer, Movie”, a Q&A in English with the filmmaker –

* Sunday – Struggling to adapt in Israel? The ‘How To Be Israeli’ is a stand up comedy show about surviving in the holy land. It’s all in English, so no worries –

* Monday – looking for something new to do on a monday evening? been staring at that drawing kit you dont use anymore? need to work on your portfolio? don’t want to drink wine alone? Join us for hastudia’s monthly live nude figure drawing –

* Tuesday – Art*Star Tuesdays@ the Brown Hotel – Edition 3: Ruby Bat Arnon- Benefit Show –

* Tuesday – The Tel Aviv Ambassador Series continues with the Indian Ambassador –

Looking for places to have a Passover Seder? Look no further:

* Tel Aviv’s Community Pesach Seder at TAIS – Don’t Pass Over this Seder! –

* Seder Night Dinner with White City Shabbat –

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