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Purim is a Jewish Holiday where it is commanded that we get wasted – Yalla Balagan!

This year, Purim falls on a Monday night (9/3), so basically that means you can expect a whole week of partying! Carry on reading for the best parties and music festivals in and outside of Tel Aviv. For a full list of Purim events check out our Events Calendar.

Need some costume inspiration? Check out the Tel Aviv’s Best Costumes of 2019.


12pm – Purim Street Party @ Charles Clore Park

The official street party organised by the Tel Aviv Municipality. Previously in Kikar HaMedina, this year’s party is going to be in Charles Clore Park next to the beach. Read More.

12pm – Bicicletta’s Purim Fest #6 @ Kuli Alma

Come join us at our annual crazy Purim party at the Kuli Alma. Read More.

12pm – Avraham Tal – Purim Afternoon Concert @ Hangar 11

Avraham Tal arrives at Hangar 11 – Tel Aviv, at 6.3 with a very special guest – Neta Barzilai, Read More.

12pm – e-Boded – Purim Pere @ HaOman 17

Lonely Island Wild Purim. Grow a Tail, Wrap yourself in Feathers and Rediscover whether a Cowboy on the Wave or a Crocodile with Ambition, It’s Time to Give the Horse some Fun … Read More.

5.20pm – Big Shabbat Dinner (+ 200 guests) @ Ben Yehuda 86

The Big Shabbat on Ben Yehuda is waiting for you for another big event where people celebrate Shabbat in a cool, pleasant and young environment! Where will you be that Friday night and Saturday Lunch? Read More.


2pm – TEDER Purim Party @ TEDER

From noon till the late night, TEDER opens the court yard for a Purim party like no other! Read More.

2pm – Mondo Purim 2000 : Elevator To Heaven @ Mondo 2000

In the coming Purim we decided to look for our wildest and most true imagination – to heaven in heaven – to give shape, color and tangibility to what we all feel every time the elevator opens. Read More.

2pm – Purim Pancake Lab Party  @ Drama

Rumor has it that the PANCAKE FACTORY camp is back in business and it will take over the Drama bar for PURIM! Read More.

5pm – Offer Nissim T Dance Purim @ TLV Expo

Dolls, pirates, fairies, boys and girls and what’s in between … Our favorite holiday of the year. Tonight everything is allowed … Full of surprises like only the Queen can cook for you. Read More.

8.30pm – Atar Mayner Live Show @ Barby

A live and exciting show with a festive performance Read More.

9.30pm – Malabi Tropical Purim Special @ Kuli Alma

We all are excited to launch a new album with a Purim celebration! Read More.


9pm – Ofiri & The Kmitzas Purim Party @ Kuli Alma

Ofiri’s Purim Sin Party Kuli Alma! A Hip Hop show with a nostalgic Israeli taste. Read More.


6pm – Purim de Latina Palestina @ Atlas Shapira

This Purim we are celebrating huge with none other than Latina Palestina!! Read More.

7pm – Purim Dinner Party @ Emesh

A Purim feast that begins as a fine dinner and ends as a disguised party. Read More.

8pm – Purim Extravaganza! @ TIAS

TLV’s Most ROCKIN’ PURIM Party and Massive Megillah Reading at TAIS! Read More.

8pm – Reading a scroll – on the contrary! @ The Pride Center

A special, egalitarian Megillah reading! You’re invited to come in costume! Read More.

8pm – The ARK – T House Purim Party @ T House 

Close your eyes. Imagine your spirit animal. Now open your eyes. Put on your funny ears, masks, and tail. Become one with your inner beast, and get on board The Ark. Read More.

8pm – Back to the Classic Purim Party @ Secret Garden

The Secret Garden and Vicky Christina’s yearly PURIM TAKEOVER at Hatachana Neve Zedek is back for another unreal night between past and present, dream and reality, going back to classics and setting the dance floor on fire! Read More.

8pm – Playstation Purim Party 2020 @ LVLUP Gaming Bar

IGN Israel’s annual Purim party returns for the 5th time with Level productions and this year’s entire party on the Playstation purity! Read More.

8.30pm – Lucille Crew’s Album Release Purim Party @ Barby

After a year full of adventures, fresh lyrics and full of music, Lucille Crew opens their new and surprisingly new album launch at a crazy Purim party at the Barby Read More.

8.30pm – Purim Soul Train @ The Prince

Boogie Fever Comes to the Prince for a Purim disco! Get funky all night long! Read More.

8.30pm – Purim in the Nest @ Cuckoo’s Nest

Join us for a Babylonian-Persian celebration and a Purim feast in Jaffa  Read More.

