Last updated July 4th 2017

Come celebrate the birth of one of the most influential countries in modern history. Tons of awesome American-style parties are going down in Tel Aviv this July 4th. Don’t miss your chance to give an all-American, figurative high-five to the country that influences us all! Scroll down for the best parties of 4th of July 2017!

4th of July Events

Imagine 4th of July @ Litzman

Fourth of July is here and the guys at Litzman are celebrating the right way. Join them under the moon at Litzman, one of Tel Aviv’s most beautiful open-air clubs in the port for an unforgettable time. More info.

Lil Dicky Live @ Barby – SOLD OUT

Celebrate American Independence Day with a live concert of Lil Dicky at the Barby! It’s going to be EPIC! More info. (UPDATE: ALL TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT, try your luck finding some tickets in the Secret Tel Aviv Facebook Group)

4th of July Party @ Mike’s Place

Well, well! America’s turning 241 years young! Mike’s Place is celebrating! We’ve got Miller and Jim Beam in the house to help you relax… We also have a wonderful sandwich menu that will be on special all month long. More info.

4th of July Party @ the Dancing Camel

The Dancing Camel is bringing you a Fourth of July Party like only a bunch of crazy Americans with a brewery in Tel Aviv can! We got everything you been missing about the Good Ol’ US of A – RIGHT HERE! More info.

Fourth of July in Yaffo: Burgers and Brews

Hey there folks, ready to get back to your roots? If you are missing the down home vibe of the US of A, join us this good ole’ fourth of July to celebrate hot food on the grill and open mike western music. Beer pong, red solo cups, open mike country music just like the grand ole opry with even worse standards. come enjoy. More info.

4th of July @ Kuli Alma

Kuli will host a special space show for you in honor of the 241st Independence Day. They will also host some important figures in the alternative rock scene in Israel. More info.


Blessings of God to the most amazing power that brought us capitalism and Beyoncé, genocide to the Indians, the Bagel and the end of slavery, the most refined service consciousness, the red button and Marilyn Monroe – all the horror and Edo Eliezer Konrad who came to celebrate with Sol, B, Hip Hop and Trash Trash from the Land of the Great Discovery. More info.

Make Karaoke Great Again @ Otsar

In honor of American Independence Day and life itself, another memorable karaoke night! This is the opportunity to fulfill the American dream and to be Britney for one night. More info.

4th of July American Karaoke @ Temptation Bar

“There’s a party in the U.S.A.” and it’s coming all the way to Temptation! So if you were “Born in the USA” or just want to come and have some fun singing American songs on our 4th of July karaoke celebration “Cause baby you’re a firework.” More info.


GOD BLESS AMERICA! 4th of July party, American food music & more! More info.


Our name is the Rebel, and the original rebellion was against the British empire. So we will celebrate independance with a lot of hard American rock and metal. Chasers of good old American Jack for 16 nis all night! More info.


Independence Day @ America Restaurant

The United States celebrates its 241th birthday and we celebrate July 4th with an all-American celebration in the best tradition. In the program: a rich and hedonistic menu of the kind you can only find in America, along with music and alcohol to complete the celebration. More info.

MAKE America Deluxe AGAIN

The United States of America celebrates 241 years of independence, and for him it is a cause for celebration. And not just a party – a crazy street party on fire that will make you forget who was chosen to run the US five months ago. More info.

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