Last updated September 6th 2014

PowToon is a Tel Aviv-based Animation StartupDaniel Glickman is a oleh (read: new immigrant) to Israel who wanted work marketing startups and found it. He’s now CMO at Tel Aviv-based animator startup PowToon and has grown that site from 10,000 visitors per month to over 2.5M. He also wanted to find a group of marketing professionals to share insight and finding none founded one. In a city dominated by tech-related meetups, Marketing King now boasts 700 professionals inside and outside the startup industry.

This week, Daniel spoke to Marketing King about the basic tenets of SEO given Google’s endless tweaking of its search algorithm. First, he advised: “go for the low-hanging fruit” since they’re easy and numerous. So, without further introduction, here they are:

  1. Make sure the URLs of your website include the keywords you want to use to rank your website
  2. The title of your website pages should start with the keywords
  3. The H1 and H2 tags should include key phrases without sounding engineered
  4. Use lists that include your keywords
  5. Add original images with alt tags that include your keywords
  6. If your website includes a blog (and it should), establish google authorship and link to/from your Google+ page
  7. Longer is better (though Mashable has perfected short but effective posts)
  8. Include outbound links
  9. Include an original video – it may be expensive, but it worksSEO
  10. Encourage comments
  11. Google looks for family keywords or broad keyword matches, so you can stuff your content with related keywords while still sounding natural
  12. Write a “Mashable style headline”: something that’s short, pithy, and offers value. Daniel mentioned that many Mashable articles are retweeted without ever been read.
  13. Immediately push your posts on social media
  14. It’s true that Google Analytics obscures many of the keywords that viewers use to land on your website, but the 10% that is revealed is statistically significant. In other words, it’s enough to extrapolate the full spectrum of keywords viewers are using.
  15. Don’t mix SEO and content pages: if a page is part of your purchase funnel, make sure it’s targeted and measurable.
  16. Stop obsessing with page optimization – just focus on keywords
  17. Use long-tail keywords because they suggest intent
  18. & when it comes to writing content, remember the acronym: AIDA (attention, interest, desire, and action). Get your reader’s attention with a catchy title, make sure the content is interesting, fulfill your reader’s desires, and drive them to a particular action.

Here are my backlinks: take a peek at Daniel’s Powtoon and create a free animated video.

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