8.30pm – Suraland Purim x Suramare @ Suramare

Take a direct flight to the great and fascinating continent with wild and spectacular elements at our big Purim festive production – Suraland ~ welcome to the savanna of Africa. It’s time to wake up to the beautiful reality of tigers, tropical trees and happy wildlife! Read More.

9pm – Quarter to Africa TLV Purim Party! @ Haezor

It’s already a tradition, and we are celebrating this year’s Amazing Asian party with Quarter to Africa! Read More.

9pm – Hilulat PURIM x BuddahLevi @ Yehuda Levi

And heaven and earth … well, a beloved family on the rooftop from Yehuda Halevi will later become one of Buddhalevi. And to this day, 3 years of Purim madness! Read More.

9pm – Igra Rama – Purim Rooftop @ TLV Rooftop

We will be celebrating our favorite holiday on a stunning rooftop downtown! Decorations in honor of Purim, surprises and costumes, chill corner, discounted bar and of course great music! Read More.

9pm – Insomnia Purim in the Park @ Park Hayarkon

Purim turns out to be the happiest and most loved holiday of the year. Join the rest of the insomniacs and party in park! Read More.

9pm – Purim Party at the Fridge @ The Refrigerator

The refrigerator disguises itself as the ghost house from Miyazaki’s marvelous Journey of a movie and invites stray souls to an animated Purim party. Read More.

9.30 – Enchanted Purim Party @ Abraham Hostel 

Join us for a magical forest costume party. Drink and dance until you won’t recognize what is real and what is not. Read More.

9.30pm – Eyes Wide Shut – Purim Masquerade Ball @ Poupée

Get ready to dress elegantly, put masks on, and to dance and drink the night away at TLV’s brand new and exclusive Supper Club featuring high end design, gourmet food, and 2 large areas for dancing and chilling. Read More.

9.30pm – Purim Prom 2020 @ Hangar 11

Our events do not have to be explained with many words, and this time we went over board… Read More.

10pm – Purim 2020 by Sir Abdul & Yuli models @ Noor Jaffa

After a memorable New Year’s Eve, we return to another round to wake up the Jaffa nights. Purim in our special style. Read More.

10pm – Imagine Purim In the City @ Gargarin

Two days after our unforgettable carnival in the wilderness,  we will all head straight out of space to the big city to continue the celebration. Read More.

11pm – Fusion Culture Purim Carnaval Spoonbill @ Duplex Club

Extra Weird Live Art Sessions, Three Floors Rave, Molecular Food Show, Next Level Performances, Multi Genre, Music Vibrations, Unique Decoration, And More.. Read More.

11pm – Lucas & Steve – Purim Rave @ Ravers of Israel

Dutch super producer Lucas & Steve will land in the Holy Land for the first time on Purim to conquer Tel Aviv in an exclusive Purim production! Read More.


10.30am – The Purim Project @ Ichilov Hospital

ITV invites all the young professionals of our community to take part of an amazing initiative: The Purim Project 5779. The plan is to give Mishloach Manot to those who really need it. Read More.

10.30am – Waffles, Magic & Megilla @ Chabad on the Coast

Join Chabad on the Coast for the annual Community Purim Party! Nothing better than hot waffles, a spectacular magic show, live music and a rocking Purim celebration! Read More.

11am – Family Purim Festival @ Gan Meir

Purim 2020 is underway. You’re Invited to a celebration for the whole family! Read More.

12pm – WOW Purim @ Baba Yaga

Purim is coming soon, which means it’s time to get ready for WOW PURIM! By a good tradition, the Chance for Life Charitable Foundation invites everyone who is ready to have fun and have a real Purim party for a children’s holiday! Read More.

1pm – Circoloco Tel Aviv @ Ariel Sharon Park

The crew is hyped to be back for the annual Circoloco Purim Rave. Come join the family on March 10th at Park Ariel Sharon. Read More.

2pm – Crazy Purim Seudah  @ The Kerem House

A crazy Purim Seudah for the ages! All you can drink ad delo yada! All you can eat! A long meal to go way after sunset! Read More.

2pm – Tribe Called Mulu Purim Special @ Herzl 16

Just in time for Purim, we will leave our warm house and takeover of Herzl 16’s large courtyard for a Purim show like no other! Read More.

4pm – Hashmaliko PURIM @ Tuval 23 

Just before descending to Sinai, Electrico shakes the dust, wakes from the winter and imagines the March sun on our colorful expansion, and your smiling face in colorful costumes! Read More.

5pm – LUNAR Purim Festival @ TLV Expo

An electric journey from Tel Aviv to the stars, the depths of techno to the end of the universe. Read More

8.30pm – Alice In Wonderland Purim Fest @ T House

Alice, the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts, the White Rabbit and the whole bunch are waiting for you to join our traditional Purim Party! Read More.

