21st February 2016

Dear Business Owners,

After the hugely successful launch of the Secret Tel Aviv VIP Card for Bars and Restaurants, we are now starting a free 2-month trial with all businesses.

What Does this Mean for you?

From now on, businesses will only be allowed to post in Secret Tel Aviv if they promote a special offer for Secret Tel Aviv VIP Card Holders.

How Will it Work?

We have built a Business Directory on the Secret Tel Aviv Website. For each business, we will build a page on our website. Here the business can add photos and a description, state their prices, and add a Special Offer for VIPs. The offer can be a gift, for example a free cookie with your meal, or a discount, for example 10% off your bill.

If a business wants to post in the Group, they will have to follow these guidelines:

  1. Your post has to link to your page on the Secret Tel Aviv website, not your website or facebook page.
  2. You have to clearly state your price.
  3. You have to have a special offer for Secret Tel Aviv VIP Card Holders.
  4. You can only post a maximum of once every two weeks.

If you would like to participate,┬áplease complete this form…

Good luck!

Secret Tel Aviv