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You know a city is truly awesome when there is someone in the city’s cultural committee who thought to himself­ “hey, let’s keep the city open all night long”. Tel Aviv’s White Night celebration is one of the biggest events of the year, with all night parties; and when the shop owners and restaurants literally don’t close. Stores that usually close at 10pm will be open till 6am and beer will be drunk and music will be heard in different public locations throughout the city. Even some museums and galleries stay open all night, so there are hundreds of things to do!

Although the best way to celebrate is at the massive street parties that happen in the major streets, there are some awesome productions you should check out! Scroll down to find out where are the best parties and events of Laila Lavan 2017.

Laila Lavan is one of Tel Aviv’s Top Cultural Events, click here to see the full list

Pre-Laila Lavan Celebrations

White Night Picnic – 26 June – Secret location in Tel Aviv

Before all the crazy parties, join the White Night Picnic in a magical location in Tel Aviv (that will be reveled to ticket holders 30 min before the event). Adorned with your best white outfits, your tables, chairs and picnic baskets, you will be in one of the most magical places of Tel Aviv. More info

Top events of Laila Lavan – June 29th

Laila Lavan at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art – Central Tel Aviv

This year, in an event that has become a tradition, the museum will be open until midnight, and will include a variety of live events, performances, tours, lectures and more. More info

Laila Lavan at Frishman Beach – Central Tel Aviv

White Night celebrations at Frishman Beach starting at 21:00. Groove Box, soul, funk and pop covers of all times + a rock concert! More info

Laila Lavan at the Cinemateque – Central Tel Aviv

Come up with us on a white night of cinema, music, wine and Malabi Tropical! From 20:00 and throughout the night, movie screenings, wine, music and a collage of home-made clips sent by you! More info

Laila Lavan at Habima Square – Central Tel Aviv

Starting from 21:00. Live exhibits, circus and street theater. A drumming and fire show. A hypnotizing show of five artists, music, rhythm, juggling, dancing and fire. Paint the white night with colors and sounds. More info

We Love Florentin – South Tel Aviv

For the fifth time, a Laila Lavan exhibition on Florentine of the local art, in the cool hipster neighborhood of Tel Aviv. More info

Laila Lavan Rave at TEDER – South Tel Aviv

Take advantage of the fact that it is permitted to make noise and raise the space to the air! Monstrous sound, space lighting and music from the future. More info

Laila Lavan at Nachalat Binyamin – South Tel Aviv

Two performances by the most popular artists today in Tel Aviv – Adi Ulmansky and Ortega! If that’s not enough for you – there will be a mean line of DJs carefully selected that will make you dance until you do not know. More info

Laila Lavan at Suzanne Dallal – Neve Tzedek

For a white night celebration in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, in Suzanne Dellal, a party that is entirely Latin, including Latin dancing, shows and guided tours! In the program: Salsa, Bachata, Brazilian lines, Kisumba and more. More info

Laila Lavan at Gan Hapsiga – Jaffa

You are invited to a white night celebration at Gan Hapsiga in Old Jaffa. Rock concert with: Random Dogs, Revenge of the tractor, Amir Lev and even Monica Sex! More info

Laila Lavan at Jaffa Port – Jaffa

White Night celebrations at the Tel Aviv-Jaffa port! Performances and dancing, a celebration Greek Taverna-style full of happiness featuring Greek and Turkish music. The show includes the biggest and best hits of the Greek singers in Israel combined with Greek classics. More info

Laila Lavan at Kikar Kedumim – Jaffa

You are invited to the Tel Aviv-Jaffa White Night Festivities, at Kedumim Square in Jaffa. Enjoy a unique performance by the Tel Aviv Jazz Orchestra where they will host some of Israel’s best artists! More info

This are just some of our favorite events of this year’s Laila Lavan, Click here for full Laila Lavan events listings 

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