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Meet the people behind your favorite videos, articles, podcasts, events and more! Did you know that all this celebrities are members of Secret Tel Aviv? See who we are talking about.

Nuseir Yassin – Nas Daily

Nas Daily’s Facebook Page

Nas’ has been making 1 minute videos about basically everything for over a year now, and has vecome quite popular! His description of his project is “I want to make videos about things I care about. I don’t care about MANY things, but for the few things I care about, I will go to the end of the world to make a video about them (Mt. Fuji, North Korea, Startups, etc) and share with you.”

Where are you from? I’m from Arraba, a small Arab city in the North.
How would you define yourself or your character in one sentence? I make daily 1 minute videos and put them on Facebook.
What inspires you? Or who are your major influences? I am competitive by nature, so it inspires me to work harder when someone is doing something better than me, and it could be anyone: A brother, a celebrity, a president.
What are you favorite spots in Tel Aviv? Favorite spots in Tel Aviv is in Jaffa. The old viewpoint where you see the whole beach.
What have you got coming up for us to look out for? Tomorrow I’ll have a minute video for you to see. Every day. And I am working on a company that I think you’ll use in the future. 

Avi Schwartzberger – Avi Does the Holy Land

Avi Does The Holy Land Facebook PageAvi Does The Holy Land Website

Avi came to Israel on Birthright and was fell in love with the Holy Land, and so she decided to make a web series to give all her friends (both Jewish and non-Jewish) and all the haterz out there a real view into the true Israel. She has gained many loyal fans and is actually producing her second season!

Where are you from? Canada.
How would you define yourself or your character in one sentence? I am the perfect mix of Diane Sawyer (journalist), Kim Kardashian (glamour icon), and Tevye from “Fiddler on the Roof” (Jewish heroine).
What inspires you? Or who are your major influences? David Ben Gurion Naftali Bennet Shoshana from Girls.
What are you favorite spots in Tel Aviv? Fave spot for Tinder Date: Allenby Shuk (cuz there are multiple exit routes in case the guy is a dud) Fave spot to spot a hot soldier: Sarona Market Best Place for Selfies: The sand pit at Habima (babies and dogs = hella likes on Facebook) Best place for the ultimate Zionist Experience: Clara.
What have you got coming up for us to look out for? I am in the process of filming season 2. Follow my FBook page so you can stay in the loop. Season 2 = More hummus, more car chases, and more hot guys.

Dan Pundak – Singer and video blogger (Rudolf and the Conflict)

Dan Pundak’s Facebook Page | Rudolf and the Conflict’s Facebook Page

Community member Dan Pundak is an incredible folk singer- song writer- guitar player and video blogger, his videos about Israeli life (Rudolf and the Conflict) are hilarious and somehow educational for any international looking to learn something about our country. His music is beautiful and original.

Where are you from? Originally from Moshav Ramot in the Golan Heigts, after the army I lived in Germany, Barcelona and Portugal for a while and ended up in Florentine TLV.
How would you define yourself or your character in one sentence? I define myself as a musician and a social media comic performer/creator.
What inspires you? Or who are your major influences? I find inspiration in many different fields in life, but I would say that my main inspiration (especially for my comical ideas) comes from various people I meet in my every day life.
What are you favorite spots in Tel Aviv? The area of Jaffa’s flea market as well as Rothschild Boulevard, these are a couple of my favorite spots.
What have you got coming up for us to look out for? In a couple of weeks I will be releasing my first music album which i am very excited for, apart from that two new “Rudolf and the conflict” episodes are being written as we speak 😉 (May 2017) and should see Web-light in a about two month from today.

Aaron Scheer – Founder of Daily Freier

Daily Freier’s Facebook Page | Daily Freier’s Website

We all know Daily Freier’s mock articles and funny-because-its-true articles about life in Israel and love them! But do you know the man behind all of it? Meet Aaron Scheer, the founder and mastermind of Daily Freier.