8.30pm – Fortisynthesis @ Barby

Fortis’ traditional Purim celebration is back! Read More.

9pm – Exclusive Purim 2020 – 14th Floor @ HaArbaa Towers

On the most colorful night of the year, celebrate Purim at a unique location on the 14th floor of the Ha’Arbaa towers, with a view over the entire city of Tel Aviv. Read More.

10pm – Mainstream TLV – Purim 2020 @ Hangar 11

This city left us no other choice but to pick up the glove and embark on a particularly central and festive mainstream event in honor of Purim. Read More.

10pm – Purim @ Shoken 27

The legendary Purim party in Shoken 27 will take you to another world! Read More.

11pm – Purim Reggaeton Party 2020 @ Alma de Cuba

The Alma de Cuba and the Havana Club are pleased to invite you to the Purim Regatton production in town Read More.


8.30pm – Crazy Purim Party! @ Venn

Ready for this year’s craziest Purim party? Because we cant wait! Read More.

9pm – Nadav Dagon Special Purim 360 Show @ Kuli Alma

Nadav Dagon arrive for a special Purim performance on the 360 ​​° stage, with tons of electronic equipment, percussion, drums and many more surprises. Read More.

9pm – Purim 2020 @ Haezor

A Festive Masquerade Ball Read More.


9pm – Purim Towers Party @ Azrieli Tower

For the first time, Animals will hold one party, which is combined in 2 locations of high-rise exclusives towers. Party on the secret tower and at the same time a party in Azrieli Tel Aviv 49th floor Read More.

10pm – Wild Purim – Donation Rave! @ Hamam

Under Jaffa arches – WE RAVE TO SAVE. Costumes only. come early. Vote with your money – stomp your feet, don’t bring plastic and lets go! Line-up that will make you sweat! Power your spirit animal. Purim 2020 lil Wild. Read More.

10.30pm – Metamorphosis – 3 Floors of Magic @ Duplex Club

One night. One celebration. Three floors. Experience the magic during the most epic holiday in the Jewish calendar in the most epic city in the world. Read More.

10.30pm – Space Tricks – Sputnik X Abraxas Purim Party @ TBA

We took the spacecraft off Allenby Street and collected the magic from Lilienblum and we’re about to blast off, to pick you up for this year’s incredible experience. Read More.


1pm – Malki’s Carnaval Purim Party @ Malki Bar

A Wild Brazilian Circus Carnival lands at Malki that will make Purim a memorable and crazy experience! Read More.


1pm – M-Fest Purim @ Live Park Rishon

The Festival of Friends is excited to open 2020 and celebrate the biggest holiday of the year in the biggest place in the country! Read More.

3pm – Purim – Lost in the park @ Park Hayarkon

In collaboration with Utopia Festival, take a journey in the park for Purim Experience and get lost in the atmosphere! Read More.

 8.30pm – Live Progressive Purim Carnival! @ Barby

The Eggroll band returns to Barby in a highly electrifying and progressive electric carnival! Read More.

9.30pm – Zombie Walk TLV 2020 @ Ben Zion / King George

This year’s Iron Maiden Edition will be a collaboration with the Iron Maiden / Bloomfield Stadium Tel-Aviv show in Israel! Read More.


5/3 – 7/3 – Imagine Purim Desert Carnival @ Desert Ashram

You are invited to the three most colorful, happy, unruly, uninhibited and glorious days of the year! Read More.

6/3 – Shushan Purim Carnival 2020 @ Binyamina

Lily 2.0 | Purim Festival 24 Hour Marathon, Extreme Marathon and Extreme Banquet Read More.

6/3 – 7/3  – TERRA PURIM Adventure @ Khan Gamalia HaDarom

Prepare masks and tighten the costumes. Purim 2020 brings with it a wide range of “Terra” that has not yet been touched. Harmonic fusion of people, nature and music that crystallizes into a love-show of frequencies and colors in the heart of the desert. Read More.

6/3 – 7/3  – Purim Festival 2020 by Groove Attack @ TBA

Purim is the perfect time to dress up, put on a costume & coloful body paint and enjoy 17 Hours of constant music by the cream of the crop of the international Psy Trance circuit. Read More.

12/3 – 13/3 – Trilogy Festival Rebirth @ North Israel

This Purim will be celebrated in the wild with Mother Earth !!!  Read More.

13/3 – 14/3 – Lost In A Moment Israel @ Kfar Hanokdim Arad

Once again for Purim, we will follow our senses to the magical surrounds of Kfar Hanokdim. Read More.

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