From top events during the next week to the best new bars and shops, celebrate everything amazing about our beautiful city. By Secret Tel Aviv.

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Number 1


Check out some cool parties tonight at Tel Aviv’s top bars! 

There’s some really cool parties tonight: Iconic bar Jimmy Who? Celebrate their 6th birthday at Riding 3Shtuby’s Red Circus returns to the Barby, complete with flying acrobats; Teder host another cool hipster party; there’s hip hop at Pasaz; and late nite at the Block. Check our website for more parties.

Number 2


3 days of non-stop trance in North Israel! 

Festival season is back! The Doof Festival starts today – a 72-hour non-stop trance party in the North. Also today, head south for a more chilled hippy festival: BodyFest @ Desert Ashram. PSO – Saturday night is your last chance to get Midburn tickets – register now for the OMG Sale!

Number 3

Starting today: first of the big spring sales

Spring sales are here! One of our favorite seasonal pop-ups T:Market is back at Dubnov 8 from today (Thursday) to Saturday, with lots of Israeli designers, music and drinks. On Friday, pamper yourself at local popup market Shop Local @ El Vecino – with jewelry, accessories, and organic cosmetics. Find more shopping events on our website.

Number 4


Friday: Celebrate life and happiness with bubbles! 

Join friends, families and kids, and start making all sorts of colorful bubbles to the sound of music at Friday’s Bubble Parade @ Habima SquareYou are invited to bring your talent and friend, there will be musicians, jugglers, clowns and other happy people. 

Number 5

Saturday night: Break pesach with mufletas, beer, and partying

If you know any Moroccans you will know they love their cakes! So Pesach is an especially difficult holiday for Moroccans. It therefore comes as no surprise that when Pesach is finished it is the Moroccans who party the hardest! Click here for our guide on the Best Mimouna Parties in Tel Aviv, including some big productions, Midburn Mimounas and Mimounas in local bars.  

Tuesday: live shows from all this year’s finalists @ Kikar Rabin

With Eurovision only one month away, check out this year’s finalists at Israel Calling 2018 on Tuesday evening at Kikar Rabin as they complete a European tour. Around 30 artists will perform their entries for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest!

Number 7

Wednesday night: all shops and restaurants closed; ceremonies

Next Wednesday and Thursday we commemorate Yom Hashoa, the Holocaust Remembrance Day. All shops, bars and restaurants will be closed on Wednesday night so plan ahead, and there will be a siren on Thursday morning where everything stops for two minutes to stand and remember in silence. There are also some commemoration events and talks with survivors during the week, including Israeli Artists the Pain of Holocaust ExhibitionIn English Survivor Testimony and Ceremony and Cameri Theater’s Holocaust Ceremony. Check our website for more.

Number 8


There’s so much cool stuff we wanted to share it now!

There’s no better way to get through the week than to start planning for the weekend! Next weekend’s highlights include – Thursday: cool Midburn Party My Big Fat Shitty Gay Wedding Disasta. Friday – Volleyball Open Tournament and e-Boded Desert Weekender. Saturday: Unwind and Re-Energize Yoga WorkshopTeder’s Jazz Is Cool and Midburn Pirates Roof Party


We have to make up for the lost time not eating pizza! 

Congratulations! You’ve almost made it through another year of ‘No Pizza Week’! Now it’s time to make up for the lost carbs and get some of the best pizzas in the city! Check out our Best Pizzas in Tel Aviv Guide! Do you have any suggestions to update our guide? Leave us a comment at the bottom of the post! 


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