When we asked Aaron how the Daily Freier started, this was his answer “I served in the U.S. Air Force and I moved to Israel to study at Tel Aviv University on the GI Bill, which is a stipend for American veterans to study. I was always into writing satire and jokes, but being an Air Force Officer was not the right venue to try to be “Edgy”, so I kind of had all these ideas percolating in my head for a bunch of years that needed an outlet. I started writing during school, and soon realized I was a better writer than a student. I wrote stories based on my friends’ experiences in Tel Aviv, to include “Israeli Boy Problems”. Unfortunately, my friends are now in relationships with nice guys and my comedy is suffering. Eventually, I got two regular guest writers, Lee Saunders and the woman who writes as “Mia Deych”. Secret Tel Aviv Magazine started posting our stuff after Jonny Stark called to ask me how my customer experience with Bank HaPoalim was, and he asked me what I did…. which at that point actually included being a benign troll of Secret Tel Aviv trying to post his stories on the site! In 2015 I started writing occasionally over at Times of Israel, mostly making fun of FOREX/Binary. The Times and in particular Sarah Tuttle-Singer have been quite helpful to me, even though I lampoon them. Last year the Daily Freier started writing for Israellycool, a great pro-Israel website run by Aussie Dave. My dream is for the Freier to host a party at a nice bar like Norman where the attendees are every weirdo who posts on Secret Tel Aviv.”

Where are you from? I grew up in a place called Poughkeepsie…. Which is sort of the Petach Tikvah of New York State.
How would you define yourself or your character in one sentence? The Daily Freier is a fact-based news source serving Tel Aviv, Israel, the Jewish World, and absurd people of all races and religions.
What inspires you? Or who are your major influences? Well first off Secret Tel Aviv. When I have nothing to write about I simply scan Secret Tel Aviv, which has given me such amazing stories as the dude who tried to sell his “adult entertainment” collection on Secret Tel Aviv, the woman who tried to identify the owner of the men’s’ underwear she found at the Laundromat, and those amazing signs that popped up around Tel Aviv last month trying to educate men on the location of certain… locations…. important to women.
Comedically, some of my heroes include Dave Barry, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, the British TV show “The In-Betweeners”, and Arrested Development. In Israel I enjoy Eretz Nederet, Benji Lovett, David Smadja, and HaYisrailiot. I enjoyed collaborating with the guy who runs the site “PreOccupied Territory”. The Daily Freier started a Twitter feed called @TrumpYeshiva which is the live tweets of the Judaic Studies Department at Trump University. So PreOccupied Territory, the Daily Freier, and @TrumpYeshiva have gotten into some funny “Twitter spats” about Jewish learning which include the words “loser”, “Amazing”, “So Much Winning”, and “SAD!”.
So the Daily Freier is a mix of Tel Aviv ridiculousness, news about Israel, and beyond. I love this city and enjoy making fun of it. Same with Israel. But I also have a Zionist streak, and enjoy kicking the shins of those who wish us ill, to include Jeremy Corbyn, Marwan Barghouti, the BDS Movement, et cetera.
What are you favorite spots in Tel Aviv? I really like Norman pub in the Yemenite Quarter, and their owner Tzion has been featured in several Daily Freier stories, with some unintended results when people took our stories too seriously! I also enjoy Geula Bar,  and Amiram Pub near the Namal. I really like to walk Bialik Street and Gan Meir. When I want to get lost and lose all hope I go to Dizengoff Center.
What have you got coming up for us to look out for? We are shooting a movie, based on the Daily Freier story “American Oleh trapped in Ulpan Gordon for 7 Years”. I am collaborating on this project with Tel Aviv based actress Sarah Markowitz. Hopefully this is the first of many films from the Daily Freier.

Check out some of their best articles like “Hey Dad? Next Yom Kippur Can I Fast Marwan Barghouti Style?” and “Hey Guys! Someone Just Posted a Map of the Shuk on Secret Tel Aviv!

Adar Weinreb – Peace Activist and CEO of Joy Records

Joy Records Facebook Page | Adar’s Facebook Page | Adar’s Youtube Channel

Adar has become one of the biggest peace activists in Israel, he has organized huge peace events like the World Peace Congress. He began his professional career in Israel as a promoter which led him to open his own record label, Joy Records which has signed worldwide releases, hosted huge parties and events, and worked on new projects, including Alpha (a fast growing music startup). When Adar isn’t hard at work at Joy Records, he is also very involved in some activism work. About a year and a half ago, he got involved in peace-building between Israelis and Palestinians. Both of his passions are about bringing people together in order to spread joy. He has also used the network he has built to spread peace through social media, appearing on the news to speak about the conflict, sharing a viral video of himself asking for blind hugs in East Jerusalem, and organizing a huge peace picture on an empty Israeli highway on Yom Kippur (pictured below).

