If you know any Moroccans you will know they love their cakes! So Pesach is an especially difficult holiday for Moroccans… some say it is even harder than Yom Kippur! It therefore comes as no surprise that when Pesach is finished it is the Moroccans who party the hardest!!!

The celebration begins after nightfall on the last day of Pesach. Moroccan grandmothers invite as many people  as possible to their houses so they can show off their baking skills with an array of cakes and sweet treats. A particular favourite is Mofletta – made of water, flour and oil, think of it as a greasier pancake which replaces the milk and egg with oil… Mmmmmmm. It is usually served with honey.

Tel Avivis don’t need much of an excuse for a party, and Mimouna is no different. There are loads of Mimouna Parties going on across the city…

Saturday 23rd April 2022

KULI – Mimouna @ Kuli With Haim Uliel

Kuli Alma, Mikve Yisrael 10 | 8pm

This year, we celebrating a very special Mimona with the legendary performer Haim Uliel, Empty carbs, Empty sugars And Ashkenazi friends who are excited that we invited them. Read More

BARBY – Inshallove Mimouna Gnawa Festival @ Barby

Kibbutz Galyot 52, Barby, Tel Aviv | 6pm

Come with Inshallove to the most unstoppable Moroccan party! Read More

DRAMA – Mimouna @ Drama with Kobi King

Drama, Nahalat Binyamin 52, Tel Aviv | 8pm

Drama hosts its traditional Mimouna Party with live music and delicious treats! Read more.

CAMEL RIDERS – Ritual Mimouna Party by Camel Riders @ Outdoor location near TLV

Outdoor location near TLV | 4pm

Camel Riders and the Myth present a huge Mimouna Afternoon Party with an all-star lineup including Acid Pauli, Laroz, Nadav Dagon, Funkamel and more. Read More

COLLABO – Mi-Mouna (Who The Fuck is Mimouna) Party @ Collabo

Collabo, Ben Tzvi 47, Tel Aviv | 4pm

Start practicing your Kololuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Collabo are hosting a huge mimouna party with great people, electronic music and also music with lyrics, and lots of sweet treats! Read more.

SHAPIRA – Mimouna @ Atlas Shapira

Atlas Shapira, Mesilat Yesharim 15, Shapira, Tel Aviv | 8pm

Once it’s a start, a second time it’s nice, a fourth time it’s a tradition. On Saturday, April 23, after a week of abstaining from delicious food, we celebrate Mimouna at Atlas. We will be on the pans with muffins, Moroccan sweets of all kinds and a new and refreshing spring menu. Read more.

OUTSIDE TLV – Ghostown Mimouna @ Mantur Beit Oren

Selina, Beit Oren,  North Israel | 5pm

Ghostown bring the Haifa vibe to Beit Oren in North Israel with a crazy line-up and a beautiful setting for a party! Read more.

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