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Shavuot is a Holiday that commemorates one of the most important events in Jewish history – when the Torah was given to us at Mount Sinai. Shavuot means “weeks”, this is not a coincidence, since the Holiday marks the seventh week of the counting period since Pesach. In Israel, Shavuot is a official holiday which means no work or school, so there are some great parties and festivals as well as religious events. Scroll down for the Best Shavuot Events of 2017. (Photo credits: Midburn). This year, Shavuot is from Tuesday evening May 30th till sundown of Wednesday May 31st.

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Top Festivals – Get out of the City!

Midburn – May 28th – June 3rd @ The Negev Desert

Burning Man’s Israeli offshoot, and now the second largest regional Burning Man after Africa Burns, Midburn is a special 5-day festival held in the Negev. Self Reliance and Self Expression are key components. This is not a music festival – there are no official stages – but camps host parties – and in the center of the playa are incredible art displays and a huge temple that is burned on the final night. 

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Pashut Festival – May 31st to June 4th @ Desert Ashram BaMidbar (Negev)

4 days of freedom, love and acceptance. Parties and festivities alongside healing in-depth workshops. Infinite desert landscape, facilitated content and also spontaneous encounters with simple and beautiful people. In the amazing Negev desert of Israel

Shavuot at Ohel YaelMay 30th @ Ohel Yael (North Israel)

A Shavuot party bringing together all the best traditions! The first fruit of the harvest, plus amazing DJs and artists performing everything from electronic to mediterranean music at a great-vibes venue.

Unity Water RaveJune 3rd @ Luna Gal Park

Fill the water bags, prepare the bathing suits and take the water guns out of the storeroom because  the traditional Shavuot Water Rave from Unity is back! Huge water slides, a lawn surrounding the Kineret area, pools and an amazing view of the Sea of ​​Galilee.

Top Parties in Tel Aviv

HaYarkon Dragon Boat FestivalMay 3oth @ Park Hayarkon

Although not officially a Shavuot event, this festival is a great way to spend the holiday. Follow the Chinese tradition with boats disguised as dragons and chinese music in the background­, HaYarkon Dragon Boat Festival is one event you should see even if you don’t plan on actually participating. If you are into the whole “let’s ­compete ­in ­a ­dragon ­boat” you can take part in one of the many rowing contests.

Clara – Shavuot Day Pool Party – May 31st @ Clara

Holiday + hot weather + pool party + top DJs, what a better combination for a great party? Hurry up an book a table (click here and we’ll do it for you) before it’s too late!

Drake, Cheesecakes, and Friends – May 31st @ Pasaz

Shavuot, Drake, Cheesecakes and Friends. On the Decks – Ran Barnea and Hermetico. (Please expect 80% Drake + 20% Friends).

Be Proud Shavuot PartyMay 31st @ Lima Lima

Celebrate  the wonderful holiday in which everyone is wearing white and embracing the moments, reminiscent of the old and small Land of Israel, and everyone eats dairy products. Join the Shavuot celebration with DJ Shaked Davidovich with music that will make you dance like it was your last night!

White PartyJune 2nd @ Jhonny Boy

Have you traveled the world and tell people you’re from Israel? Remember their reaction? So that’s exactly what MyPita wants to change!  Let’s help the most delicious advocacy project of the year – all you have to do is get to the party and have fun! All the money raised will go to MyPita, an association for Israeli advocacy! 

Top Religious Events

A Taste of Shavuot: Women, Wine and WisdomMay 28th 

You’re invited to join women in Tel Aviv for Women Wine & Wisdom! Join to learn, laugh, and connect over a glass of fine wine in honor Shavuot. Topic: Shavout – the Sinai Experience. Plus you get to make your own cheesecake!

8th Annual Gourmet Shavuot Meal – May 30th @ TAIS

Sit back, relax with a glass of wine and enjoy a great Shavuot meal that features Fish, Pastas, Quiches, Personal Pizzas, Fresh Salads and Breads, and of course, Cheesecake, Chocolate Mousse and other delicacies with our amazing caterer Hodaya Aflalo! Then we will have a whole night of learning, with parallel classes in Hebrew, English and French, and plenty of food and drink to keep you awake and noshing the whole way through. Following the learning, we will gather on the beach for a sing-a-long, listen to the comforting words of Megillat Ruth and daven as the dawn breaks over the ocean.

Torah TED Talks – May 30th @ Chabad on the Coast

This Shavuot, join us for TEDTorah, a series of talks by different speakers who will discuss ideas that challenge, inspire & uplift!
TEDTorah features a series of short power talks, showcasing important Jewish ideas that change attitudes and lives. These talks are designed to educate, illuminate, challenge and inspire. A delicious dessert buffet and hot drinks will be served.

Shavuot Rooftop Dinner & Sleepless in TLVMay 30th @ Inspired Tel Aviv

iTV invites TLV’s young professionals for a gourmet Shavuot dinner at a rooftop location, followed by their sleepless in Tel Aviv free all night learning program (a variety of amazing lectures given by educators and special guest speakers covering a wide range of interactive sessions and topics). There will be cheesecakes and coffee to keep you up all night! 

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