Where are you from? I was born in New York but moved to New Jersey when I was 2 years old and lived there till I was 18 when I made Aliya. My mom is American my Dad is Israeli (9th generation). So technically I’m an American who is also 10th generation Israeli 🙂
How would you define yourself or your character in one sentence? We only have a few short decades on this planet, we better make them count!
What inspires you? Or who are your major influences? Brave people who speak the unpopular or inconvenient truth inspire me. So do genuinely kind people.
What are you favorite spots in Tel Aviv? Joy Records studio (where the magic happens, Frishman Beach workout station (where exercising and chilling become friends, come join us), Zakaim and Meshek Barzilay (Amazing vegan food), Shalvata (favorite club/bar I work at) and Kuli Alma (favorite club/bar I don’t work at)
What have you got coming up for us to look out for? In the next few months we will host another “Eye Contact Experiment” another big “Public Negotiation”, weekly parties at Clara, Shalvata and Litzman and at least 4 huge songs released through Joy Records. Also please check out and support this campaign I am running to raise money for Holocaust survivors in Israel who are living in poverty, click here to check out and support

Sarah Tuttle-Singer – New Media Editor at Timeout

Sarah’s Facebook PageTimes of Israel Facebook Page

Sarah’s talent for writing has made her and her controversial articles very popular, she writes about the topics most writers tend to overlook and has gained some loyal followers. She works as New Media Editor at The Times of Israel.
Where are you from? Venice Beach, LA.
How would you define yourself or your character in one sentence? A work in progress.
What inspires you? Or who are your major influences? I love contradictions and surprises — like when that old woman at Shuk HaCarmel wears a shirt that reads “pimpin ain’t easy,” or when the guy covered in tattoos and piercings reads psalms on the bus. I like the random conversations between strangers that turn into moments of real connection. And the sea – the sea is always changing and always inspiring.
What are you favorite spots in Tel Aviv? I love the sea at night, and Jaffa, and the Shuk, and anywhere where there are people — street corners, cafes, and city squares.
What have you got coming up for us to look out for? I’m living half the week in the Old City of Jerusalem — three months in every quarter (Christian, Armenian, Muslim, and Jewish) and I’m writing a book about the experience and the people.

Naor Meningher and Eytan Weinstein – 2 Nice Jewish Boys

Two Nice Jewish Boys Facebook Page

Two Nice Jewish Boys” is a new podcast in English about Israel, life in Israel and life in general by Naor Meningher and Eytan Weinstein. The podcast regularly hosts special guests to talk about specific subjects and always accomplishes to create fun, entertaining and interesting episodes. 
Check out their episode on Midburn by clicking on the picture below.
Where are you from? Birmingham, Alabama and Kadima, Israel. Both currently living in the unholy city of Tel Aviv.
How would you define yourself or your character in one sentence? We always saw Two Nice Jewish Boys as the perfect mesh of good looks, wit and success. We’re just missing one good-looking, witty, successful guy to really make that happen.
What inspires you? Or who are your major influences? Eytan: I was never a big podcast listener. I think our pilot was the first podcast episode I ever heard. But now that we’re doing this I started to listen to more and more podcasts. I loved S-town and I’m listening to Serial right now. I also really like this podcast called Philosophy Bites. Naor: Every other Woody Allen film.
What are you favorite spots in Tel Aviv? Eytan: I’d say street food and alcohol are the two staples of my diet. So Arepas in Shuk HaCarmel: best venezuelan street food in Tel Aviv, also the only Venezuelan street food I’ve ever eaten. And any bar with bottomless bear. Because I’m cheap. Israel: HaPisga Garden in Jaffa – best view of the city you’ll ever get. The Tikvah Market: The last truly authentic market left in the city, plus the Iraqi Kubbeh is unbelievable.
What have you got coming up for us to look out for? We actually have some amazing podcast episodes coming up, with guests like Shmulik Hess, an ex-Orthodox Jew who against all odds established an international pharmaceutical company which helps tens of millions of chinese fight diabetes; the Academy Award nominated actor Chaim Topol, who at the age of 35 became an international movie star in ‘Fiddler on the Roof’; and Deputy Minister Michael Oren who joined us for a special episode for the 50th anniversary of the Six Day War.

