We’re super excited about the Kol Oleh & Secret Tel Aviv Election Fair on Friday! Come talk to party reps and cadidates, grab a beer and learn about the parties’ positions. Don’t forget to VOTE on TUESDAY! There are also a few fun election parties the nights before and after the election.

St. Patrick’s Day is also on Tuesday, so you can celebrate your vote with some nice Irish beers and spirits at Mike’s Place andMolly Bloom’s or in the street!

The EPOS Short Film Festival and the French Film Festival also start this week.

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* Start of EPOS Short Film Festival (til 14/3) – 50 feature films and documentaries, Israeli and international, along with workshops, unique performances, meetings with artists, and more.

* Vinyl Sale at Kuli Alma (til 22/3) – Hear DJs and live performances while perusing shelves of new and secondhand vinyl of various genres including: techno, house, hip-hop, disco and soul.

IN-D-ART – Join the launch night for this new TV channel dedicated to contemporary art events in music, dance, theater, video, animation, photography, and more.

Isaiah at Yafo Creative – This Israeli band will have one special “unplugged” show. I hope you’ve already got your tickets, because this intimate show is sold out!

* Wize Talk (in Hebrew) – Five experts in their fields will speak about socioeconomic issues in Israel.

* H&M and Shenkar Exhibition – Students will present their illustrations of H&M’s Spring 2015 collection. Vote for your favorite illustration, and you can win 500 NIS to shop at H&M.

* Osmani Garcia Live – Cuban Reggaeton sensation is coming to Israel for a single performance.

* Alphabet of Elections Art Exhibition – 22 artists will honor the Knesset elections with their visual interpretations of propaganda posters from the past. Come for beer, snacks, people, and design.

* One Moment 2: Art in Unexpected Places – Music, theatre, art, discussions, workshop, and exhibitions will be held throughout the Tel Aviv Municipal building, the Einav Cultural Center and Gvirol Arts Center. Free admission!

* Posse – Posters and album cover art by Ellen G, an international artist and designer working predominantly with reggae and reggae-related labels across the globe.

* Yes We Can! – A discussion about the role of women in the labor market, at home, and in academia, and how to motivate change towards equality in our society (in Hebrew).

* Rally for the Disabled – Come out in support and solidarity with the disabled population in Israel.

* Women’s Day Party – Cocktails and live music in honor of International Women’s Day.

friday day

Kol Oleh and Secret Tel Aviv Election Fair – There are only a few days left until the election! This is your last chance to talk to party representatives and candidates, grab a beer and learn about the parties’ positions on all major subjects at stake.

* Street Store – Get involved in this awesome pop-up store for the homeless! Donate clothes, provide hairstyling services, prepare food for the day, and spread the word.

* Urban Gardening – Lean how to create your own terrarium and listen to a band who knows a thing or two about urban gardening – Garden City Movement!

* Art Exhibition Closing – Live music and good times at the closing of the exhibition at Art Space Tel Aviv.

friday night

* Carlebach Kabbalat Shabbat – Join hundreds of Olim and Israelis at the Tel Aviv International Synagogue.


* Think and Drink Different (in Hebrew) – An open conversation about the future political, economic and social center of the country with Meretz Party leader Zahava Galon.

* Israel Didgeridoo Contest – The winner wins a scholarship to fly to Grenoble, France and compete in their international “Didg 2 Didg” competition. Entry is 100 NIS.

* Yoga with a Cause – Not only will you gain peace for yourself, but you will also help spread it to animals with 50% of the proceeds going directly to the SPCA Israel.

* Cuddle Party – Participants engage in communication exercises, explore touch in a non-sexual space, experience personal exploration and intimacy, and have fun with like-minded friends.

* Art Day – The grand opening of Pop House, an awesome platform for artists to exhibit and sell their work.

rest of the week

Sunday – Employment Fair – large job fair in Ramat Gan with lots of Israeli employers.

* Sunday – French Film Festival – The best of French cinema (with Hebrew and English subtitles) will be screened across the country.

* SundayRally for the Right – last week’s rally was for the left, will the right get as many people? 

* MondayHuge Internationals Party – The entire Cat & Dog has been rented out for this 3-room event.

* MondayPre-Election Party @ Pasaz – Listen to some chill rock & roll/nu-disco/techno/whatever music from Cut Out Club and Red Axes.

* Monday – Desert Dreams II – A desert-themed musical journey across 2 dance floors. All proceeds will be used to set up the sound camp at Midburn Festival in 2 months!

Monday/TuesdayDance for Peace Festival –
The night before election day, a global peace party will take place in hope of a government that will bring peace to the Middle East.

* TuesdayELECTION!

Tuesday – End of Term Gagarin Bazaar – Club Gagarin will be transformed into a unique clothing bazaar with jewelry, photos, dresses, and more. Each item is only 10 NIS and all drinks are 1+1!

* Tuesday – Fanzine Festival – An extensive line-up of live Israeli musicians and DJs, amazing food, and good vibes at the Central Bus Station.

* Tuesday – St. Patrick’s Day at Molly Bloom’s – Wear green, be Irish, and party in the street! With live Irish music, quality Irish beer and spirits, and special St. Paddy’s Day t-shirts.

* Tuesday – St. Patrick’s Day at Mike’s Place – Great live music all day with reps from Guinness stopping by to hand out great prizes and giveaways.

* TuesdaySt. Patrick’s Day Street Party – Celebrate in the street with Guinness on tap, Irish whisky, sausages, baked potatoes, Irish music, and more!


And finally, a Purim video from one of the members of the community.. Enjoy!

Purim Tel Aviv 2015 from Chutzpah Media on Vimeo.