Last updated August 5th 2014

Shalom Tel Aviv!

What a week we have ahead of us! Science at the Bar tonight, Zamir’s closing party on Thursday, an exchange market on Friday, Pete Doherty’s in town, the beautiful Yom HaZikaron on Sunday night and Monday… plus the little matter of Yom Ha’Atzmaut on Monday night and Tuesday!

For updates on Yom Ha’Atzmaut parties be sure to check our blog on our new website – – wooohooooo! It’s still in early stages, but there is now a link to our Sublets site and a few entries in our growing blog!

Enjoy and Happy Birthday Israel!!!

Tonight (Wednesday):

* Do you like Science? Do you like bars? Science at the Bar is back – over 50 lectures by some of Israel’s top scientists in bars across Tel Aviv – unfortunately most of the lectures are in Hebrew –

* Pete Doherty, famous drug abuser, boyfriend of Kate Moss, and lead musician for the Libertines and Babyshambles, is playing at the Barby – tonight and tomorrow –

* For all wine connoisseurs, or just people looking to meet new people, Wine Wednesdays is back. Bring a bottle + 30 NIS, the best bottle wins a prize, plus all proceeds go to charity –

* Today is the 11th anniversary of the genocide in Darfur – there is a commemoration event in Levinsky Park –

* Dance Tel Aviv have got a free night of ballroom dancing classes –


* There’s nothing like a good demonstration to get the summer started – this time for a very just cause – increasing the minimum wage to 30 NIS per hour – starting at Habima –

* After the demo, how about heading down to the Dancing Camel to celebrate May Day – Workers of Tel Aviv Unite! –

* Secret Tel Aviv’s favourite club Zamir is closing its doors for the summer – and it is going out with a bang – top top DJs playing mainstream tunes, a 90s Hip Hop room, free Jack Daniels shots, and lots of other surprises –

* For all you American Football lovers out there, the TAJ Sabres are building the roster for the coming season! No prior experience required – males only, sorry ladies –

Friday Day

* We love this idea! You are invited to an exchange market – come and participate in changing the consumption culture – lots of stuff, no money! –

Friday Night

* Join hundreds of Olim and Israelis this Friday and every Friday night at the Tel Aviv International Synagogue for their acclaimed Carlebach Kabbalat Shabbat –


* Come and enjoy Spanish Night at Salvador – Flamenco floor show, vegan tapas, sangria, and lots of good energy –

* Looking for love? Seven minutes in the Garden of Eden – Dating Workshop –

* Ladies beware, Eugene’s at it again. Secret Tel Aviv’s premier bachelor is hosting an Open Mic at Gova to scout for new talent –

Sunday Night – YOM HA’ZIKARON

Tonight we Commemorate – a day before we celebrate Independence, on Yom HaZikaron we commemorate those who have fallen to protect our freedom.

On Sunday night all shops and restaurants will be closed. There will be a siren on Sunday night at 8pm, and then again on Monday morning at 11am.

There will be ceremonies all over Israel – the largest one is at Kikar Rabin –

For an English-speaking ceremony, The StageTLV will hold a ceremony at Beit Yad Labanim and will focus on Olim –

Monday Night – YOM HA’ATZMAUT

There are parties all over Tel Aviv tonight and tomorrow. Here are a few of the biggest!

The Typical Tel Aviv Party Scene

* The Dizzy Frishdon crew are having a huge garden party at Haamon 17 – top DJs – 70 NIS entry –

* The promoters crew are back at Vicky Christina after the success of their Purim Party – top DJs and cool location – 70 NIS entry –

* The Mendlemeous/ Dream Exhibition crew are partying at Gordo –

* The Kibbutz Bar Namal are partying in their bar – 100 NIS for free bar –

* The Zamir crew are having an all-you-can-drink party at the Patio – 100 NIS –

* The Block crew are partying in their club – 50 NIS entry –

Something different

* Rabin Square will host its annual celebration, starting at 9pm – it will feature live music and fireworks! –

* How about a party on a Tel Aviv beach? 60 NIS for all you can drink –

* The Atmosphere Festival by Groove Attack and the Solaris Project – huge huge two day festival in the North – tickets 210 NIS –

* Ever wanted to party at a water park? There’s a big party at the Shefayyim water park (just north of Herzliya) – tickets 60 NIS –

* How about a nature party? Then check out Moshav Bnei Tzion (north of Raanana) –

* Private party at an unknown location in Tel Aviv – 100 NIS for free drinks –

Tuesday 6/5

The parties continue throughout Tuesday:

* Street party at Kikar Dizengoff –

* Outdoor party by the EPGB crew –

* Trance party in the Nemal featuring DJ Alex Morph –

* Afternoon loft party at Ismi Salma –

* TLV Internationals host a party and BBQ at the Goldstein Goren Center –

* Are you a lone soldier past or present? Then check out the Lone Soldier Yom Haatzmaut barbecue –

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