Aviram Carmeli – Purim Costumes Genius

Avirams Facebook Profile

Aviram is by far the most ingenious guy when it comes to Purim costumes, last year he dresses up as Aladdin and flew through the streets of Tel Aviv in his skateboard, and just when we though that was the greatest costume, he surprised us this year with the most realistic Titanic costume ever!

Where are you from? I am from Tel Aviv but am originally from Yehud.
How would you define yourself or your character in one sentence? “Serenity now, insanity later”
What inspires you? Or who are your major influences? Please see this video (Seinfeld), the dramatic hamster. And of course – South Park.
What are you favorite spots in Tel Aviv? I have a bar here in Tel Aviv, it’s called Kuli Alma, we are 6 partners and as opposed to me my partners are all very talented. I love Kuli I like to go out to kuli but my opinion is also bias as u can assume. Also Secret Garden at Hatachana compound and close to the Vicky Cristina restaurant is a summer spot I run, Tuesday is hip hop night. the reason I mention it is because I love hip hop and you’ve asked me to write something about myself well that’s part of who I am ok?!!!
About restaurants I don’t have one but I am a fat guy who likes to shove the food so I’ll advise on the places I like to shove it at: Vitrina burger, Itzik & Ruthy sandwich on Sheinkin, Abu Adaam humus (I love hummus), Miznon.

What have you got coming up for us to look out for? I will give you the same advise I give my mom, don’t expect anything, I am pretty lame in general and the fact my videos succeeded to go so viral is shocking for myself and the people who know me.

Donna Adi – Mixed Media Artist

Donna’s Posts on Secret Tel Aviv | Donna’s Instagram Page

Donna Adi is a talented Mixed Media artists that combines pictures and graphics into fun art pieces, her art has gained her some fans in the group with thousands of likes!

Where are you from? I’m from Los angeles and I’m half American, half Israeli.
How would you define yourself or your character in one sentence? I am very ambitious, creative and an extravert.
What inspires you? Or who are your major influences? My major influences are art deco fashion illustrations, fashion photographers, comic artists, story book illustrators and animators. I would say that my work is a combination of all of the above. People who inspire me: George Barbier, Kay Nielson, Glen Keane, Pernille Orum, Danielle Pioli, Yoko Ono, Artemisia Gentileschi, Loryn Brantz, Bosmat Agayoff, Brittney Lee, Loish, Pascal Campion, Aaron Blaise, I have many more, but these are my top people.
What are you favorite spots in Tel Aviv? My favorite spots in Tel Aviv, is a cafe/bookstore on Maze which is amazing to work from, Tel Aviv art museum and the beach.
What have you got coming up for us to look out for? I have a few collaborations with some influential bloggers, projects with fashion designers worldwide, an amazing project with a coffee shop in Austria which I will release soon, a feature in an art exhibition in South Korea (I’m also in talks about doing one in Israel soon) and I will be posting all of these updates on my social media in case you would like to see them. I also will be launching an online store soon where prints of my work will be available for purchase!

Renny Grinshpan – Entertainer at HaIsraeliot

Renny’s Facebook Page | HaIsraeliot Facebook Page

Renny is a Canadian girl that moved to Tel Aviv and became very famous by making some of the funniest videos of life in Israel! She is part of HaIsraeliot (The Israeli Girls), a group of women who created a video blog of they Israeli life from a women’s point of view.

Where are you from? Toronto, Canada. HELL YEA! 
How would you define yourself or your character in one sentence? I’m a loud, silly, life-loving Disney freak.
What inspires you? Or who are your major influences? I’m inspired and influenced by Ali Wong, Amy Schumer, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Laura Clery, Arielle Vandenberg, and OF COURSE, Leah Lev, Mor Chen and Meital Avni 😉 – basically all comedic female powerhouses. #GIRLPOWER
What are you favorite spots in Tel Aviv? Cafe Bucke and all my fave spots in shuk hacarmel: Kalabuni Hummus, Shmuel, Habasta, Hashomer – ALL THAT GOOD SHIT. 
What have you got coming up for us to look out for? Nothing I can discuss just YET – but I will say: look out for some killer content featuring cool collaborators on the HaIsraeliot Facebook page!!

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